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Current first-aid teaching at Czech elementary schools from the perspective of teachers and contemporary literature
Zehlerová, Lucie ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Havlová, Jana (referee)
First aid has always been and always will be an important topic, therefore, this thesis focuses on the issue of first aid in elementary schools. It has two parts. The theoretical part deals with the first aid in elementary schools from all important perspectives, e.g. the development of the subject, the subject today, legislative framework, the Framework Educational Program for Basic Education, teachers' professional development, first aid methodology, and first aid in literature for educators as well as pupils. The practical (empiric) part comprises an analysis of the questionnaire research targeted at elementary teachers. The teachers were asked about the importance of the first aid, their first aid education, what materials they know and use, what subject they implement it in, and their ideal concept of first aid education. All the teachers agreed on the importance of first aid education. The rest of the results generally turned out according to expectations.
Knowledge and attitudes of teachers approaching students with epilepsy
The diploma thesis deals with teachers' approach to pupils suffering from epilepsy, i.e. in what manner and to what extent the teachers' behaviour towards such pupils is affected by their knowledge, attitudes and self-confidence. The thesis aims to explore and describe teachers' theoretical knowledge about pupils suffering from epilepsy and their ability to implement this knowledge in the class. The thesis also finds out about the extent of teachers' confidence about the issue and their views on the disease. The thesis has been divided into two parts, theoretical and research. The theoretical part includes theory relating to epilepsy, as well as studies on teachers' knowledge and attitudes towards pupils suffering from epilepsy both in the Czech Republic and abroad, including the teacher's approach to a pupil suffering from epilepsy. The research part provides assessment of how much the teachers teaching pupils with epilepsy know about the disease, using psychometric evaluated instruments. The research part also presents results on teachers' attitudes towards epilepsy measured by the ATPE questionnaire, which is a psychometric evaluated instrument. The conclusion discusses and compares the acquired results with foreign literature.
Posing problems with a given structure by pre-service teachers
Hošpesová, A. ; Tichá, Marie
Posing problems of given structure is considered as a way of fostering teachers’ competence. We work with schemas from two perspectives: (a) schema as visualization of process of problem solving, (b) schema as representation of the structure of problem. We focused on the question: What problems do students pose if they are given a branched chain which represents the structure problem or solving procedure? Findings of ongoing research from work with teacher students are given.
The search for ways of enhancement of knowledge base for teaching
Tichá, Marie
Poster shows a problem posing as a significant way to improving teachers' knowledge. The presentation focused on the division of fractions. The presentation displayed examples of common misconceptions and their probable cause.

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