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The bizarre sensation of real
Zacharová, Dominika ; Spáčilová Blažková, Kateřina (referee) ; Gravlejs, Ivars (advisor)
This work explores the subjective nature of reality. Our view of reality evolves with our surroundings and shapes our unique image of the world. Although a complete escape from reality seems unattainable, we try to look for moments in which we might slow down in an endless stream of events and phenomenons. One of these is the induction of relaxation, which acts as a temporary release from physical and mental stress, even if the actual escape is only temporary. By incorporating works into this space that carry with them a certain disturbing element, I seek to provoke an uncertainty or surprise in the viewers . The work creates situations that confront viewers with an unexpected experience in a seemingly relaxing environment. Which is induced by the appearance of the objects.
When letting light into the room.
Maruškevičová, Nela ; Zlesáková, Markéta (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
In my diploma thesis, I am working on a series of patchworked abstract paintings on textiles which I connect with several glass objects. My source of inspiration is the materialization of my own escapism in the form of daydreaming situated in an illusory landscape/non-landscape. I do not perceive this principle as an escape from life, but as a form of sorting out one's own emotions, thoughts, and the acts of being with oneself. Repetitiveness, everydayness, intimacy and poetics are important principles with which I work when creating works and with the help of which I achieve the desired values of the image. For such conditions, in addition to the purely painting medium, I use everyday fabrics and the soothing rhythmicity of sewing, as well as the need to record using colored surfaces and lines. For me, the formal inspiration is the idea of painting in an extended field and a post-media approach to contemporary painting.
Design of a set of used containers combining ceramics and textiles
This bachelor thesis deals with the non-traditional interconnection of materials in the field of ceramic design and design in general. A crucial part of the work is the treatise of foreign and Czech designers who inspire the author to create the practical part. The theoretical part of the work is the treatise on the design and the designers mentioned above. The part about ceramics where introduced readers to the necessary steps for the work of a ceramist. Last but not least part about textile, its functions and handmade textile works. The practical part documents the creation of a convolution of five vessels, in which the design, ceramics and textiles are connected at the same time. An essential factor for vessels is their functionality, which is not neglected in the creation process.
Textile in free art of 20. - 21. century
KOSTKOVÁ, Gabriela
Bachelor thesis Textil ve volném výtvarném umění 20 a 21. století is in the theoretical-practical form. The theoretical part presents a brief overview and history of fibre and textile. There are outlined the functions and effects of textile materials. It deals deeper with manual and machine textile techniques. The main part is dealing with the technique of non-woven tapestry Art protis and Aradecor in this country. Here are selected any artists from the Czech environment, who have participated in the development of free textile art since the 1930s. In this context is presented the life and work of the most important Czech textile author Antonín Kybal. In the end of the theoretical part is summarized work of the Inez Tuschnerová and Světlana Kulíšková Ruggiero. The project of the practical part of the bachelor thesis is to create sketches, swatches, and textile artifacts in the technique Nunofelting. The topic of the whole practical part is The Transformation.
Mountains of laundry
Gogolová, Eliška ; Sedlák, Michal (advisor) ; Vačkář, Adam (referee)
This bachelor thesis Mountains of Laundry aims to look into a three-way relationship among human, landscape and textile, their meanings and mutual influence. Individual chapters dedicated to the art of textile, to respecting traditions as a cultural heritage of the past and its persisting values for today's society, to the way a landscape influences human behaviour and to the actual art interpretation of Mountains of Laundry, they also attempt to depict my personal relationship to cloth. This thesis follows the phenomenon of the gradual return of a textile media into contemporary Czech art and through soft-material pieces of art of particular artists it seeks one specific denominator as well as various grasps of this field. Interviews with designer Tereza Rosalie Kladošová and artist Daniela Mikulášková reveal motivations of artists who work with textile media in applied arts as well as free arts, and they also refer to an issue of necessity to create borders between these two art forms. The way of grasping a tradition linked to a specific region or landscape refers to personal experience in the practical part. Due to the use of the blueprint technique in the artistic part of this thesis, a more detailed introduction of this negative indigo print from its history to its current use in art is also...
Kopecká, Johana ; Jiroušková, Veronika Velčovská (referee) ; Tobola, Ondřej (advisor)
My bachelor project entitled "Try Me" is based on the concepts of aesthetics versus function. The project aims to create a product based on a textile material study. My emphasis is on the interplay between the functional and aesthetic aspects of the final product.
The collection of textile fragments found in rubbish dump dated to modern times from archaeological excavation in Praha 1- Na rejdišti čp. 77
Šmidová, Kamila ; Březinová, Helena (advisor) ; Bravermanová, Milena (referee)
The main aim of the master thesis is an evaluation of archaeological textiles from the site Na Rejdišti 1 - Praha 1, which are coming from the rubbish dump. They are dated from the 16th to the 18th century. Key sources of information are analogical situations coming mainly from Poland and Germany where the textile fragments have been evaluated from rubbish dumps, water wells, cesspits and sewers. Outcome of the paper is also a tabular catalogue of findings. Key words textile, clothing, late Middle Ages, modern times, town, central Europe, dump, Na Rejdiši, Praha
Contemporary textile art. Artwork of Sheila Hicks as Inspiration for Art Education
Nývltová, Tereza ; Jakubcová Hajdušková, Lucie (advisor) ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (referee)
The first part of the thesis has the character of an exploratory probe, which is looking for the form and situation of textile art at present. It is based mainly interviews of experts in the field of textile art and experiences of the visited exhibitions. Part of this thesis is also personal creation, based on textile experiments. From these findings there was created a pivotal part in the form of a didactic project, inspired in particular by the creation of Sheila Hicks. Results and benefits of the work is to outline the current situation of textile art in our country and verified in a practical set of teaching practices focused mainly on the development of sensory sensitivity. The didactic methods are supplemented by reflections and extending or innovate variant sof lesson plans in Art Education.
Universal clothing and its use in museum education
Švejdová, Kateřina ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
In my thesis, built on the bachelor's thesis, I focus on the universal form of clothing. In the theoretical part I research the common features of garments in changing cultural and historical contexts. I focus on general aspects of clothing. I search for connections between functions and forms of clothing. I monitor the impact of historical styles on the work of contemporary clothing designers and I seek the universal features of today's fashion apparel. I observe the interest of children, teachers and also of publications in textile creation. In the art section I work on a series of proposals for universal variable apparel. By using patents it is created more models out of just one. I document and crtitically reflex the final results of possible model variations. In didactic part I suggest educational program for selected clothing exposition. The program includes worksheets and the posibility of using a universal garment as teaching tool. The program I verify in practice I also document and evaluate.
The influence of Aegean textile patterns on decoration of 18th dynasty Egyptian tombs
Bělohoubková, Dana ; Bouzek, Jan (advisor) ; Pavúk, Peter (referee)
The M.A. thesis deals with the influence of Aegean textile patterns on the decoration of 18th dynasty Egyptian tombs. It attempts to provide answers to the question of a possible reconstruction of relations between the Aegean area and Egypt on the basis of this phenomenon. The first part of the thesis places textile into a broader context, dealing among others with its importance for both cultural areas and the technology of its fabrication. The second part of the thesis focuses in greater detail upon the occurrence of Aegean textile patterns in the New Kingdom, concentrating upon the tombs and the men that used these motives in their tomb decoration. The evaluation of the biographies, titles and the tombs indicates that a ceiling with Aegean textile patterns served as an element of legitimization for both the king and his officials. In the final part of the thesis I was able to establish the incorporation of the symbolic function of the Aegean textile patterns into the concept of kingship. Powered by TCPDF (

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