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Translation Among Higher Programming Languages
Knapovský, Jan ; Kožár, Tomáš (referee) ; Meduna, Alexandr (advisor)
With the development of new technologies, programming languages and their devices the need arises for existing codebases to be updated and upgraded to use such devices and technologies, to preserve the maintainability and sustainability of such systems. This thesis proposes the use of automatised means to aid such efforts – a transpiler.
Návrh a implementace nástroje pro konfiguraci a spoštění robotického frameworku
Kalas, Petr
The main goal of the thesis is to create a desktop application for working with configuration files. In the solving process several data transformations were used and for the presentation layer was chosen Java FX. The application is an editor with data represantion in the form of an interactive graph. The main result is to facilitate the work with robotic framework of the team Aistorm at Mendel university.
Syntaktický analyzátor zdrojových textů ve formátu ConTeXt
Hanuš, Adam
The theme of this thesis is syntax analysis of the source texts based on TeX. The work contains the summary of basic terms from the theory of formal languages, there is also explained the function of the translator in all the analytical phases of the translation and finally it contains the introduction of the Lua scripting language and the ConTeXt typesetting system. The aim of the thesis is implementation of the syntax analyser for the source texts in ConTEXt format. The implementation is accompanied by the description of the solution developement of the lexical analysis, syntax analysis, creating syntax diagrams and context-free grammar.
Expression of interpropositional relation in Spanish didactic texts
The Diploma Thesis deals with syntactic analysis in a Spanish textbook of history for grammar schools (curriculum LOGSE) with the aim to clarify the ways of expressing relations between the clauses.
Parser Systems
Kunda, Matej ; Tomko, Martin (referee) ; Meduna, Alexandr (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to make a formal model of a new grammar system, which can combine different methods of syntax analysis. The inspiration for the making of the new grammar system were cooperating distributed grammar systems, from which an idea of communication symbols came from. With the help of communication symbols, components of the grammar system can cooperate on creating one sentential form. The thesis describes the formalization of the grammar system, its application in syntax analysis and finally its implementation. The result of this thesis is an application, which works on the principle of the formalized grammar system and combines two methods of syntax analysis.
Parsing Based on Grammar Systems
Sedmík, Adam ; Klobučníková, Dominika (referee) ; Meduna, Alexandr (advisor)
This thesis is focused on grammar systems and syntax analysis. Thesis introduces cooperating distributed and parallel communicating grammar systems. Based on knowledge of grammar systems, new grammar system is introduced. This grammar system focuses on modularization of syntax analysis. Shown are two methods of syntax analysis, recursive descent parsing and precedence parsing. Grammar systems introduced are demonstrated on syntax analysis of custom programming language.
Advanced Parser Generators
Havranek, Daniel ; Kövári, Adam (referee) ; Křivka, Zbyněk (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with parser generation by tools that use advanced parsing techniques. These techniques are compared from both theoretical and practical point of view. The GNU Bison tool, which uses the LALR(1) method and Generalized LR method, and the ANTLR tool, which uses the more modern ALL(*) method, are examined in detail. To compare the effectiveness of these tools, a parser for a fictional programming language is implemented using them to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. As the results, GNU Bison is much more powerful, but the ANTLR outweighs it in terms of implementation friendliness and functionality. The results of this thesis can help deciding which approach or tool to choose when implementing a parser.
Linguistic characteristics of the present comics
Hradečný, Aleš ; Palkosková, Olga (advisor) ; Chejnová, Pavla (referee)
The thesis is focused on comics and mainly its lingustic aspect. The first part introduces comics as a cultural phenomenon and its various definitions from which the best possible is chosen. After that it deals with brief history of comics and its development from different geographic points of view. The attention is given to the language of comics and mainly to its specific, unique cooperation between words and images. In the second part analysis of two comic books, Anča a Pepík from 1990 and Na odstřel from 2014, from Lucie Lomová is realized. The results are compared with each other and conclusions are drawn. The common features of comics language are introduced on the bacground of the analyses.
Robust Parsing of Noisy Content
Daiber, Joachim ; Zeman, Daniel (advisor) ; Mareček, David (referee)
While parsing performance on in-domain text has developed steadily in recent years, out-of-domain text and grammatically noisy text remain an obstacle and often lead to significant decreases in parsing accuracy. In this thesis, we focus on the parsing of noisy content, such as user-generated content in services like Twitter. We investigate the question whether a preprocessing step based on machine translation techniques and unsupervised models for text-normalization can improve parsing performance on noisy data. Existing data sets are evaluated and a new data set for dependency parsing of grammatically noisy Twitter data is introduced. We show that text-normalization together with a combination of domain-specific and generic part-of-speech taggers can lead to a significant improvement in parsing accuracy. Powered by TCPDF (

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