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Apartment building in Třinec
Cieslarová, Nikol ; Pobucká, Slávka (referee) ; Petříček, Tomáš (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor thesis is the development of project documentation for a new residential building in Třinec. The building has three above-ground and one partially underground floor, which was created due to the sloping terrain. The main entrance to the building is located in the basement, but the terraces on the first floor have free access to the garden on the west side of the building. There are seven residential units on the upper floors, which are connected by a common main corridor with a staircase and a lift. In the basement there are fourth individual garages, cellar boxes, a utility and cleaning room and a wheelhouse with a carriage room. The structural system of the building is designed as a transverse wall. The foundation will be solved by foundation strips of plain concrete. The ceilings consist of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. The roof is designed to be flat with a polyolefin foil covering. The bachelor thesis includes project documentation for the construction.
Apartment building Elizabeth
Beňa, Lukáš ; Struhala, Karel (referee) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor‘s thesis is solved by one of two designed apartment buildings on an atypical plot in Hustopeče u Brna. The apartment building consists of four above-ground floors and one underground level, with a total of 32 residental units, which are designed from smaller apartments for individuals to larger, more lucrative apartments for larger families. The object’s mass is two blocks that are angled into each other, which creates an overlap of the flat roof on the fourth floor which partially covers the common area of walkable vegetation roof on the third above- ground floor. The roof is accessible for the whole apartment building, creating another interesting space for the occupants of the house.
Apartment building
Plocek, Martin ; Svoboda, David (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to process the documentation for the construction of a new residential building in sufficient detail as required by the project documentation for construction implementation. The concept of the residential building is intended as a starter urban housing. The apartment building is located in Rychnov nad Kněžnou. The building has four above-ground floors and is partially basement. The basement contains only storage rooms for individual apartments and a utility room. On the 1st floor, the apartment building is equipped with a stroller room with a bicycle storage area, a cleaning room, a room for house maintenance, and 4 residential units. The 2nd and 3rd floors, which are identical, contain 5 residential units. In the last above-ground floor, i.e., the 4th floor, there are 3 residential units, with 2 of them having their own terraces as part of the apartment. There are a total of 17 residential units in the building. The building is topped with a flat single-ply roof. The building is founded on concrete strips. It is constructed using masonry and is thermally insulated with a certified ETICS system. The ceiling structure consists of monolithic ceiling slabs.
Apartment building
Kopečný, Zdeněk ; Svoboda, David (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the processing of project documentation for the construction of an apartment building in Zlín – Štípa. The apartment building has five floors, of which four floors are above ground and one floor is underground. In the underground floor there are a cellar cubicles for each individual apartment, a multi-purpose room for physical activities and a technical room which contains a room reserved for electrical energy accumulators. On the first floor, there is a storage room with outside access for maintenance. This floor also contains a vestibule, a carriage house with a wheelhouse, a drying room, a cleaning room and a multi-purpose room for owners’ association meetings. In addition, there are two apartments on the first floor. One apartment is the size of 3+kk and is adapted to accommodate a person with limited mobility and the other apartment is the size of 2+kk. The upper floors each contain a 1+kk apartment and a 4+kk apartment. There are a total of 9 residential units in the building and the apartment building is equipped with an elevator. The building is constructed from masonry. In the above-ground floors the masonry is designed from brick blocks and in the underground floor, the perimeter masonry is made of concrete blocks that form the lost formwork. The ceiling structures are reinforced concrete monolithic. The roof structure consists of walkable roofs and above the third floor is a vegetated roof combined with a terrace. The building envelope consists of a certified ETICS contact insulation system.
Family house
Nevřivý, Daniel ; Nespěšný, Ondřej (referee) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to create project documentation for a new family house in Zbýšov u Brna. The house is partially underground and has two floors. In the north-eastern part of the ground floor there is a garage with two stands and in the south-western part there is a terrace. The structural system of the house is transverse wall, made of ceramic brick blocks type THERM. The building is based on the foundation strips of plain concrete. The walls of the basement are made of masonry made of lost formwork. The ceiling structure is designed from pre-stressed reinforced concrete cavity ceiling SPIROLL panels. The staircase connecting all floors is monolithic and the roofing is designed with a flat green roof. The external walls are insulated with a non-contact insulation system with a ventilated air gap and the façade consists of lightweight brick cladding.
Block of flats
Hanuláková, Mária ; Hrabovský, Kristián (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
The goal of my bachelor´s thesis was to process the project documentation of the Rajhrad building,which is determined for living. Building is in Rajhrad city, in cadastral area of the city. Building is constructed as permanent build for living with 8 residental units located on 4 floors. The entire building has a basement on a slightly sloping terrain, while in the basement are store spaces designed for each apartment. 1st and 2nd are identical and they has 2+kk apartments and studio. At the 3rd floor is studio too, but there are 2 maisonette apartment, which continues to the 4th floor. A monolitic reinforced concrete stairs and personal elevator are conecting this floors. The entrance is on north side of the building. The building has wheelchair-accessible ramp. As a part of the project is parking lot for 18 cars, 2 of them are for limited mobility people. The construct system is a longitudinal wall, while basement walls are reinforced concrete and walls of the floors are made of porotherm ceramics bricks whith a thickness of 300mm, Inside load-bearing walls are porotherm 300mm thick, partitions are 140mm thick. Ceilings are made of ceramic beams and miako inserts. The staircase is a monolithic reinforced concrete double-arm. The structural height is 3.25m and the clear height is 2.9m. The entire building is insulated with the ETICS contact insulation system and covered with an impassable flat roof.
Small apartments, Mojmirovo namesti in Brno
Zaoralová, Hana ; Erben, Adam (referee) ; Pavlovský, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is based on the school work from the subject AG033 – Architectural design studio 3. The architectural design deals with a new housing building, which is situated in Brno – Královo Pole, on Chaloupkova and Košinova street. The construction site consists of several parcels unified under one owner. The construction of low-rise houses and a car workshop are currently located on these plots, but their demolition is planned. The investor also wanted a communication link between the new building and the adjacent parking house, which he also owns. The plot is adjacent to a care center for the blind and purblind people, a primary school and a parking house, which is connected to the new housing building by a galerry. The new building combines the function of housing on the upper floors, as well as a doctor's office, rentable studios, a cafe or several sales areas. In the two underground floors, there are storrage cubicles and parking, which can be accessed by two car lifts. The construction site has an elongated shape with a corner to the south Its eastern side connects to Košinova street. Close to this place, there are both 4-5 storey buildings and low-rise family houses with 1-2 storeys. Due to dimension of the streets, the height is important. The highest floor of the building was set back from the street. At the same time, the building complements the gap and thus contributes to a better intergrated surrounding development. The building is designed as a combination of wall and skeleton frame support systém, where the skeleton frame is used ih the underground floors, and the wall support systém is used in the higher floors.
Underground culture – adaptation of an old brewery in Litovel
Shumlyanska, Karina ; Kolomazník, Jiří (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
Being able to be inside, tucked away, everyone focused on what they are interested in and enjoy, focused on work, learning, letting go of imagination and creating, or relaxing and enjoying sips of warm tea while listening to poetry. In two steps, appear outside, hear the bubbling water, smell the fresh air, smell the blossoming trees, admire the sight of art, create it and pass it on or have fun with friends at a social event. Two separate worlds linked into one unit functioning together and in harmony. With this proposal, I would like to achieve the connection of various communities and associations, individually very active in the Litovla area. I would also like to get elements of arts and crafts into the daily activities of the residents, such as work or, conversely, relaxation. No less important to me is reestablishing the relationship of residents with the outdoor environment and learning to be in it. Adaptation of the former brewery in Litovla, where the spirit of the place and the legacy of history were lost in the accumulation of layers. Revitalization of the area with the functions of culture, work, rest, creation and sales, with a connection to the organism of the city and the landscape line of the river with the newly created promenade.
Rehabilitation Center
Štrbáková, Adela ; Kozubíková, Ivana (referee) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the new construction of a rehabilitation center in the center of Púchov. The goal of the work was to develop project documentation for the implementation of the construction. The building is designed on parcels no. 49/37, 49/38, 49/68, the land is flat and there are no buildings on it. The building has two above-ground and one underground floors. The perimeter supporting structures on the above-ground floors are designed from the Porotherm system. In the basement, the perimeter load-bearing walls are solved with monolithic reinforced concrete walls. The ceiling structures in the building are designed as monolithic reinforced concrete ceiling slabs and prestressed Spiroll ceiling parts. 250mm.. The building is covered with a single-layer flat vegetation roof with a slope of 3%. The building has a rehabilitation facility on the first above-ground floor. On the second above-ground floor there is an administration and a cafe. In addition, the building has a technical room, warehouses and staff locker rooms in the underground floor.
Sports Hall
Jalamudisová, Denisa ; Vystrčil, Jan (referee) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The DiplomaThesisprocesses project documentation for the construction of a sports hall in Brno. Access to the building for spectators isbarrier-free and isdisabled from a private parking lot, newly located on the property. For athletes, a separate entrance is located from the northern part of the property. The building has an elevator and plenty of sanitary facilities, suitable for people with limited mobility and orientation. On the 1stfloor,there are all facilities for athletes – changing rooms,hygienefacilities, storageareas andgym. The gym space itselfoccupies most of the building's floor space and is over the entire height, the playing groundslowlyturnsinto a tribuneintended for spectators. On the 2nd floor, there are sanitary facilities for spectators, refreshments and an administrative area with offices. The basement part serves as a technical background for the entire operation of the building. The building has a flat green roofwhere the load-bearing part consists of wooden full-wall trusses. The building is covered with a wooden ventilated facade, the entire southern facade is made up of a glassperipheralshell. In the outdoorareas of the property, there are newly designed sports facilities - tennis courts, an athleticstrack and a football field.

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