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Suggestions for spiritual care for persons with acquired brain injury
Kurovská, Lenka ; Macek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Ulrichová, Monika (referee)
This thesis deals with the area of spiritual care for persons that suffered a traumatic brain injury, stroke or another brain damage at adult age. It describes what these people have to go through after termination of acute treatment, what are their needs and coping strategies. It presents results of researches dealing with correlation between spirituality/religiosity and managing of unfavourable circumstances connected with the health condition, therapy and rehabilitation. It summarises the recommendations for suitable adjustment of spiritual care to somatic, communication, cognitive and psychosocial changes, which may occur as a result of the brain injury. It pays special attention to the use of expressive therapies and supplementary methods thanks to which it is possible to reflect spiritual topics also in other ways than in a classical conversation.
Nutritional interventions for patients with brain injuries and movement limitations
Kadečková, Klára ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Svěcená, Kateřina (referee)
Patients with acquired brain damage, who are attending rehabilitation day-care center on the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of the General Hospital and the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, are often limited by fatigue and lack of energy. Patients are attending day hospital mainly with brain damage acquired after stroke and less often also after brain trauma. Secondary prevention of atherosclerosis development or progression and prevention of stroke relapse is very important with these patients. Nutritional intervention plays significant role in prevention and treatment of many risk factors of an atherosclerotic artery damage. Common consequence of brain damage is development of secondary sarcopenia. Patient in day hospital must bring their own food. Individualized program as a result from examination by the multidisciplinary team doesn't include nutritional assessment. Study with patients with acquired brain damage was carried out on Department of Rehabilitation. Study used bioelectrical impedance analysis provided by InBody 370 S. Body composition of patients was measured. This data and anthropometric measurements were evaluated for presence of metabolic and cardiovascular disease risk factors. Muscle mass percentage was evaluated as well. Study found out that most...
Deep-learning based model implementation for pathological tissue characterization in brain MR images
Malík, Michael ; Nemčeková, Petra (referee) ; Chmelík, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of image segmentation by using a deep learning model. The theoretical part describes the anatomy and selected pathology of brain. The thesis also deals with the construction of MR device and creation of an MR image. In the closing section of theoretical part, the main focus is on describing the possibilities of image segmentation with the use of deep learning architectures and selected publicly available dataset. The aim of the practical part is to put the mentioned dataset and pre-processed data to the test and acquire results of image segmentations of individual patients from attached model of neural network. In conclusion, the achieved results are appropriately discussed.
Walking training within Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation concept in stroke patients. ; Influencing of the Mid-Stance phase of stride
Nováková, Jana ; Slámová, Adéla (advisor) ; Balíková, Tereza (referee)
OF BACHELOR THESIS Name, surname: Jana Nováková Supervisor: Ing. Adéla Slámová Consultant: Mgr. Jakub Kozel Title: Walking training within Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation concept in stroke patients Subtitle: Influencing of the Mid-Stance phase of stride Abstract: The topic of the bachelor's thesis is the training of walking in patients after a stroke. This acquired non-traumatic brain damage represents the second most common non-traumatic cause of death in today's modern civilization, in the Czech Republic the incidence of this disease is around 300 cases/100,000 inhabitants. The consequences of a stroke are usually numerous, and one of the resulting disorders can be hemiparetic walking with spasticity. The theoretical part includes four main chapters. The first section is devoted to the description of a commonly occurring non-traumatic brain injury, namely the description of a stroke. The second chapter describes stereotype, kinesiology and gait analysis. The third chapter includes a description of the philosophy of Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), basic concepts and principles of the concept, PNF therapy of hemiparetic gait and summarizes the issue of spasticity in PNF therapy. In the last section, walking tests for patients after a stroke, their use and application in...
Functional assessment of activities and participations according to the ICF in patients with central hemiparesis.
Marková, Kateřina ; Sládková, Petra (advisor) ; Angerová, Yvona (referee)
THESIS ABSTRACT Name, surame: Bc. Kateřina Marková Thesis supervisor: MUDr. Bc. Petra Sládková, Ph. D. Title of thesis: Functional assesment of activities and participations according to the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health in patients with central hemiparesis Abstract: Functional independence and social integration, which are the domains of occupational therapy, are essential for the successful rehabilitation of patients. The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health can provide a suitable framework for functional assessment, not only for occupational therapists. The main aim of this thesis is a determination of the functional picture of selected patients with central hemiparesis. The secondary objectives encompass firstly a verification of pre- established hypotheses, and secondly, an evaluation of the influence of the Day Hospital of the General University Hospital in Prague on the functional abilities of patients with central hemiparesis. Primary research methods comprise in particular a quantitative data analysis and comparison; however, a qualitative analysis of texts or description are also utilized. The research retrospectively evaluates the results of the assessment of activities and participation and environmental factors in patients with...
Use of dance therapy in neurorehabilitation from the perspective of a physiotherapist
Tlustá, Tereza ; Gueye, Tereza (advisor) ; Sládková, Petra (referee)
First and last name: Tereza Tlustá Supervisor: MUDr. Bc.Tereza Gueye Ph.D. Opponent of the thesis: Name of the thesis: Use of dance therapy in neurorehabilitation from the perspective of a physiotherapist. Abstract of the thesis: The bachelor's thesis summarises the present level of knowledge and evidence on the impact of dance therapy on motor symptoms of neurological disorders through a systematic review. The theoretical part provides a comprehensive overview of dance and dance movement therapy and their impact on the musculoskeletal and nervous system. A part of the thesis is also focused on the characteristics and scope of physical rehabilitation of neurological patients and the characteristics of symptoms of some neurological diseases, namely Parkinson's disease and stroke. In the second phase, by analyzing the studies obtained by literature search, fifteen recent and relevant articles were included and analyzed. Through analytical analysis of the results of testing and evaluation of each study, it is determined whether and under what conditions dance therapy was effective. The presented articles include studies testing the effect of dance therapy on stability and gait in Parkinson's disease and post-stroke patients. The paper presents a mostly positive conclusion about the effect of dance...
The circulating cell-free DNA as a biomarker of civilization diseases
Dyachenko, Yulia ; Daňková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Vaňková, Markéta (referee)
The incidence of civilization diseases in the population is increasing every year due to changing environmental conditions and modern lifestyles. These diseases reduce the quality of life, lead to health complications or even death of patients. This can be prevented by monitoring health status. Circulating free DNA (cfDNA) has the potential to be introduced as a non-invasive biomarker. Possible mechanisms of cfDNA release are apoptosis, necrosis, NETosis, pyroptosis and active secretion. The occurrence of these processes in some civilization diseases allows the use of cfDNA as a biomarker. The aim of this work was to summarize the current knowledge on the possibility of using cfDNA in the diagnosis, monitoring of the development and course of some diseases of civilization, namely obesity, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction and stroke. From the available literature it can be concluded that cfDNA could be used in clinical practice for the purposes described above. Key words: Circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA), civilization diseases, biomarker, obesity, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, hypertension, myocardial infarction and stroke.
Trends in stroke mortality in Czechia in the period 1995-2021
Prystaszová, Adéla ; Kulhánová, Ivana (advisor) ; Lustigová, Michala (referee)
Stroke is one of the most common causes of death in Czechia. The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to analyse trends in stroke mortality between 1995 and 2021 using data from the Czech Statistical Office. Standardized mortality rates, age-specific mortality rates, simple proportion calculations and two-dimensional decomposition method were used for this purpose. The thesis describes a significant decrease in the overall intensity of stroke mortality and intensity by age groups, as well as notable impact of stroke on the increase in life expectancy at birth. Furthermore, the thesis examines changes in the position of stroke among other causes of death, including cardiovascular diseases. The regional differentiation of stroke mortality is also analysed, revealing significant internal variability within Czechia. Additionally, the mortality trends of two main stroke types, ischaemic and haemorrhagic, are briefly outlined. Analysis of differences between men and women is included throughout the whole thesis. Keywords: mortality, stroke, standardized mortality rates, decomposition, Czechia Trends in stroke mortality in Czechia in the period 1995-2021
Perceived quality of life of people with post-stroke communication disorder
Suchá, Marie ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Klenková, Jiřina (referee)
The bachelor's thesis, whose main aim of the research is to analyse the subjectively perceived quality of life of people with post-stroke aphasia in selected areas, is divided into four main chapters. The first three chapters present theoretical findings on stroke and post-stroke communication disorders. The following topic is the presentation of the issue of quality of life. The last chapter includes the research as such, which has been focused on retirement-age individuals diagnosed with post-stroke aphasia. The qualitative survey was done using the triangulation method, which contained a questionnaire method supplemented by a semi-structured interview. The obtained data were analysed and subsequently interpreted in the thesis text. Research questions concerning selected areas of quality of life were answered in the following part of the work. The impact of communication disorder on the social relationships of persons with post-stroke aphasia could be considered one of the most problematic areas of quality of life. These relationships are often limited or discontinued. This is also reflected in another researched area of the survey, the issue of self-concept, which is negatively affected after a stroke. The other investigated areas, such as independent movement, self-care and family...
Case Study of Physiotherapeutic Treatment of a Post-Stroke Patient
Krákorová, Kateřina ; Reckziegelová, Petra (advisor) ; Křížková, Štěpánka (referee)
Author: MUDr. Kateřina Krákorová Supervisor: Mgr. Petra Reckziegelová Title: Case Study of Physiotherapeutic Treatment of a Post-Stroke Patient Objectives: The aim of this bachelor thesis is to process a case report of a post-stroke patient and to characterize this disease and present current treatment and diagnostic options. Methods: The theoretical part is based on the professional literature listed in the list of used literature and information sources. It contains current knowledge about stroke, stroke etiology, clinical presentation, diagnosis, therapy options and subsequent rehabilitation. The practical part is based on the materials I gained during continuous clinical practice at Kladno Regional Hospital, which took place from 9.1.2023 to 3.2.2023. The patient case report consists of anamnesis, initial examination, proposal of a short-term and long-term therapeutic plan, recording of the therapy course, final examination and evaluation of the therapy effect. Results: The main notable progress is an increased overal mobility of the patient and coping the self-care, resulting in improvement of self-sufficiency in activities of daily life. Conclusions: Early initiation of physiotherapy treatment led to significant functional improvement of the patient. Further rehabilitation, especially in the...

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