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Evaluation of Business Financial Support
Gregor, Štěpán ; Víška, Jiří (referee) ; Režňáková, Mária (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is the analysis of small and medium enterprises financial support with respect to the Joint Regional Operational Programme as an bearer of regional support, which is financed from the European Union and the following list of recommendations within the frame of the realization stage of the project cycle that are generalized especially at the level of the final user as the beneficiary of the support.
The making of the strategic and conceptual documents on the level of Czech ministries (with the focus on the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence)
Bitnerová, Marie-Anna ; Ochrana, František (advisor) ; Nekola, Martin (referee)
Marie-Anna Bitnerová VERASP, FSV UK Abstract The diploma thesis deals with strategic planning at the level of ministries of the Czech Republic (with a focus on the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence). It focuses on the creation of strategic and conceptual documents at the state level and thus describes the process through the lens of the theoretical framework of the Multiple streams framework. The research was carried out on the basis of in-depth interviews with nine employees of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Defence (who actively or passively participated in the creation of the documents), two experts in strategic planning and one respondent from the Fire Rescue Service in Prague, who is responsible for the agenda. The thesis analyses and then explains the creation of the materials from the initial idea of creation to the final acceptance, implementation, and evaluation. It also focuses on the individual variables that enter the process - time pressure, conflict of interest, the influence of political elections, politicization, etc., and on the actors involved who play a crucial role in the process (officials and their superiors, elected politicians including the government, and experts). One of the main outputs and answers to the research questions are the negatives of...
Přístup obcí k problematice strategického plánování na území BMO
Tomanová, Natalie
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of strategic planning at the municipal level. The creation of strategic documents has become a key factor in the development of the territory in recent years. The main goal of the work was to find out how municipalities within the Brno metropolitan area approach this issue, whether they create strategic documents and what areas they primarily focus on. The theoretical part focuses on methodologies related to strategic planning within the Czech Republic as well as related research by Czech and foreign authors. The practical part presents knowledge ob-tained by analyzing strategic documents of selected municipalities and evaluating interviews with representatives of municipalities. In the last part, the obtained information is discussed with similar researches by other authors.
The image of environmental thinking in the life of the parish and the stimuli for its development
The bachelor thesis deals with the environmental thinking in the life of parish and the stimuli for its development. The theoretic part defines basic concepts related to the issue of environmental thinking and the parish and defines their mutual relationship. It briefly describes the ecological crisis and the call for ecological conversion from public, political and church initiatives. The practical part presents the quantitative research using the method of questionnaire survey. The aim of this research was to elucidate the practical reflections of environmental thinking in the parish's lives. The main focus of the bachelor thesis was to find how much environmental thinking appears in the life of the parish and describe in which areas it appears most often and which negative factors have the greatest impact on it.
Význam vodního díla Pastviny pro rozvoj mikroregionu Orlicko
Fiala, Martin
This thesis deals with the significance of the Pastviny dam for the development of mikroregion Orlicko and its potential from the viewpoint of subsequent development of tourism in the area. The main subject, which the thesis discusses on background of Pastviny dam, is the connection water - recreation - regional development. This thesis describes Pastviny recreational area as an important recreational area in the mikroregion Orlicko, identifies the attitude of local administration to the development of tourism, describes the economical conditions in the location and on the basis of the historical progress of using this location for recreation, the thesis presents the current strengths and weaknesses of Pastviny recreational area. In the end of this thesis suggestions for the subsequent development of sustainable tourism in the interested area based on the SWOT analysis are mentioned.
Strategical and financial instruments for support of regional development
ČERNÁ, Veronika
This bachelor thesis with the theme 'Strategic and Financial Instruments for the Support of Regional Development' explains regional policy on a transnational level, in this case from the point of the European Union, its goals, strategic documents, the future visions of regional policy and connections with the regional policy of the Czech Republic, which is described in detail too. The main focus of this thesis is the instruments of regional policy of the European Union and the Czech Republic which contribute to the regional development of the country. The practical part of this bachelor thesis analyses the specific Strategic Plan of Development of the town of Týn nad Vltavou and the financing of realized projects between the years 2016-2022. The strategic document was obtained from the official website of Týn nad Vltavou and another source are interviews with the town's representatives, which is helping with evaluating the use of financial instruments of regional policy of the town.
Strategic Planning at the Local Level
This thesis deals with the strategic planning in the public administration and at the local level. The aim of this paper is to map the strategic planning in the public administration and its development, and to analyse and compare all necessary strategic documents for the well-functioning of Písek. Other priorities of the paper include the assessment of the relationship between strategic planning and urban, local and regional development strategies. Further, the strategic documents needed for the well-functioning towns and municipalities are analysed and dealt with. In addition, development and changes in strategic planning are evaluated after the accession to the European Union. All the strategic documents needed to operate within this local level (Písek) are analysed and compared in terms of mutual compliance between the main strategy "Strategic plan and creation of the concept of development of the town of Písek until 2025" and other development documents. Analysis based on publicly available strategic documents and the results are compared afterwards. In conclusion, recommendations and proposals for improvements are provided.
Analysis of Attitudes of Higher Education Policy Actors in the Formation of Doctoral Study Policy.
Buřičová, Barbora ; Vlk, Aleš (advisor) ; Novotný, Vilém (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA FAKULTA SOCIÁLNÍCH VĚD Institut Sociologických studií Katedra Veřejné a sociální politiky Diplomová práce 2019 Bc. Barbora Buřičová UNIVERZITA KARLOVA FAKULTA SOCIÁLNÍCH VĚD Institut Sociologických studií Katedra Veřejné a sociální politiky Analýza postojů aktérů vysokoškolské vzdělávací politiky v utváření politiky doktorského studia Diplomová práce Autorka práce: Bc. Barbora Buřičová Studijní program: Sociologie Vedoucí práce: Dr. Mgr. Aleš Vlk Rok obhajoby: 2019 Prohlášení 1. Prohlašuji, že jsem předkládanou práci zpracovala samostatně a použila jsem jen uvedené prameny a literaturu. 2. Prohlašuji, že práce nebyla využita k získání jiného titulu. 3. Souhlasím s tím, aby práce byla zpřístupněna pro studijní a výzkumné účely. V Praze dne Bc. Barbora Buřičová Bibliografický záznam BUŘIČOVÁ, Barbora. Analýza postojů aktérů vysokoškolské vzdělávací politiky v utváření politiky doktorského studia. Praha, 2019. 89 s. Diplomová práce (Mgr.). Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd, Institut Sociologických studií. Katedra Veřejné a sociální politiky. Vedoucí diplomové práce Dr. Mgr. Aleš Vlk. Rozsah práce: 149 153 znaků s mezerami Anotace Předkládaná diplomová práce se zaměřuje na postoje aktérů vysokoškolské vzdělávací politiky k problematice doktorského studia. Doktorské studium je v...

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