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The institution of superficiary right of building in the private law restatement in the Czech Republic
Tichý, Luděk ; Hendrychová, Michaela (advisor) ; Šustek, Petr (referee)
The Institute of the Right to Build in the Context of the Recodification of Private Law in the Czech Republic Abstract This master thesis is devoted to a comprehensive analysis of the legal regulation of the right to build as a legal institute reintroduced into the legal system of the Czech Republic on 1 January 2014 with the entry into force of the Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Czech Civil Code, including the placing of the right to build in the context of its historical background or its comparison with the corresponding applicable legal regulations of foreign countries, which represent sources of inspiration for the legal regulation in the Czech Republic. The right to build allows, in particular, the construction of a building by the builder on land that is not owned by him, or, in general, allows the builder to have a building on such land. This legal institute represents a special temporary exception of application of the legal principle of superficies solo cedit. The building, which becomes part of the right to build for the duration of the right itself, does not, according to the general rules of law, accrue to the land on which it has been built. In the introductory part, the thesis focuses on a description of the historical legal development of the right to build from its Roman law origins. This is...
Apartment building, Příbor
Řezníčková, Ivana ; Vala, Richard (referee) ; Müller, Jan (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis is the development of a project for the construction of an apartment building in Příbor. It is a balcony access apartment building with a fragmented floor plan. Part of the 3rd floor is stepped back in two corners and replaced by terraces. The apartment building has three above-ground and one underground floors. The basement is partially cellared, there is a utility room, cellar bunks, a bicycle and a carriage room. There are a total of 10 residential units in the building. There are 4 residential units on the 1st and 2nd floors and two apartments are designed on the 3rd floor. Apartments on the 1st floor have direct access to the terrace with a private front garden. The apartments on the 2nd and 3rd floors have balconies, which are located on the south facade of the building. The structural system of the building is transverse, it consists of vertical structures made of clay block walling system and fittings of lost formwork in the underground floor. The horizontal supporting structures are from reinforced concrete. The entire building is based on plain concrete foundations. The roof is designed as a single-layer flat roof. The building is insulated with the ETICS contact insulation system using facade polystyrene.
The principle of superficies solo cedit in historical context
Čižinský, David ; Šejdl, Jan (advisor) ; Bělovský, Petr (referee)
Principle of superficies solo cedit in historical context Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the principle of superficies solo cedit, which expresses the principle that all things, especially built structures, which are located on land and are firmly connected to the land, belong inseparably to the land and are part of it. The first part of the thesis aims first to give an overview of the understanding of rights in rem in Roman law. It then focuses on the origin of this principle and its expression in various Roman law sources and texts. For these sources, a brief outline of their origin, dating and general characteristics is always given. The Roman law tradition is deeply rooted, particularly in continental Europe. It is therefore not surprising that the superficies principle was included in the General Civil Code from 1811. The Czech legal system is, however, one of those in which the Roman law tradition was abandoned and the superficies principle denied for decades. For that reason, the second part of the thesis focuses on the various civil law codes in the Czech territory, their basic characteristics and a comparison of their attitudes towards property rights, construction and land. The third part of the thesis deals with the origin of the Civil Code, the return of the principle of superficies solo...
Zhodnocení efektivity a návrh konstrukčního řešení pasivních domů z hlediska energetické a finanční náročnosti při použití materiálů dostupných na evropském trhu
PAVEL, Michal
The topic of the diploma thesis is an evaluation of the efficiency and a proposal of the construction solution of passive houses in term of energy and financial demands using materials available on the European market. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first one consists of a literature research, which provides the necessary information not only about the passive standard as such, but also about the principles associated with its construction. The second contains a practical part, where a database of the most important details for each material variant is created, together with their workflows, individual summaries and price comparisons. The result of this work is an evaluation of the efficiency of self-help construction of passive houses.
Construction technological project of the swimming pool building in Brno
Kosarev, Dmitrii ; Kantová, Radka (referee) ; Doubek, Rostislav (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is civil technical project of the swimming pool building in Brno. The construction is conceived as a sports facility with two parts of pool – a large and a small bath, a large hall, dressing rooms and other technical spaces. The thesis includes a technical report, time and financial plan of the building, project of construction site equipment, mechanical assembly of the main mechanisms used during construction, as well as a time plan and the necessary number of workers.
The Influence of Individual Factors on the Selling Price of Real Estate in Selected Localities
Škrabanová, Monika ; Oblouková, Aneta (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
The work is focused on changing the price while including criteria that are a priority for people who plan to buy an apartment. The main intention was to find out how the price will change compared to the analysis carried out in the bachelor's thesis, where the price was determined only according to dispositions. The work is therefore focused on four localities, which are the cities of Olomouc, Zlín, Liberec and Hradec Králové. Two on the territory of Moravia and two on the territory of Bohemia. The entire work is divided into 8 parts. The first 5 parts include the theoretical part. In the first part, basic concepts are discussed in detail. In the second real estate valuation. In the third, basic activities and subjects of the real estate market. The fourth segments of the real estate market and the fifth briefly the relationship with the financial sector. The others then represent the practical part, where the solved localities are presented in detail in the sixth chapter. In the seventh is a marketing survey and in the eighth is the aforementioned analysis of the real estate market itself.
Live Architecture. Organic motifs of modern architecture as inspiration for free graphic creation.
DRÁBKOVÁ, Veronika
The diploma thesis "Organic architerue. Live Architecture. Organic motives of modern architecture as inspiration for free form graphic creation" consists of teorethical and practical part. The theoretical part consists of development of the architecture and in this part is specific focus on the organic architecture. It focuses on the most important representatives of this direction. The thesis highlitghts one of the most important person of nowadays, she is originaly of Irac and her name is Zaha Hadid. This chapter describes her life, cooperation and influences that influenced her work. In the end of the theoretical part, there are selected awards which she has received in her life. The practical part contains a set of inspirational photos and preparatory drawing sketches, which there are supporting work for results graphic lists isnpired by the work of Zaha Hadid and another organic motives. The final realization of the practical part is the author's book, which was inspired by organic architecture.
Project documentation of a family house in the Territory of National Park Authority and Protected Landscape Area of Šumava in Vimperk, cadastral territory Stachy
Topic of this Diploma Thesis is the work out of the project documentation of a detached house for issuing a building permission according to Act. No. 50/1976 Coll. The designed detached house is situated on the building plot in the cadastral territory of Stachy, located in the Protected Landscape Area of Šumava. It is a smaller-sized family house without cellar, with upstairs floor and attic. Garage for one personal vehicle is included in dispositional layout. The house is designed in compliance with the area plan of the municipality and it follows the surrounding building development with its character. Work on the project documentation respected all legal regulations concerning of building design.
Building as a cultural monument
Vrtělová Vladařová, Anna ; Staša, Josef (advisor) ; Rajchl, Jiří (referee)
Building as a cultural monument Abstract The intention of the thesis is to try to define the building as a cultural monument from the beginning of the monument protection, before its duration, until its termination. The thesis also deals with the relations between the authorities operating in the field of monument protection. The analysis of the topic is based mainly on the legislation in force, commentaries on the legislation and case law. The graduate also included real cases in the work, which serve to better understand the issue. Monuments, specifically buildings, are an integral part of the life of every individual in a given society. It is fortunate that the Czech Republic is blessed with many buildings that are considered cultural monuments because they contain both architectural and historical values from the past. The topic is still topical because, despite many efforts to change it, the law on monuments from the 1980s is still in force and can no longer correspond to the requirements of a democratic society. The thesis is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter deals mainly with an introduction to legal terms, their incorporation in legislation and subsequent legislation. The second chapter is left to the authorities active in the field of heritage conservation, their powers and relations,...
Apartment building, Slavkov u Brna
Rosypal, Adam ; Galata, Jindřich (referee) ; Müller, Jan (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor's thesis is the elaboration of a project for the construction of an apartment building in slavkov u brna on zelnice ii street. the building is rectangular in shape, except for the part of the recessed floor on the 3rd floor, which is replaced by terraces in the two corners of the building for both apartments, which are located on the top floor. the residential house has 3 floors above ground and 1 underground floor. the basement has a partial basement and there is a utility room, a bike shed / pram and a cellar. there are 2 residential units on each floor, which makes a total of 6 apartments. the apartments on the second floor have a balcony, which is located on the west facade of the building. the construction system of the building is transverse, which consists of vertical structures made of ground ceramic blocks and fittings of lost formwork in the basement, the horizontal load-bearing structures are made of reinforced concrete. the whole construction is based on simple concrete foundation strips. the roof is designed as a single skin flat. the perimeter walls are contact-insulated with the etics system using facade polystyrene.

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