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Comparison of opportunities of university studies of sign language in the Czech Republic, Australia and New Zealand
Valachovičová, Tereza ; Hradilová, Tereza (advisor) ; Komorná, Marie (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of the opportunities of university studies of sign language in the Czech Republic, Australia and New Zealand. The initial information is compared at the theoretical level. The empirical part is not included. The thesis compares studies at all universities that provide study fields focused on Czech, Australian and New Zealand sign language. These are pedagogical, linguistic, interpreting and translation fields. The aim is to provide information on the content, distribution and process of education at individual universities, based on the description of fields of study and courses that schools publish on their websites and in study information systems. The described fields are selected according to predetermined criteria. The comparison also includes support services for students and their availability at the described universities. In the introductory chapters, the thesis deals with the history and specifics of sign languages and the development of the education of the deaf. Furthermore, the work focuses on the legislative anchoring of sign languages. The other part of the work deals with the current form of education systems of selected countries with emphasis on the comparison of national qualifications frameworks in tertiary education. The final...
Proposal of a project of further education for academic staff of selected universities with a humanities focus
Tomešová, Kateřina ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the issue of further education of academic staff of universities with social sciences and humanities. The aim of the diploma thesis is to create a project proposal for further education in the field of pedagogical and presentation skills for academic staff of selected humanities universities. This output is preceded by 4 steps. The first partial aim is to describe education and professional competencies of university teachers. The second partial aim is to describe the current system and legislation of higher education in the Czech Republic. The third partial aim is to identify opportunities in the field of further education of university academics. The fourth partial aim is to analyze the needs of academic staff in the field of further education. Building upon a research of literary sources, analysis of documents and legislation, the theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the field of education, professional competencies of academics, the issue of further education, the higher education system and related legislation defining higher education in the Czech Republic. The research part of the thesis consists of a draft educational program for academic staff within the framework of further professional education in the field of pedagogical and presentation skills. The...
Approach to University and Non-university Media Studies in the Great Britain and Germany
Brejlová, Iva ; Jirák, Jan (advisor) ; Wolák, Radim (referee)
This Master thesis called Approach to university and non-university media studies in the Great Britain and Germany: A comparative study compares the approaches of Great Britain and Germany to tertiary education, which is thematically linked to the media. The thesis shows specific concepts in this field of study in two different environments that have developed under different historical circumstances and as a result of different processes of adoption of media studies as a university subject. The boundaries of this subject are not specifically stated, which provides countries with an opportunity to put their own concept into this subject. This thesis examines tertiary education connected to media institutions of higher education, within individual study programs, in leading professional publications, in the national assessment of educational documents and in approach of multinational organizations. The text defines relevant bodies and syllabi, identifying core competences of graduates of these studies, the processes through which they become experts and educational activities connected to media education. The thesis analyzes differences, expectations and methods in the documents using an in-depth analysis. The core question is whether the approaches of the Great Britain and Germany remain different...
The conditions of university - educated mothers of little children re-entering the labour market in the Czech republic.
Bolinová, Petra ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Hejzlarová, Eva (referee)
Diploma thesis "The conditions of university - educated mothers of little children re- entering the labour market in the Czech republic" deals with reasons of long term interruption of qualified womens' career. The most frequently, they stay at home taking care of children three years, inspite of the fact, that they are motivated by their human capital and their need of self fulfillment to get back to their job as soon as possible. The thesis is based on the assumption that there is a substantial tension between work and family life of university - educated women. The thesis identifies which factors influence the period these women stay away the labour market. Besides a human capital, there is a frame of the family and institutional policy, a kind of household division of labour and culture context. The thesis focuses on tertiary - educated mothers' preference on their professional and household engagement. It also focuses on structural conditions in the labour market, institutional policy and the role of employer in reconciliation of work and family life. The thesis brings a contribution for its focus on university - educated women with their specific characteristics, and for its focus on employers' family - friendly activities.
Analysis of the support for students with special needs in the form of assistance during their studies at the Charles University in Prague
Švorcová, Tereza ; Tomášková, Vladimíra (advisor) ; Jašurek, Miroslav (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to analyse assistance services functioning at Charles University in Prague. The results of the analysis should draw attention to strengths and weaknesses of the functioning of the service assistance at Charles University. To detect these weaknesses and strengths, semistructured interviews were used. The students and assistants (who together create this assistance) were interviewed. At the same time, also the employees of the Office for Students with Special Needs which coordinates the service assistance at Charles University were interviewed. For comparison, a similar interview was conducted with the head of the Centre for handicapped students, which provides service assistance at the University of Economics in Prague. These interviews were used to a more detailed insight into the work of assistance services at Charles University. The study analyses the functionality of the service and is attempting to define the needs to help disadvantaged students to balance study conditions. Based on the results of work defines effective form of assistance. The low level of awareness of the service and the related non-systematic underpinning of disadvantaged students and assistants would be the most important weakness to mention. Furthermore research showed problems with...
The Effect of University Education on Employment in the Visegrad Group
Karolík, Richard ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Troch, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis investigates the effect of university education on employability in the Visegrad group countries. Education as a part of human capital plays a relevant role in the labour economics. Data from the sixth round of the European Social Survey are applied to this research. The study is divided into three parts. The first part examines the impact of achieving a university degree on employability in the whole Visegrad region. The second part focuses on comparing the effect of completing university education across individual countries of the Visegrad region. The last third part studies the additional value of completing different levels of tertiary education. Results suggest that the correlation between the level of education and the probability of being employed is positive. Those who has completed university education have eighty-seven percent higher chance to be employed, in comparison with those who has completed only secondary education. The most significant difference in employability was detected in Poland and least significant in the Czech Republic. The impact of the additional level of tertiary education on the employability is higher but appears to be diminishing with higher degree. Keywords Higher education, Tertiary education, The Visegrad group, University, employment, Bach- elor's...
How Smart will be Europe 2020? A Panel Data Analysis.
Marková, Veronika ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Moravcová, Michala (referee)
This thesis analyses the targets for education under Europe 2020 strategy - early leavers from education and tertiary education attainment. The main objective is to predict the future development for these indicators up to 2020 and answer the question whether these targets will be fulfilled. From the empirical perspective, it applies econometric analysis of panel data based on human capital theory, that relates the education level of an individual with the parental education and the labour market conditions.
A Reflection of Capacity Development Concept in the Czech Development Cooperation Programme in Higher Education and Research - A Georgia Case Study
Ditrych Lenc, Michaela ; Kopečný, Ondřej (advisor) ; Kohoutek, Jan (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Institute of Sociological Studies Department of Public and Social Policy Michaela Ditrych Lenc A Reflection of Capacity Development Concept in the Czech Development Cooperation Programme in Higher Education and Research - A Georgia Case Study Master's Thesis Prague 2017 Abstract The Master's thesis is concerned with a recently launched policy instrument called the programme placement of Czech students to developing countries whose aim is to enhance quality of higher education and research in Czech Republic's partner countries in the South. The programme, implemented in the framework of the Czech development policy, was introduced in 2012 as a complement modality to the government scholarship programme. The main aim of the thesis was to identify if the project implemented in Georgia within the programme placement had contributed to capacity development in higher education and research in that region. Based on the capacity development concept it was ascertained that the project had promoted development mainly of individual capacities and to a certain extent of organisational capacities as well. Even though the system level was taken into consideration during the implementation, significant system change has not been identified. Additionally, the project...

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