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Study of Belite Structure and Stability
Adameková, Paulína ; Kalivoda,, Karel (referee) ; Gazdič, Dominik (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the preparation of clinker mineral belite. The aim is to optimize the preparation of belite followed by monitoring the influence of side oxides, the preparation process and also the firing on the stability of ß - C2S. The work focuses primarily on the preparation of ß - C2S without stabilization, based on previous research in the field of clinker minerals at the ÚTHD, where the results showed a recovery method for preparation of raw material mixture and optimization of suggested firing modes.
Electronically Controlled Anti-roll Bar
Drozd, David ; Vančura, Jan (referee) ; Blaťák, Ondřej (advisor)
The topic of this master’s thesis is electronically controlled anti-roll bar. The first part describes the effect of body roll and anti-roll bars on vehicle characteristics, as well as an overview of currently used systems for active stabilization. The second part analyzes simulations of various driving scenarios in a multibody software in order to evaluate the effect of anti-roll bars with various stiffness on driving characteristics of vehicles. The numerical data obtained from simulations are applied in later part of the thesis. The design concept of an active stabilization system is explained in the third part. In the last part, the effect of key parameters on the performance of the system is determined.
Battery supplied lawn mower
Picmaus, Jan ; Martiš, Jan (referee) ; Vorel, Pavel (advisor)
The thesis deals with a concept of turning a conventional petrol powered lawn mower to a battery powered solution which is powered by lithium cells. A division to three chapters, comparison, mechanical and electrical, provides fluency of the whole design and further realization. The arrangement of chapters is performed so that the continuity of the thesis is maintained. Calculations of parameters of every motor and transmission with choosing particular devices are just a part of much interesting information which can be found in this thesis. All new components have full documentation except those which were changed during manufacturing. The electrical part explains every part of the schematics in detail. The realization contains difference between preliminary design and further production, manufacturing of the PCB and powering up the motor drives. The last part of the thesis contains temperature measurements of the device at no load.
Design of JA-400 adjustable horizontal tail
Mach, Tomáš ; Vaněk, František (referee) ; Jebáček, Ivo (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce se zabývá návrhem stavitelného stabilizátoru za účelem vyvažování letounu a zlepšení jeho letových výkonů. Cílem práce bylo navrhnout konstrukční řešení ovládání a zavěšení horizontálního stabilizátoru. Součástí je pevnostní výpočet kritických konstrukčních prvků a návrh letových zkoušek. V závěru jsou zhodnoceny výhody a nevýhody nového řešení a posouzení možnosti sériové výroby. Klíčová slova Ultralight, JA – 400, stabilizátor, stavitelný stabilizátor, vodorovné ocasní plochy, vyvážení. Abstract This thesis describes the design of adjustable stabilizer for the purpose of balancing the aircraft and improve its flight performance. The aim was to propose a design solution for control and hinge system of horizontal stabilizer. It includes the strength calculation of critical structural components and the design of flight tests. The conclusion evaluates the pros and cons of the new solutions and possibilities of mass production.
Device for Spring Dismount and for Spring Characteristics Measurement
Mazura, František ; Vančura, Jan (referee) ; Blaťák, Ondřej (advisor)
The presented master’s thesis is focused on the design of device for spring dismount from shock absorber and measuring of its spring characteristic. Then is the thesis focused on the design of device for measuring the spring characteristic of anti-roll and torsion bars. The introductory part of the thesis describes the basic distribution of springs and their properties and also design variants of wheel suspensions. Next part introduces devices already available on the market. The following sections aim to the design of stated devices itself, i.e. the description of their parts and functions, the definition of output parameters and stress-strain analysis. Both designs, including the analyses and technical drawings, were created in Autodesk Inventor software.
Hole punching problematics of two layered sheet metal
Kvapil, Štěpán ; Peterková, Eva (referee) ; Císařová, Michaela (advisor)
The thesis is focussed on project of a tool – a hot working clipping punch, where the hole is punched in the upsetting ends of stabilizer. We talk about punching of a two layered semi-finished product, in which burr is formed at the layer interface, which is undesirable from the point of the customer requirement. The stabilizer is mounted in the car chassis, where it is fastened to the axle with screws. The literature study is focused on the theory and problems of punching. In the practical part, several design solutions of cutter faces are discussed, from which three types of face shape were selected. This was associated with a change in the design of the ejector. Two tool materials were selected for comparison. The cutters were tested on an automatic forming centre. Finally, after summarizing and evaluating all the practical experiments, an optimal solution of a tool designed for punching a hole with a two layered semi-finished product is proposed.
Formula Student Anti Roll Bar System Design
Urban, Marek ; Janoušek, Michal (referee) ; Ramík, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is focused on design of rear anti roll bar system of single-seated Formula student car. It is a concept with torsional bar and third damper used for example in Formula 1. Design is partially inspired by topology optimization. The emphasis is on optimization using finite element method to achieve desired stiffness at low weight. Optimization is done in series of static analysis iterations of individual parts and of the whole system in several driving states. Design of front anti roll bar system with adjustable blades is made along with front third rocker system.
Design of Racing Car Front Suspension
Kroliczek, Václav ; Blaťák, Ondřej (referee) ; Hejtmánek, Petr (advisor)
This work deals with design of front trapezoidal suspension for racing car Škoda 130RS. The first part describes types of current suspensions and provides a review of important suspension parameters that have great influence to vehicle handling. The second part deals with kinematic analysis existing suspension, its modification and design of new type.
Measurement of meteorological variables
Škorpík, Daniel ; Harabiš, Vratislav (referee) ; Chmelař, Milan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis discusses about the basic meteorological variables, especially temperature and airflow. These magnitudes are measured using an anemometer which uses resistive sensors, namely, two thermistors of NTC type that described technology, operations, methods of scanning, sensor placement and implementation of such a device. After that was designed block diagram and circuit diagram. The meter is realized, than we describe the individual components and then is calibrated and tested. In conclusion, it is evaluated for use in medicine.
Control system for cantilever gates
Koždoň, Ondřej ; Šťastný, Ladislav (referee) ; Bradáč, Zdeněk (advisor)
In this bachelor's thesis is designed and in detail described a battery powered control system for wireless controlling swing gate. This system is designed as a small electronical system with necessary Inputs/Outputs (I/O) an Input for powering from solar cells and it is equipped with requisite software.

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