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Molluscs as a new model system in molecular biology
Ber, Tobiáš ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Pergner, Jiří (referee)
Molluscs form the second largest animal phylum and are of great biological and economic significance. Their distinct evolutionary adaptations enabled them to inhabit a broad range of environments, with many of them invading new areas and becoming invasive pest species. Despite their importance, molluscan model systems have not received attention they deserve. In this bachelor thesis, I have reviewed the current state of molluscan model systems in molecular biology and analyzed their significance for more common use. From available data, it is apparent that the already established molluscan models are either marine or fresh-water, and therefore require more complex logistics and maintenance in order to set up a laboratory culture. To remedy the problem of aquaculture, the use of terrestrial gastropods was proposed. Here, I suggest that gastropods genus Deroceras have a good potential to become a new prominent molluscan model system in molecular biology.
Terrestrial bromeliads (\kur{Bromeliaceae}) as an object of hobby growing and trade
Plants of the family Bromeliaceae are most often found as epiphytes plants with roots outside soil, growing on other plants, but not parasitizing on them or terrestrial plants plants with roots in soil. These are collection plants with remarkable blossoms and leaves, or attractive by being exotic, and some species are rare. This work is focused on terrestrial bromeliads, as the object of hobby cultivation and as a trade item. The purpose of this work is to find how this family is doing on the Czech market, in the form of seeds and grown plants. The Research is focused on the variety of offer, price and interest in the plants. The practical part of the work took place in the garden centres and plants stores in the Czech Republic, with focus on South Bohemia and Kladno regions. Part of the information was gained by using the internet on e-shops with seeds of exotic plants.