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Design and manufacture of bending fixture
Ševčík, Jan ; Trčka, Tomáš (referee) ; Zemčík, Oskar (advisor)
The work deals with the design and manufacture of bending fixture. It contains a comparsion with current bending fixtures on the market and a justification for the production of a given type. Then the work contains a proposal of the constuction of individual parts with the selection and description of technologies of their production and the process of their production. The work also contains complete drawing ducumentation of all parts of the bending fixture. The conclusion of the work contains the possibilities of design modifications and economic and technological evaluation.
Replica of historical dagger
Čech, Jakub ; Chladil, Josef (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with a production of dagger replica. This work describes basic information about history of daggers, their construction and technologies used for their production. Furthermore, there is described manufacturing of the dagger prototype including its final assembly and evaluation.
Hodnocení kvality svarů heterogenních materiálů pomocí akustické emise
Hafner, Josef
This thesis is focused on the evaluation of hetereogeneous weld joints made by CMT technology using acoustic emission. The thesis is divided into four parts. The first one is focused on the describe CMT technology. The second part describe the principle of acoustic emission. The following part includes the methodology of experimental part. The final section deals with on the relation between the tensile strength of the samples with the measured values of acoustic emissions from the welding and cooling of the material.
Vznik korozního makročlánku u rozebíratelných i nerozebíratelných spojů
Daněk, Lukáš
This diploma thesis is focused on corrosion degradation of technical materials used for fire trucks production. It describes what is corrosion, corrosion environment and protection against effects of corrosion. Further, the thesis describes methods of joining materials in the production of fire tank trucks. In the experimental part the thesis deals with the examination of samples during mechanical and corrosion tests with subsequent evaluation. The examined samples are exposed to the effects of salt mist and then subjected to tensile testing. The most suitable method of joining materials for the construction of fire tank trucks is verified here.
Technologie výroby a využití svarových spojů ve strojírenské výrobě
Vancl, Jakub
This bachelor thesis focuses on the problematic and contemporary trends of welded joints in engineering. The work is elaborated in the form of literary recherché, the main part compares the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the manufacture of the welded joints in the chosen technologies. The work describes principles and machines used in the manufacture of welded connection in the technology given. Furthermore, the work is focused on the non-traditional methods of welding in engineering. Lastly, the work evaluates the advantage, disadvantage and the possibilities of the use of the individual technologies in engineering.
Analýza korozní odolnosti svarových spojů
Nejedlý, Tomáš
The purpose of this paper is to analyze weld joints made with the use of the CMT method. Two separate kinds of weld joints were used: one joining two pieces of titanium and another joining titanium with stainless steel. The theoretical part of this paper summarizes the basics of the CMT welding method and its modifications, the corrosion of metals, the tests used to determine the properties of the materials, the preparation of the metallographic cut and more detailed information on the materials used. The experimental part of this paper follows, dealing with precise specifications of the welding process, the materials and the conditions under which the subsequent tests were taken. Half of the samples undertook test in a salt corrosion chamber in order to determine the damage caused to the weld by the corrosion and to compare the results with the samples not exposed to the increased corrosive environment. Following that comes the evaluation part, where the results obtained from the tests undertaken are analyzed with the focus on the resulting formed, the strength test and the hardness of the weld and its surroundings.
Využití metod tavného svařování při výrobě automobilových karosérií
Eberhard, Lukáš
The bachelor thesis concerns about the melting methods of welding used in automotive industry. The first part of the work focuses on materials of automotive body work, the mechanical and physical attributes and usage. The next topic concerns about particular welding methods from the past till modern trends. Together with welding, the work also discusses the robotization of welding and additional materials.
Degradation analysis of materials in agriculture
Sriwongras, Piyapong
The present dissertation deals with the application of acoustic emission testing (AET) as one of the non-destructive testing to identify the quality of metal materials used in agricultural technology. Experimental study is divided into two parts. The first part is the use of AET in welding by Cold Metal Transfer (CMT). The quality of the welding process and the welded specimens is evaluated, especially in corrosion and mechanical degradation. Second part is devoted to magnesium alloys which are currently being used in the automotive industry and have the potential utilization in specific agricultural applications as well. Research in this area is focused on the evaluation of high-cyclic fatigue at different stages of corrosion degradation of magnesium. The problems of weldability of the material are solved. Attention is also focused on the CMT welding of two dissimilar materials, especially in AZ31B magnesium alloy and EN AW 6065 aluminum alloy, further DX51D galvanized steel and aluminum alloy. Results declare a way to use AET for qualitative evaluation of the welding process and process of mechanical and corrosive degradation of specimens. The efficiency of AET during the cooling phase after welding was demonstrated. These records are used to optimize the welding process. The mechanical resistance of the specimens with and without corrosion in tensile and fatigue tests was detected and visualized by means of AET. The high-frequency pulsator was used for practical evaluation of the quality of magnesium alloys under dynamic loading. The degree of reduction of fatigue life due to corrosion degradation was visualized by application of AET. The work presents the applicable results of using AET in the qualitative evaluation of innovative materials during mechanical and corrosive degradation as well as during the welding process. Therefore, the sense of this work is to deepen knowledge about the potential of modern approaches for qualitative assessment in order to identify new areas of specific material application, improving production quality and safety as well as reducing costs. The work was supported by the Internal Grant Agency AF MENDELU.
Feasibility Study of the Multi-Purpose Area Combining Cafe and a Motorcycle Rental Shop
Drkoš, Jan ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Chlebovský, Vít (advisor)
This diploma thesis focuses on the topic of feasibility studies. The first-theoretical part defines basic concepts such as market analysis, financial analysis or efficiency and risk assessment. The aim of the practical part of the work is to develop a feasibility study, evaluation of economic viability and thus the feasibility of the project. An integral part is the evaluation of welding methods of the steel frame of the motorcycle and its subsequent implementation.
Inspection of welded joints of loading ramps
Ertl, Roman ; Mrňa, Libor (referee) ; Kubíček, Jaroslav (advisor)
This master's thesis is focused on problem of welding of loading ramps and inspection of their welded joints. The aim of this thesis is to inspect the welds of loading ramps with regarding to the appearance of defects. The literature review of the research issues of the MIG welding technology and welding of aluminium and its alloys is described in this thesis. There is also described destructive and non-destructive inspection of welds that can be applied to inspection of loading ramps. Theoretical description is followed by an experimental part of the thesis. Experimental part is focused on the three destructive tests (the tensile, the macroscopic and the hardness test) of samples of loading ramps, which are made of EN AW-6005A T6.

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