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Gender Identity in the Work of Claude Cahun
Hapková, Tereza ; Magidová, Markéta (advisor) ; Kitzbergerová, Leonora (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the question of gender identity in the artistic production of French artist Claude Cahun. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the concept of sex, gender and identity in the context of Claude Cahun's life. Furthermore, her multiple selves, which she presents in her work through encrypted messages, is an important topic. She hides in her constructed world full of masks, masquerades, mirrors, doubles and stagings, behind the curtain of which she only let her partner, Suzanne Malherbe. The didactic part of the bachelor's thesis is focused on the proposal of the use of the photomontage technique in art education and its connection with other disciplines. The initial inspiration comes from the photomontages contained in the book Aveux non avenus, complementing the mostly autobiographical text by Claude Cahun. The main theme of the book is the search for oneself and one's own identity through text and illustrative images. In the book, Cahun has created her own world by rearranging her photographs and forming new wholes, which she has achieved through photomontage. The practical part of the bachelor thesis is focused on the photographic work of Claude Cahun. I first discuss the principles in her photographic work and their more general analysis. I then analyse three...
Interpretation of fairy tales Alice in Wonderland
The bachelor's thesis is focused on the explanation of the concept of art therapy, on the topic of personal identity and its development. The thesis also focuses on the function of fantasy and its application in dreams and imagination. In the theoretical part there is a chapter about symbols and archetypes including their explanation and possibilities for using in relation to the theme of the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland. There is also a comparison of the book version and filmed version of the story. The thesis contains a detailed analysis of the pictures including interview with three participants of the research on the topic of Alice in Wonderland, also the analysis of the pictures, that were artistically worked by members of three different age groups. The aim to find out what personal themes are opened up to clients, what is the usage of the active imagination and what symbols are used in the artistic works, that all based on the fairy tale Alice in Wonderland.
Czech photography of the first half of the 20th century
The diploma thesis "Czech surreal photography in the first half of the 20th century" consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part conveys main ideas of surrealism in the world and its connection to photography. This part also contains chapters that are related to the development of surrealism in Czechia, mainly in the first half of the 20th century. There are parts dedicated to the three of Czech artists - Emila Medková, Miroslav Hák and Jindřich Štyrský. The practical part of the diploma thesis includes realization of the art photography cycle named "Věra Vacková".
Surrealist "game" and its use in the work of Richard Weiner Hra doopravdy
Vitouš, Ladislav ; Heczková, Libuše (advisor) ; Málek, Petr (referee)
The presented thesis seeks to clarify Weiner's concept of the game as a specific experience of the world. The concept of the game is correlated to several related concepts, primarily to the artistic conception of the Le Grand Jeu and wider philosophical context, especially the Surrealist project. The aim of the work is not to assign Weiner's works to existing literary creations, orientations and tendencies (even its fragmented parts), but rather to define its uniqueness in contrast to them. It is not limited to one plane in the text, but takes into account all the poetic devices to reveal the author's concept of the game and the world in general. The subject of investigation is the author's last work Hra doopravdy. Keywords Richard Weiner Hra doopravdy Le Grand Jeu surrealism surrealist game
Parallelism in the Poetics of Juan Rulfo and María Luisa Bombal
Norocká, Monika ; Poláková, Dora (advisor) ; Housková, Anna (referee)
The aim of this Diploma Thesis is to bring attention to the resemblance between the work of one of the most important Hispanic American authors of 20th century, the Mexican Juan Rulfo, and his less well-known Chilean colleague, María Luisa Bombal. Even though the work of these writers has often been associated with the beginnings of the so-called Magical Realism, so far literary critics have not studied the parallelism in their poetics in detail. This work observes the deviation of these authors from the type of literature dominant in their time, and their effort to renovate it. Furthermore, it concerns the similarity in the approach to death in their work; it pays attention to the influence of the Nordic literature on their literary production. Another part of this work is dedicated to the parallels between the character of Susana San Juan from Rulfoˈs Pedro Páramo and Bombalˈs female characters. In addition to that, the work reflects the personal relationship between the authors in question.
Concept of woman in André Breton's works written between 1928 and 1937
Veverková, Martina ; Voldřichová - Beránková, Eva (advisor) ; Pohorský, Aleš (referee)
This paper explores the concept of women in prosaic writings of André Breton, a key figure of French surrealism. The writings included are Nadja (1928), The Communicating Vessels (1932), Mad Love (1937) and Arcane 17 (1944). To Breton women were those who enable a poet to reach freedom and surreal and he wanted to love and celebrate them. However, many critics see the notion of women in his (and surrealist in general) work as isolated from a real woman, expressing only desires and ideas of a man and giving women only a passive role. In the analytical part of this paper the specific women in Breton's work are examined to evaluate the above mentioned criticism. The aim is to assess how accurate this criticism is. Also, coherence of the Breton's actual portrayal of women and his theoretical concepts is reviewed. Keywords French literature, surrealism, André Breton, woman
The Employ of the Gothic Novel in Czech Prose of the First Half of the 20th Century: analogies and variations of the genre.
Petrová, Zuzana ; Činátlová, Blanka (advisor) ; Mravcová, Marie (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to define the genre of the English gothic novel, a historically-conditioned phenomenon, which is revived whenever a specific cultural and social situation occurs. The presence of the genre in the Czech prose of the first half of the twentieth century is traced and discovered in the works of Vítězslav Nezval and Jiří Karásek ze Lvovic. Along with the inspiration drawn from the gothic novel goes the literary background particular for each author - surrealism (Nezval) and decadence (Karásek). Despite the gothic novel balancing on the edge of the trivial, its position in the literary tradition has been stable for several hundreds of years. It has affected many other genres which have carried on its tradition until today.
Poetics of Jacques Prévert's work of art and the exploitation of his poetry in a French language education.
Hornišová, Martina ; Listíková, Renáta (advisor) ; Machleidtová, Silva (referee)
Title of the thesis: Poetics of Jacques Prévert's work of art and the exploitation of his poetry in a French language education. Keywords: poetics, French poetry, French chanson, poetic realism, surrealism, motivation Abstract: The aim of this thesis was to intercept and denote an artistic legacy in Jacques Prévert's work of art which has an overtime value and is capable with its themes of everyday life to also address the contemporary generations. The magic of Prévert's genius consists in his simple language that is spoken by common men, all the people use this language and thus, they could understand it well. A poet intensifies his legacy by series of examples and illustrations of everyday life that make his works accessible for everyone. In a thesis, we have primarily paid attention to the poetics of his large artistic creation by pointing on the particularity of his poetic language, the simplicity and accessibility of his work. Through Prévert's poetry and chanson, we have tried to present French language to teenage students in an inventive and creative way not only as a language itself, but also as a cultural heritage of the country. We elaborated pedagogical sheets in a practical part of a thesis aimed to serve as a methodological resource for the French language teachers.
Dream in Czech art of the first half of the 20th century and the dream theme in art education
Kurucová, Nina ; Daniel, Ladislav (advisor) ; Hůla, Zdenek (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is concerned with dream as an inspirational source and as specific state of mind. Theoretical part describes dream from psychological point of view but also dream ramifications on the art in the first half of the 20th century. The thesis describes not only an introduction of surrealism as a new art style in French and Czech countries, but also birth of new art techniques. The work also maps dream reports of Jindřich Štyrský and their depictions as an author's primary source of imagination. Didactic part includes a survey aimed at sixth grader's dreams and didactic project consists of four painting tasks. Each task thematically follows specific parts of theoretical chapter. Practical part naturally results from dream-theme's ideas and is composed of two objects based on inspirations from dream. KEYWORDS Dream, dream diary, surrealism, Frottage, college, Jindřich Štyrský

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