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Teacher under pupils'view at a primary school
Pávová, Michaela ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Uhlířová, Jana (referee)
DIPLOMOVÁ PRÁCE Učitel očima žáků na 1. stupni základní školy A teachear from the view of students of a primary school Michaela Pávová ABSTRACT The presented theses is focused on topics, which are connected with teaching styles or more precisely with the image of the techear from the view of students (of forth and fifth grade of primary school education). Theoretical part describes techear as a personality, his professional skills and teaching styles (approaches to students). Empirical part describes process and conclusions of research, in which students of forth and fifth grade of primary education czech system describe their ideal teacher. Children opinions are expressed by words and images as well. The results were processed by designed criterions KEYWORDS ideal teacher, teaching styles, pupil, teacher's skills, teacher's personality
Literary drama education in kindergarten
In my bachelor thesis I will present you the conception of the literary dramatic education in one particular nursery. Theoretical part defines the key terminology, describes the literary dramatic activity after curricular documents (Framework educational programme for preschool education and School education program nursery Vodňany) and development characteristics from the given age group - preschool children. The core of the work describes the basic literary genres and methods from literary dramatic area. Part of the thesis is the analysis of literary dramatic activities from one school year in nursery Vodňany (Smetanova 204). Practical part introduces the creation and verification of the set of the worksheets for the literary dramatic area with the following reflexion. This part also contains the interview with the chosen teacher from the school mentioned above.
Specifics of Piano Teaching of Preschool Children
Nohová, Vladislava ; Tichá, Libuše (advisor) ; Gregor, Vít (referee)
The thesis is devoted to the specificity of playing the piano preschool children. It combines the knowledge of developmental psychology, psychology of music and piano methodology with their reflection in practical teaching piano. The work is divided into five chapters, which i s based on key publications and developmental psychology of music in the Czech republic, theoretical works of contemporary piano teachers, piano course books and a survey carried out in the framework of a diploma thesis. The first chapter deals with the level of psychological development of preschool age and its reflection in piano lessons. The second chapter discusses the level of musical abilities of the child at the same age. Chapter three outlines further specifics in teaching pre-school children, dedicated to personalities of pupil and teacher as the main creators of the educational process, it refers to the methods used in teaching and not least about the role of parents in the education of their child. The fourth chapter summarizes the methodology selected piano teaching materials suitable for teaching children of preschool age. Final Chapter complements the work of the views of piano teachers on teaching preschool children.
Deciding factors for child placement in a Montessori kindergarten
This thesis deals with the search of motives that lead parents to search for alternative pre-school facilities for their child. In particular, in kindergarten Vlasim. In the theory section I describe Montessori pedagogy but I also mention the foundress Maria Montessori. In the next chapter I introduce the blue Montessori classroom in the kindergarten Vorlina. In later chapter, I address motivation as a psychological phenomenon. This section concludes a description of used methodology which is a qualitative research conducted by semi-structured interviews. In the implementation section, I analyse data gained from particular respondents using coding and categorization. Upon this knowledge is built a particular analytical story. In conclusion of this study, I sum up the results of this research.
Teacher personality
The thesis has a theoretical and empirical nature. It focuses on issues of teacher's personality and view of 2nd Primary school for her. The first part describes personality traits, teacher and diverse teaching styles. It defines the professional competence of teachers, such as competence and communicative competence reflect on their activities. Attention is paid to define the characteristics of "good" teachers, who are the authority, assertiveness, emotional stability, sense of humor, fair evaluation, creativity and flexibility. In conclusion, the theoretical part of the established requirements and objectives for the current school teachers and the teaching profession The influence of personality. The practical part presents the results of quantitative research, which was written the method of questioning. The data obtained explain the view of 2nd Primary school teacher and a personality show, which features students assessed as significant and which forms and methods of work adopted positively.
Teachers and optimism
Řehulka, Evžen
The study deals with teacher personality, mainly relating to stress coping. Among so-called buffers is explored also optimism, either as an expression of personality characters, or as a life orientation in the continuum optimism pessimism. A theory is used of learned optimism of M. Seligman and so is his questionnaire by investigating teachers, when it was found that in the explanatory terms of optimism teachers dont show any especial values.

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