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"Polyamory Has Always Been There Somehow" - Women's Experiences With Polyamory
Tóthová, Tereza ; Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Frunc, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the phenomenon of polyamory, an alternative form of experiencing partner relationships in which it is possible and acceptable to love more than one person simultaneously. This thesis examines how women who have experience with polyamory relationships evaluate this experience, what meanings they attribute to their experiences with polyamory and how polyamory influences their construction of self. The thesis also focuses on the influence of social norms and expectations associated with partnership and female sexuality in Western society. Thus, the goal is to describe how women experience polyamory and to explain to what extent society stigmatizes this relationship arrangement and how polyamorists deal with it. The findings in the analytical part of the work derive from the analysis of nine in-depth interviews conducted with women who have experience with polyamorous relationships. These interviews were analysed using the qualitative method of segmentation and coding. The findings of this research are divided into four areas. The first area reflects women's experiences with polyamory and includes the presentation and reflection of their self-identity and journey to polyamorous relationships. Henceforth, the thesis reveals the manifestations of the stigmatization of...
Mental disorders from the contemporary society point of view
The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of attitudes and stigmatization towards selectedmental disorders, specifically schizophrenia and depression. The work is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part first deals with the overarching topic of stigmatization and its consequences for the mentally ill. Furthermore, this part is gradually devoted to individual mental disorders and their comprehensive description. In the concluding chapter, these stigmatizations are connected with a specific mental disorder. The empirical part, which is due to the quantitative differential of the semantic method. The main goal of the work is to find out what attitudes contemporary society takes towards individual mental disorders. Furthermore, it focuses on identifying the differences between the perception of these two disorders, the differences in the responses of the respondents based on their socio-demographic characteristics such as gender, age, highest level of education and the size of the residence (permanent residence). In conclusion, I get to the differences in the answers based on personal experiences with individual disorders.
Stigmatization of psychic disorders throughout history and in present cultures
This bachelor thesis deals with the stigmatization of mental disorders in the course of history and today's culture. This is a theoretical work that aims to enlighten, in the first part, how mental disorders were viewed in history and how people were treated. The second part of the thesis deals with today's view of mental disorders in individual cultures and describes the associated stigmatization. The work should shed light on the development of the view of mental disorders and point out the current shortcomings in the consciousness of society.
How Children in Foster Homes Perceive Their Life Situation
In my bachelor's thesis, I deal with the issue of children placed in care institutions. The aim of the work is to find out the current view of children from children's homes, whether they feel their social disadvantage with respect to peers in the school environment, on social networks and during social events. The work is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part describes the functioning of the children's home, as a facility for institutional education, the area of social disadvantage and its impact on children at risk, and then discusses the approaches of social work related to the issue. In the practical part, a quantitative research strategy using a method of questioning is applied. The collection of research data took place in August to September 2019 using an anonymous questionnaire, to which 112 children, aged 7-18, from 11 children's homes from the South Bohemian, South Moravian and Moravian-Silesian regions responded. After processing and statistical evaluation of the data by the Chi-square method, applying a test of independence in the contingency table, my hypothesis was not confirmed, as only two out of fifteen questions showed a negative relationship between children's stay in the children's home and the behaviour of the environment. As a result, children from children's homes, in most cases, do not subjectively perceive their social disadvantage. This bachelor's thesis can provide an up to date information material for children's home management and it could also be used as a basis for further research on the subjective perception of children being placed in institutional care.
Supported Employment for People with Mental Disorder
This bachelor thesis deals with the subject of supported employment for people with mental disorders. The main aim of this work was to determine the possibility of employment of people who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses. One of the fractional goals was to find out where clients and employees see obstacles in the project of supported employment. The obstacles are mostly found on the side of the employer and are most often caused by fear of the unknown issue. The other goal was to find out how the stigmatization of people with mental disorders affects their position in the open labor market. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. In the theoretical section, the thesis focuses on individual mental disorders and also on the topic of social work and employment of people who are mentally ill. The practical section was aimed at answering the three main questions: How the employment of people with mental disorders is supported. How the stigmatization of those people demonstrates itself in the workplace. And what role a job consultant plays in the project of supported employment by clients. The results show that the project of supported employment is very important for people with mental disorders and that their opportunity of finding a job in the open labor market, without professional help of job consultants, is very small. Clients and employees see a great advantage in the financial contribution which is always the main part of these projects. One of the circumstances which complicates the return to work is stigmatization of those people. I questioned the clients and learned that everyone has already encountered stigmatization in their workplaces or even while searching for a job. Supported employment might be seen as one of the components of the fight against the stigmatization of disabled people. The organization will use my bachelor thesis as a feedback but also as a tool for comparison the provision of supported employment services with the other organizations. The thesis might also help the employers to make their decision while considering the employment of mentally disabled people.
Female consumer view on menstrual stigma in advertising of menstrual products
Malečová, Tereza ; Ježková, Tereza (advisor) ; Schneiderová, Soňa (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the perspective of female consumers on menstrual stigma in advertisements for menstrual products. Firstly, it focuses on how the view of menstruation was changed throughout history and how it formed period stigma. It describes how the advertising world worked with menstrual stigma from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day and how the view of menstruation is shaped today. It deals with the so-called #periodpositive phenomenon, which has been reflected in social discourse and advertising communication for several years, and analyzes several advertisements that were created with the intention of de- tabooing menstruation. Last but not least, part of the theoretical work focuses on the impact of the stigmatization of menstruation on the consumers themselves. The subject of the research part is to understand how Czech female consumers perceive menstrual stigma and how they approach current advertising communication for menstrual products. The thesis examines whether the view of female consumers on the issue differs depending on their age. The method of quantitative collection of data was used for the research.
Mental health prevention program for schools
Karmazínová, Anna ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kollerová, Lenka (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the contribution of the mental health prevention program for schools to the stigmatizing attitudes of pupils towards patients with mental illness and as enlightenment in the field of mental health and mental disorder. The aim is to create, realize and evaluate the intervention and its effects on the attitudes and knowledge of pupils. The theoretical part presents the issues of adolescence and mental health, stigmatization with emphasis on the school environment. The end of the theoretical part is devoted to the promotion of mental health, especially in the school environment. The empirical part uses a mixed research design and methodological tools: worksheet, questionnaire, observations and field diary. The research sample is represented by fourth-year pupils (18-20 years) of selected seminars at grammar schools. From the obtained data, a qualitative analysis of worksheets and a quantitative analysis of a questionnaire survey dealing with the degree of stigmatization of patients with mental illness by pupils was performed. The research shows that pupils have an idea about a patient with a mental illness, and they can also describe what a patient with a mental illness experiences. Furthermore, the research shows pedagogical relevance in the field of mental health with...
Stigmatisation of Abused Women in Russian Society as a Social Problem
Korobkova, Daria ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Kotherová, Zuzana (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of stigmatization of women exposed to violence in Russian society, it mainly examines violence against women as a destructive phenomenon with different characteristics of its perception in the process of social development, and the stigmatization of women exposed to violence as a social phenomenon. As part of the work, a sociological survey was conducted in which 800,000 women from all over Russia participated. The research carried out in the form of a questionnaire tests established hypotheses based on statistics, and also discovers new data on the issue. The main goal of the thesis is the analysis and interpretation of the results of sociological research and the answer to the main research question, i.e. whether the stigmatization of women exposed to violence in Russia is a real process of social stigmatization, but victim-blaming. Keywords Violence against women, stigmatization, victimblaming, conviction, domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape. Title Stigmatization of Women Exposed to Violence in Russian Society As a Social Problem

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