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Management of nursery school with more separated workplaces
Pucandlová, Jana ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Lisnerová, Romana (referee)
Final thesis presents a comparison of the management of kindergartens, which are divided according to given specifications. This segmentation was the fact kindergartens with more separated workplace, which became the subject of further research. In the theoretical part defines the basic concepts of management. The survey is aimed at business functions. Terminology each function highlights the importance of the issue of management control. In the empirical part was used a quantitative survey questionnaire form created in Google Docs. The results were transferred to the clear graphs and tables for further use. Works by respondents from the region Mladá Boleslav, where forty-six nursery schools. Subsequent research was focused on qualitative research with a focus on kindergarten with more separated workplace. Respondents with personal meetings to answer questions formulated. These survey results were recorded in tabular summaries and further processed for further research. The information obtained with the respondents in managerial positions revealed an overall view of managing organizations. Followed by consultation respondents confirmed or clarified the statement recorded in the survey. The aim of this work is to compare kindergartens by factual data. Outcomes of the investigation and a summary of...
The translation and stylistic analysis of the Jonathan Franzen's short story Agreeable
Šmídová, Lucie ; Ženíšek, Jakub (advisor) ; Grmela, Josef (referee)
In this bachelor theasis I am dealing with the problems that may occur during translation, in this particular case from English to Czech. As a foundation material I used short story Agreeable written by Jonathan Franzen. The thesis is divided into practical part and theoretical part. The first, practical part consists of the translation of the whole short story Agreeable. The second, theoretical part consists of my analysis of the translation, which is focused on the problems I had to solve during the translation process. I comment on the choices I made, usually justifying by translation theories of Jiří Levý and Dagmar Knittlová. Key words: Translation, Agreeable, Jonathan Franzen, lexical equivalence, morphological equivalence, syntactical equivalence, proper names, geographical names, measures, terminology, idioms, gender, diminutives, non-finite verb forms
Restoration Information System ResIS comprehensive documentation of the physical condition of rare library holdings
Novotný, Jan ; Bratková, Eva (advisor) ; Marek, Jindřich (referee)
In comprehensive thesis are characterized particular collections of photographic documentation of historical library holdings which were found during the survey of secondary image information. The possibilities of documentation use from different time periods are mentioned during restoration works, conservation surveys and in specific cases of damage or total loss of the original. In detail are described essential factors affecting the quality of image recording and typical types of photographic documentation on so-called surrogates, which are under selective digitization incorporated into the digital archive of Restoration information system ResIS. Other part of thesis is devoted to the methodology of digitizing the photographic documentation on surrogates, which includes the building up archival organizing system. In part of analysis are mentioned the most important metadata formats for the description of historical written monuments and their field of application. The mapping of selected TEI P5 ENRICH metadata elements into the proposed hierarchical structure was solved in order to create new TEI_RESIS format. ResIS system is designed for the complex processing and presentation of documentation focused on physical condition of library holdings, the system is also used by retrospective way....
Lexicon of nursing in Russian-Czech Comparison
Nešporová, Lucie ; Žofková, Hana (advisor) ; Nazarenko, Liliya (referee)
The Bachelor thesis deals with lexicon of nursing in Russian - Czech comparison. The aim is to compare selected Russian and Czech expressions from point of view of word formation and to determine which ways predominate in these two languages. Component parts deal with mechanisms of word formation. We use comparative analysis. Collected Russian expressions are compared to their Czech equivalents.The thesis is mainly focused on terms of this field. It tries to find out if there are some regularities in the structure of loanwords and if these two languages use loanword or create their own word. It comprises also chapters about history of nursing, terminology, origin of medical terminology and professional slang. Supplement includes Russian-Czech dictionary containing diverse medical expressions and texts with medical topics.
Translation and analysis of Jonathan Franzen's Freedom
Halfarová, Anna ; Ženíšek, Jakub (advisor) ; Pípalová, Renata (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the problems which may occur, while translating from English into Czech, using as a foundational material a novel Freedom by American author Jonathan Franzen. The thesis is divided into two sections. For the purpose of the first, practical part, I have chosen two different extracts of the novel, one is taken from the middle of the book, the second one is the last part of the novel Freedom. The second section consists of my analysis, special attention is paid to the problems I had to solve during my translation. I comment on the choices I have made, usually also quoting from the books that deal with translation theories, I found especially helpful those written by Jiří Levý, Dagmar Knittlová and Zlata Kufnerová.
Aleksandar Teodorov-Balan's Purisms
Pavlova, Tsanka ; Gladkova, Hana (advisor) ; Nisheva Nikolova, Bozhana (referee)
The Bachelor thesis is focused on one of the most significant figures of the Bulgarian linguistics, Aleksandar Teodorov-Balan (1859-1959) and his attitude towards purist tendencies in the Bulgarian language. The aim of the thesis is to describe his opinions on the purity of the language and criteria of the linguistic correctness and in particular his attempts to influence the literary usage. The thesis also deals with the influence of the Czech academic environment on Balan's linguistic work.
Terminology in Visual Arts in a large bilingual dictionary
Kučerová, Daniela ; Vachková, Marie (advisor) ; Šemelík, Martin (referee)
This given thesis addresses the terminology of Visual Arts in the large bilingual dictionary and provides a reflection on the problem of terminology. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part gives definitions of language for special purposes, language for general purposes, term, terminology, synonymy, equivalence or terminological dictionary. The second part of the thesis analyses the given dictionary entries of the Visual Arts from the linguistic, terminological and lexicographical point of view in the large bilingual dictionary.
Forming the Branch Nomenclature of Folf Costume
Dědovský, Daniel ; Štěpánová, Irena (advisor) ; Petráňová, Lydie (referee) ; Křížová, Alena (referee)
The folk costume, including its revitalized forms, is one of the most significant and simultaneously one of the most studied categories in the research of european folk culture. This research project is focused on reflections of the branch nomenclature of folk costume in the context of ethnological methodology with consideration of museological aspects and above all the history and development of the branch in its relevant european schools, streams and centers. The work is based on comparative communication of the author with less or more important characters in the branch (or closely connected) who were oriented on research of the folk costume cathegory or widely of the material culture, mostly through their professional texts. The contemporary researchers, whose work is not finished yet, are not evaluated in this work by intention, but their work and thoughts are reflected strongly as an important inspiration source of the presented dissertation. The primary goal of this project is not only observation and study the terminology and methodology for technical processing of the ethnological cathegory of folk costume, but also the research of the history of this branch underpinning its fundamental as well as less important aspects in the european international context.
The Terrible Twos: A translation and stylistic analysis of a passage of Ishmael Reed's novel
Šerých, Hedvika ; Ženíšek, Jakub (advisor) ; Chalupský, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis consists of two parts. The first is comprised of a side-by-side translation of five selected chapters from the novel The Terrible Twos from the English to the Czech language. The second, theoretical part is formed by a stylistic analysis of this translation. This part is further divided into multiple sections dealing with the morphological, lexical and the syntactical level of the two languages. The most developed level of these three is the lexical one since it was the most challenging issue that had to be dealt with. Both Czech and English source books formed the basis for the theoretical part. The authors of the prominent publications were for instance Dagmar Knittlová, Jiří Levý, and Peter Newmark.

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