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Ditopic ligand based on 1,4,7-triazacyclononane
Kačmarčík, Jaroslav ; Kubíček, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Kotek, Jan (referee)
The radioisotopes 64 Cu and 68 Ga are used in radiomedicine and imaging (PET) due to their properties. The metal ion must be complexed with a suitable ligand forming a stable and kinetically inert complex. The aim of this bachelor thesis was to synthesize polydentate ligand based on the TACN macrocycle, followed by the preparation of its gallium (III) and copper (II) complexes. Based on the dependence of absorbance A on the wavelength λ, d-d transitions in the VIS (λ = 440 - 800 nm) region and CT transitions with transitions on the aromatic cycle in the UV region (λ = 220 - 380 nm) for the [Cu(L)] were also observed. The [Cu(L)] complex was studied by UV-VIS titration. The complex [Ga(L)] was also synthesized, but its further characterization and study of coordination properties were not carried out. Key words: macrocyclic ligands, complexes, stability, radiomedicine, PET
Assessment of the postural stability level by female soccer players using Y- balance test
Dvorská, Veronika ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Hráský, Pavel (referee)
Title: Assessment of the postural stability level by female soccer players using Y- balance test Objectives: The aims of this thesis are to acquaint readers with the Y-balance test method and to map the level of dynamic postural stability by women soccer players with the help of the method called Y-balance test and to compare the gained data with a group of non- athletic female probands. Amongst other aims is to identify the risks of injuring lower body limbs of the studied individuals based on the results obtained from the Y-balance test Methods: There were 20 probands in total attending the test. Half of them were female soccer players aged 18-30 years (21,8 on average) who practice 3 times a week plus play a competitive game once a week. The second half consisted of non-athletic female probands, also in age group of 18-30 (24,4 on average), who do not actively engage in any sports. Y-balance test was used to evaluate the postural stability of the subjects. Before the testing, the length of lower limbs was measured by the probands using a measuring tape, followed by trial attempts, after which the probands realized 3 measured attempts in each direction. The results were recorded on a special sheet. All the gained data were processed by Microsoft Office 2019, analysis was conducted using...
Stability in Showjumping and Dressage Riders
Vaňková, Kateřina ; Kučerová, Klára (advisor) ; Rampová, Michaela (referee)
Horse-riding has a major influence on the posture of the whole body of the rider. Rider has to constantly compensate the movement of horse's body and has to maintain a proper seat. The compensation is very demanding in harder tasks (showjumping, trotting) and is provided mainly by the trunk area of rider's body. In addition, if the saddle doesn't fit the rider, it leads to improper seat and the compensation becomes even harder. In long term, that could affect different segments of the rider's body and his overall stability. The practical part of this thesis consists of one-time examination of two groups. The first group contained nine showjumping and dressage riders who engage in horse-riding regularly over many years and do not do any other sport or compensatory exercises. The second group was control group and consisted ten healthy controls. Both groups contained 19-24 years old volunteers of the same gender. The main goal was to compare the two groups and to find out whereas the inclusion of the compensatory excercises would be desirable for riders. The examination was executed using a force plate with the software Kistler MARS (Measurement, Analysis & Reporting Software). On the force plate, postural stability of standing and a dynamic test were examined. Intrumental examination was...
Modeling the initial curvature of members in the analysis of structural models
Aligerová, Jana ; Martinásek, Josef (referee) ; Vlk, Zbyněk (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with the reaction of pressed indirect members in terms of their stability. Three models of indirect members with different types of curvature will be used for the solution – a member model with initial curvature, a member model with initial benting and a member model indirect due to load. For these three models, a parametric study of the member will be made in which a calculation will be performed on a member with initial properties identical for all types of models. In the next section, the dependence of critical force and initial deflection on the behaviour of the member models with initial curvature and benting will be investigated. Furthermore, the member design will be carried out in terms of load carrying capacity. In this design, a comparison will be made between the simplified method of calculation on the curved members and the design in terms of the buckling strength concept. The acquired knowledge in the field of stability theory on an indirect member will be applied to the real structure of the lookout tower Borůvka near Hluboká.
Periodic solutions to differential equations in modelling of motion of mechanical systems
Koukalová, Kateřina ; Nechvátal, Luděk (referee) ; Šremr, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis focuses on modelling the motion of mechanical systems using differential equations. The mechanical system is represented by a charged pendulum attracted by two charged particles. The thesis deals with the analysis of the differential equation describing the motion of the pendulum, in particular the singular points of the studied equation. We determine their number, type and stability. Based on the values of the parameters of the mechanical system, the singular points differ, phase portraits are drawn for each case.
Design of Stabilizing Camera Handle for Ornithology Photography
Růžičková, Veronika ; Rajlich, Jan (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The theme of this bachelor thesis is a design of stabilizing mount for ornithological photography. The main goal is to design an ergonomically correct and comfortable product that helps photographers to obtain better results. An important aspect of designing the mount is to lessen the weapon appearance. The final product is minimalistic, organic, and easy to assemble at home and its mainly targeted for living nature photographers but may be used in other photo industry branches.
Metro station roofing
Filip, Radim ; Štrba, Michal (referee) ; Horáček, Martin (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the design and assessment of the steel supporting structure of the metro station roof. The roof is designed as a cylindrical surface. The building is designed for the Brno–Veveří location. The dimensions of the roof are 50.23 x 21 m, height 3.65 m. The structure is made of rectangular hollows, which are welded. It creates the network of equilateral triangles in the plan. Cladding is designed from glass panels.
The Design of current power amplifier for inductive load
Nimrichter, Filip ; Steinbauer, Miloslav (referee) ; Roubal, Zdeněk (advisor)
This batchelor thesis deals with Howland current source that should work with purely inductive loads up to 10 kHz. This current source will excite a coil with a nonlinear magnetic core, so it should deliver a current of at least 4 A. The main focus of the thesis is on the stabilization, practicle design and measurement of real properties of the Howland current source. This stability has been verified in PSpice and Micro-Cap. The practical design was compiled in the program EAGLE.
Quantification of the stabilizing effects of cyclodextrins on volatile biocides using spectral methods
Konovalova, Olga ; Jindřich, Jindřich (advisor) ; Smrček, Stanislav (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with monitoring the stability of chlorine dioxide of native and methylated cyclodextrins in the presence of hydrogenating agents. It is believed that using cyclodextrins and carboxymethylcellulose can improve the stability of chlorine dioxide and slow its release from the solution. UV spectroscopy was used to monitor any changes in absorbance over time and to determine the concentration of chlorine dioxide in the solution. When the rate of chlorine dioxide loss from solution was monitored, it was found that the presence of native and permethylated cyclodextrins slowed the loss of chlorine dioxide from solution, with the slowest decomposition observed in the presence of permethylated cyclodextrin. The addition of carboxymethylcellulose to the chlorine dioxide solution slows the rate of chlorine dioxide loss from the open vial the most, by almost three times, compared to ClO2 itself. This study's results can help optimize chlorine dioxide product formulation for various applications and contribute to the development of more stable and effective chlorine dioxide- based products that can be used to control or eliminate harmful microorganisms in different environments. Key words: chlorine dioxide, CDS, cyclodextrins, carboxymethylcellulose, biocides, UV-Vis...

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