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Educational Game of Motivation on the Android Platform
Kučera, Martin ; Očenášek, Pavel (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
The aim of the dissertation is to create a prototype of an educational game which should help students with the choice of future their studies. To this end, the game introduces the topic of logic systems in a non-threating interactive way with clear illustrative examples. The theoretical part of the work deals with the background knowledge necessary in order to design the game. It explains logic systems, gates, flip-flop circuits, and explores various aspects of game genres with primary focus on puzzle games and their history. In addition, the dissertation presents some of the issues related to cross-platform development of games for both mobile and computer platforms, and provides brief descriptions of several popular cross-platform libraries. Lastly, the work introduces and compares several chosen applications created as a supplementary material for teaching logic system.
Multimedia tool for teaching Year 5 through to Year 9 of primary schoola about the local Votice region
The Master´s thesis examins the creation of a multimedia tool for teaching Year 5 through to Year 9 of primary schoola about the local Votice region. The local region should be an integral part of contemporary education as well as modern technology. This thesis combines boths of these topics and gives a theoretical-methodological basis for a concept of region, teachinng aids and their modern forms in education. It further explores the geographic characteristics of the Votice municipality, the methodology of creating multimedia tools for teaching about the local Votice region and concludes by presenting the teaching aid itself. Its main part has been created online using Google Sites and i tis avaible at the folloving address:
Ceramic materials in engineering
This thesis deals with ceramic materials, especially technical ceramics. It is specialised in partition of ceramics and ceramic materials and also deals with the processing and production of ceramics. Ceramic materials were studied in practice in several Czech companies, where a personal excursion and photo documentation was performed. An integral part is the comparison of technical materials not only in the sphere of technical ceramics, but also a comparison with materials such as metals, polymers and composites. Furthermore, a didactic aid was prepared for teaching in the form of examples of individual ceramic components, from ceramic powders, products before firing, to individual final products. These ceramic components were obtained with the help of two Czech and one multinational company.
Teaching aids for work with verbs of movement at elementary level in Russian language teaching
Štefanová, Eva ; Liptáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Rozboudová, Lenka (referee)
4 TITLE: Teaching aids for work with verbs of movement at elementary level in Russian language teaching SUMMARY: This diploma thesis deals with the topic of Russian verbs of movement. The aim of the thesis is to compile a comprehesive set of practical exercises and additional teaching materials (work sheets), which can be used as a supporting material in Russian language teaching. The set of practical exercises and additional teaching material is suitable for students at the age of thirteen years and above. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The teoretical part defines verbs of movement from a linguistic aspect and generally characterizes the didactic approaches to teaching foreign language grammar. Practical part includes a comprehensive set of practical exercises and additional teaching materials focused on a presentation and practice of selected verbs of movement. KEY TERMS: verbs of movement with prefix, verbs of movement without prefix, verb aspect, didactic approaches and principles, practical exercises, teaching aid, work sheet
Zoological preparation techniques in school practice
Odcházelová, Tereza ; Mourek, Jan (advisor) ; Šíma, Petr (referee)
This thesis consists of description of chosen methods of permanent macroscopic zoological preparations. I verified successfully all the methods in practice and in case of methodological difficulties I optimized them for use in the school environment. In this work I answered the questions that could come up throughout the preparation process, for example: how to preserve the animal correctly; where to acquire the animal legally; what is the best way to maintain the animal's natural colour; what materials to use for the preparation and so on. According to current approaches I created not only a text based version of the manual of all verified preparation methods, but also an online version in form of a web site. To clarify the methods I included video sequences, photographs and schemes. With this e- learning course a teacher will be able to extend the school collection with his own preparations and also will be able to recognize what significant characteristics to point out. As a part of my work I have done a questionnaire focused on using various types of equipment in biology lectures. I have asked primary school teachers and high school teachers from all regions in the Czech Republic. This questionnaire was sent online and 322 out of 1636 people responded. The answers tell us that teachers...
Vermicomposter as Teaching Aid in Environmental Education
Panský, Martin ; Andreska, Jan (advisor) ; Jančaříková, Kateřina (referee)
In my bachelor thesis, I deal with a phenomenon which, in recent years, has become known among the general public - vermicomposting. This thesis is oriented to didactic application. It is aimed at verifying the possibility of creating and operating a vermicomposts at school environment and examining the possibilities of its usage in teaching to fulfil the objectives of Environmental Education. The main goal was to find out whether the vermicompost can serve as a full-fledged teaching aid both frontal education and project method of teaching. I have prepared several illustrative projects for this method. The location and operation of vermicomposts at school environment raises a number of other aspects that I have also mentioned. The course of the project implementation and usage of vermicomposts in the classroom is devoted to the practical part of my work. In the theoretical part, I try to approach the areas of dealing with the topic of biodegradable waste, the phenomenon of composting (with the emphasis on vermicomposting), Environmental Education and the status of learning aids and teaching methods. The realization of the project Vermicomposting at school was allowed at the place of my work - Santoška Primary School Prague 5. Lessons of Handicrafts, Biology and Chemistry were suitable for it....
Use of teaching aids in geometry of primary school
Nováčková, Kateřina ; Jirotková, Darina (advisor) ; Slezáková, Jana (referee)
of the thesis:: The topic of the thesis are aids for teaching geometry at the primary school. The theoretical part presents the potential benefits of the teaching aids use in connection with the cognitive process of the pupil and the educational aims of geometry. The practical part focuses on the situation in schools, presents aids that are used, and how they are used. It is based on survey focused especially on primary school teachers. A separate chapter is devoted to aids which are used in Montessori schools. It features names of geometry aids and how they are used. In the last thesis part are formulated didactic principles for working with the teaching aids in geometry and two experiments showing possible aids usage. Aids in these experiments fulfill its purposes, which are mentioned in the theoretical part, and therefore their use has been beneficial.
Do the pupils of lower secondary education as more attractive real mounted zoological specimens or their models?
Moudrý, Jakub ; Mourek, Jan (advisor) ; Janštová, Vanda (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to find out, with the help of a questionnaire survey and a preferential test, the preferences of pupils of lower secondary education for various types of teaching aids in biology. The preferential test was carried out on real zoological preparations (liquid cylinders, eventually embedded in resin) and on corresponding 3D educational models made of plastic or other modeling materials. The research is a follow-up to a diploma thesis examining the same preferences in upper secondary school students (Šibravová, 2016). The main objective is to extend this issue to younger pupils and to compare the results of both age groups. The goal is to find out whether and how the preferences change with the age of pupils and if it is necessary to adjust the choice of teaching aids in accordance to pupils' age. The first pilot research was carried out on one class of a grammar school. Then other classes of lower secondary education in Prague were tested. The total number of respondents was almost 200 pupils. This was followed by statistical processing and data evaluation. The results showed that 3D teaching models are better rated for lower secondary education than the corresponding real zoological preparations. This is the exact opposite to the results of upper secondary school students....

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