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Bus transport process analysis
Růčka, Josef ; Holubář, Oldřich (referee) ; Fiala, Alois (advisor)
The diploma dissertation deals with the bus transport process analysis. More specifically, it deals with a proposition of the reclamation subprocess control. The dissertation contains the description of subprocess of the main process of bus transport. Moreover, it contains the analysis of the original state of the reclamation subprocess control and a set of measures and recommendations that lead to the more effective evaluation of this subprocess.
The analysis and optimization of the creation of a management report in a financial institution
Dlouhý, Radim ; Říhová, Zora (advisor) ; Belko, Michal (referee)
This masters thesis tackles the issue of process management in a financial institution, spe-cifically the analysis and optimization of the creation of a certain management report. The first part of this masters thesis is dedicated towards explaining basic theoretical concepts, which will help the reader correctly understand the rest of the paper. There you can find explained the principles of reporting and process management, which will introduce the reader to the issues of processes, their analysis and subsequent optimization. The practical portion first introduces the reader to the particular financial institution, then it describes the organization structure and the activities of data governance, thorough analysis of the particular process, the identification of and a suggestion of optimization which should lead to a more effectively working employees as well as the elimination of narrow places of the process. The conclusion of the masters thesis introduces steps of real implementation of the suggested solutions.
Process management in the selected company
This thesis aimed to assess the level of processes occurring in the selected company using the methods of process management and propose any changes. Selected company is the joint stock company SAG. In the theoretical part, the author defined the basic concepts and methods of process management, the output of the literature review. In the practical part, the analysis and evaluation processes in selected companies to identify those business processes that have priority in terms of their performance. Based on the priority business processes, subprocesses have been designed with low performance affecting a large number of critical factors, which were proposed changes to increase efficiency of these subprocesses.