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Stres v profesi pedagogických pracovníků na SOŠ
Drápelová, Lucie
The bachelor thesis will deal with stress in the profession of pedagogical staff at secondary vocational school. The aim of the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis is to define the pedagogical worker and the content of his work with an emphasis on stress, stress and stress situations, symptoms of stress state and stressors for this profession. There are also ways to prevent stress situations and how to deal with them healthily. The impact of the stress on the health and psychological state of the educators, which can grow in the burnout syndrome and the subsequent recovery of burnout, will be described. The aim of the practical part of the bachelor thesis is to describe what stressors are present in pedagogical profession, emphasis will be placed on the situations in which these stressors most feel. Another goal will be to find ways to prevent stress and to map out factors that suppress or alleviate stress. The questionnaire will be used. Data from the questionnaire will be analyzed using descriptive statistics. Respondents are teachers from secondary vocational schools.
Vzdělání jako rizikový faktor syndromu vyhoření u příslušníků Vězeňské služby České republiky
Peška, Jan
The bachelor thesis deals with burnout syndrome of members of Prison Service of Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to identify and describe risk factors related to the burnout syndrome among the members of the Prison Service. In particular, it considers level of education of the prison staff in the context of the risk factors. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part defines the studied issues and the basic concepts. More precisely, it specifies the burnout syndrome along with the factors influencing the syndrome and suggests the solution to this problem. The core of the theoretical part is to examine the burnout syndrome from the point of view of ”the caring occupation”, specifically the members of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic in respect to the theme of the thesis. The theoretical part is elaborated on the basis of analysis and synthesis of information obtained by studying selected sources. The practical part approaches the experience of the burnout syndrome wi-thin the prison staff and tries to find out the particular risk factors and its influence while the focus is primarily on the role of the level of education of the employees. It is a case study where a quantitative research method provides the data acquired by a questionnaire survey and is further processed by using the Statistica software tool. Respondents are the members of the Prison Service located in a region of South Moravia in the Czech Republic.
Syndrom vyhoření u učitelů středních škol
Bobyleva, Irena
The bachelor thesis is focused on the problems of general stress, stress factors and burnout syndrome. The author deals with the analysis of the concept of stress, its nature, causes and risk areas of occurrence. The individual chapters explain the rise of stress with the help of the authors both from the point of view of the psyche and the physiology of the human body. In the context of stress pre-vention, he outlines the ways in which he can face himself so that he does not be-come chronic. As a result of the long-term effects of stress, the burnout syndrome is con-sidered to be a key element for this work. The main issues addressed relate to the concept of burnout syndrome from the point of view of various authors, the rea-son for its creation and its relation to the teaching profession. At the end of the theoretical part of the thesis, the author focused on the po-sition of the teacher in society, the characteristics of his activity and the elimina-tion of stress situations. The extent of burnout is detected in the practical part by teachers of three selected secondary schools. Based on the findings of the burnout syndrome, the author carried out an exploratory survey using a standardized questionnaire for the given issue. In the survey, 54 respondents found an alarming result, the incidence of burnout in all psychological levels studied, ranging from 26% to 41% of teachers.
Burnout syndrome in relation to interpersonal values and meaningfulness
Janků, Pavlína Elisabeth ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the issue of burnout syndrome in correlation to meaningfulness and interpersonal values in a population of general nurses at psychiatric wals and subsequently in the population of unemployed people. Main goal of this research was to determine the degree of correlation between meaningfulness and individual dimensions of burnout syndrome and to identify which interpersonal values correlate with individual dimensions of burnout syndrome in a positive or negative way. Theoretical part of this thesis is devoted to definition of burnout syndrome, meaningfulness and interpersonal values. For empirical part of this research we have used Maslach Burnout Invertory recognizing the degree of burnout syndrome in following dimensions: emotional and physical exhaustion, depersonalization and personal accomplishment. Furthermore, Scale of life meaningfulness (Škála životnej zmysluplnosti) has been used to assess a degree of meaningfulness and SIPO inventory to assess interpersonal orientation and values. Results of this study prove the relation between burnout syndrome and meaningfulness. The degree of meaningfulness shows statistically significant positive relation to personal accomplishment and negative relation to degree of emotional exhaustion and depersonalization....
Personality of a Teacher's Aide at a Primary School for Children with Physical Disability
Vintr Bolardtová, Markéta ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the personality of a teacher's aide at an elementary school for pupils with physical disabilities. In the theoretical part, the history of the profession, the personal and qualification requirements of the teacher's aide, and their job description are given. Furthermore, the theoretical part is devoted to mental hygiene, burnout syndrome, and the last part is focused on personality typologies. In the practical part, the author finds out with the help of mixed research what kind of personalities we meet in the position of teacher's aide at the elementary school for pupils with physical disabilities, in what way this profession affects their personal life and how they take care of their health due to the demanding nature of the profession. The research took place at the Elementary School of the Jedlička's Institute in Prague.
Factors influencing nurse's adaptation and fluctuation
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to map the factors that affect the adaptation and fluctuation of nurses in health care. The nurses were selected from different medical facilities, with different lengths of work in healthcare. To meet the objectives - to identify the factors that affect the adaptation and fluctuation of nurses, three research questions have been identified: "What factors do affect the nurses' fluctuation?"; "What factors do influence nurses' adaptation?" And "How does the adaptation process work in health care facilities?" The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on defining the concepts of adaptation and the adaptation process. We deal with the diversity of internal and externalfactors of the employee and the preconditions for managing the adaptation process. The second part of the theoretical part is devoted to fluctuation. For many medical facilities with a shortage of nurses, their departure is a complication in providing patient care. The empirical part of the thesis is processed using a qualitative research survey technique of semi-structured interview. The research group consists of 10 nurses from various organizations or hospital departments. The results have shown that many nurses have the same or very similar factors influencing their adjustment and fluctuation. Adaptation to the team and management by the management department is the most involved in the adaptation process. The active approach of all involved is important for the successful course of the adaptation process. Thanks to it, it is possible to get acquainted with the environment and it gives confidence to the new employee. The nurses agree that they need time to adapt and appreciate management support from, for example, the nurse's mentor. Factors for leaving the job included, for example, bad experience with team, organizational changes, bossing or mobbing, as well as insufficient financial evaluation. The output of the thesis will be an article in a professional periodical for nurses. The contribution of the thesis is to reveal the reasons that will or will not support the adaptation process and fluctuation.
Selected aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic in healthcare professionals
POLAN, Martin
The diploma thesis focused on the question of what impact the COVID-19 disease pandemic had on healthcare workers. The theoretical part compares the available literature and provides the necessary information about the causative agent of this viral disease. Furthermore, stress, its causes, risk factors, manifestations and methods of its management are described. The biggest space here is devoted to the burnout syndrome. The aim of the research part was to find out to what extent burnout syndrome occurs in health workers and what factors influence it. The research was carried out in selected departments in the Hospital České Budějovice, a.s., specifically in the Internal Medicine Department, Anesthesiology-resuscitation Department, Emergency Department, Infectious Diseases Department and Department of Hospital Hygiene and Epidemiology. The necessary data were obtained in the form of quantitative research, through the standardized questionnaire "Maslach Burnout Inventory." These results were evaluated and statistically verified in order to confirm or refute the hypotheses. As a result, well over 50 % of healthcare workers experienced worsening symptoms of burnout during the pandemic. The connection between a certain factor and the presence of burnout syndrome was statistically proven only for the factor of village size, where people from villages with a population of up to 3,000 showed a lower rate of burnout than people from villages with a higher number of inhabitants.
Psychic burden of a kindergarten teacher during the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the issue of psychological stress in job of kindergarten teachers. More specifically, it discusses the burden during the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic. The aim of the work is to ascertain how the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic affected the interviewed kindergarten teachers.The theoretical part presents the topic of stress and burden in connection with the profession of kindergarten teacher. The thesis is also aimed to burnout syndrome and its prevention. The empirical part centeres to the analysis of data obtained through qualitative research. The questions of the semistructured interview with the five kindergarten teachers concerned mainly the experience of the situation, the changes due to the pandemic and the burnout syndrome. Final results showed that the situation was more difficult for kindergarten teachers, paradoxically they did not show any symptoms of increased mental stress.
Helping Professions in Hospice Care
The thesis deals with the experience of the death of a close person of the workers helping professions in Hospice care. The first part of the bachelor thesis is focused on the theoretical definition of mourning in general. It defines the very concept and process of mourning, which is followed by manifestations of mourning within the overall complexity of man. Furthermore, the views of experts on the various stages of mourning are described and compared. The conclusion is devoted to the description of uncomplicated and complicated mourning and the difference between them. The following section extends the general concept of mourning to the personal experience of the death of a close person of the workers in helping professions in Hospice care who encountered the loss of a person before practicing the profession. The research part focuses mainly on their coping with the loss of a loved one, whether this experience influenced them for choosing a profession in hospice care and how this death affects their performance within their profession. The last part deals with the processing of a loss and the risks of an unprocessed loss.
Streetwork in České Budějovice
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out and describe job duties of a Field worker and map the positives and reefs of the working life of these workers in České Budějovice. One research question has been chosen: 1."How is that burnout syndrome effects Field workers?" The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical part and practical part. The theoretical part describes theoretical basis. Specifically definition of outreach work, terminology, history, outreach work in Czech Republic, legislation, target groups, forms and methods of field social work, specifics of field social work, ethical principles, screening, social services using the "streetwork" method, the concept of burnout syndrome and supervision as prevention of burnout syndrome. I worked on the practical part using a qualitative strategy, questioning method and semi-structured interview technique. I conducted interviews with field workers in České Budějovice, that I addressed on the basis of the snowball sampling method. The interviews were evaluated using the open coding method. I created eight categories. Research has shown which positives and negatives are perceived by field social workers on their work and how their work is perceived by society and whether field workers in České Budějovice encountered burnout syndrome. Based on the evaluation of the interviews, it was found that the society need to gain more awareness of what field workers do and how important their work is. The results of the bachelor thesis can serve as a basis for further research into the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on field social services. This thesis can also serve as study material.

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