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Materials to support the teaching of informatics at high schools
Mazuch, Jakub ; Procházka, Josef (advisor) ; Černochová, Miroslava (referee)
1 The master thesis on Materials to Support the Teaching of Computer Science at High Schools focuses on the analysis of teaching materials for the educational content of Computer Science in terms of their educational aspects. The thesis is based on the hypothesis that teaching supported by didactic materials has a positive impact on the effectiveness of teaching. The main output of the thesis is the design of an original teaching material, including methodologies, which has been tested in practice at a secondary school. At the beginning, the thesis focuses on the theoretical description of school Computer Science in the current educational system relating to the content of Computer Science as a scientific field. The author also presents an overview of didactic resources, aids and their specifics for secondary schools. Considering the extensiveness of Computer Science, the thesis defines Mathematics in Computer Science as the topic which is analysed with regard to the availability of teaching materials. The analysis of the selected teaching materials includes an analysis of the didactic demand of their texts. Following the presented theoretical findings, the thesis contains a proposal of an original didactic material including methodology. The proposed educational material takes the form of a Moodle...
Chemical experiments in the home environment and their didactic processing
Koběrská, Klára ; Teplá, Milada (advisor) ; Stratilová Urválková, Eva (referee)
Klára Koběrská: Chemical experiments in the home environment and their didactic processing. Bachelor thesis. Prague: Faculty of Science, Charles University, 2023. Abstract The bachelor's thesis focuses on home experiments in chemistry and their didactic processing. The theoretical part defines the concept of experimental teaching of chemistry, its function, and its concept in obligatory pedagogical documents. It also includes the involvement of chemical experiments in distance learning and the safety of practical chemistry teaching outside the laboratory environment. The thesis aims to conduct research and evaluate available didactic materials on the topic, thus evaluating the didactic processing, availability, safety, age of students, and relation to RVP, as well as the time demands of 16 materials. Based on the research findings, the practical part presents 5 worksheets for students supplemented with methodological instructions for teachers. These didactic materials were evaluated by 10 teachers and 69 students throughout the questionnaire, and their comments were considered in the final adjustment of the set of worksheets. Key words chemistry, experiment, didactic materials, homeschooling, elementary schools, high schools, set of experiments
Nature trails and their use in environmental education
Merglová, Markéta ; Thorovská, Alena (advisor) ; Zvírotský, Michal (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the concept of nature trails and their use in environment al education. In the theoretical part, I will focus primarily on the general characteristic, which appears similarly in publications. Above all, it is the basic definition of nature trails, types of nature trails, rules for creating information panels and what each nature trail should contain. F urthermore, the contribution and function of nature trails as described in printed, documented literature will appear in the thesis. Definition of the contribution of nature trails to environmental education in comparison with o ther environmental education tools according to the basic literature on nature trails. Furthermore, I will present how environmental Education (EEA) is described in the St ate EEA Programme and in the Methodological Instruction of the Ministry of Education, Yout h and Sports to provide environmental education at secondary schools, secondary vocational s chools or vocational schools, which will provide illustrative instructions on how to implement environmental education at these schools and how it is embedded in the school's documents. I will base it mainly on the online portal, specifically on and In the empirical, practical part, I will focus on the results of the...
Outdoor activity and sports courses at secondary schools in the Příbram region
Beranová, Eliška ; Psohlavec, Lukáš (advisor) ; Vojtíková, Lenka (referee)
Title: Outdoor activity and sports courses at secondary schools in the Příbram region. Objectives: The aim of the diploma thesis was to map the offer of outdoor activities and sports courses at secondary schools in the Příbram region. Methods: The research group consisted of 11 state secondary schools located in the Příbram district. For this research, we chose the method of a questionnaire, which was sent to secondary school principals via electronic communication. Some schools were visited personally. The questionnaire consisted of 21 questions. The obtained data were evaluated using basic statistical methods and interpreted using graphs. Results: All of the interviewed secondary schools organize sports courses for their students in a natural environment. The most frequently organized course is the Adaptation Course, which is organized by all schools approached. The second most frequently organized course is a Ski Course - found in 90.9% of the surveyed schools. Of the courses offered in the questionnaire, 55% of schools answered that students are most interested in the Adaptation Course. In 27% of schools, the greatest interest is in the Boating Course and in 18% in the Skiing Course. Teaching on sports courses in the natural environment is provided by in-house physical education teachers and...
Reproductive system in Human biology lessons at secondary school
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of teaching the human reproductive system at secondary schools both in the Czech Republic and in selected German federal states, Bavaria and Saxony. The aim was first to discover the differences in teaching the reproductive system among the chosen countries and secondly to create own teaching units regarding this topic and utilize them in classes. The differences between Czech, Saxon, and Bavarian types of teaching were supported by curricular documents and a questionnaire distributed among teachers from selected countries. Czech curricular documents outline the teaching of the reproductive system more briefly compared to the German ones. The questionnaire provided specific information incorporating the methods used in teaching. Furthermore, this diploma thesis contains two fully designed teaching units, including both materials for students and methodological instructions for teachers. The practical implementation of the proposed teaching units is evaluated at the very end of this thesis.
Analysis of conditions for physical education in secondary schools in České Budějovice
This diploma thesis is focused on the analysis of material conditions for physical education at selected secondary schools in České Budějovice. The theoretical overview of knowledge was obtained after a proper content analysis, which deals with the development of education and physical education, didactics of school physical education and its conditions and an overview of standards for physical education and sport. The aim of the work was to analyze and compare the material conditions for physical education at selected secondary schools located in the cadastral area of České Budějovice. The main information was obtained on the basis of passportization protocols, which were sent to schools in the spring of 2021. The work was targeted at thirteen state schools and one church school. From the obtained information, a detailed analysis was performed and a systematic overview was prepared. subsequently, the data on material and technical conditions were compared with the urban indicator. Tables and graphs were made from this data. This diploma thesis can serve as an overview for the founders of schools, or as a basis for justifying the proposal to expand or reconstruct physical education facilities in these schools.
Myths in teaching psychology in high schools from students´ point of view
This thesis examines the myths that appear in the teaching of psychology in high school from the perspective of students. The theoretical part is focused on the definition of the terms didactics, didactics of psychology, the goals of teaching, specific goals of teaching psychology, the concept of teaching psychology in secondary education and its specifics. Furthermore, it also deals with psychological myths and their sources and in the last section, selected myths that appear in the research questionnaire of this thesis are described and explained in more detail. The practical section then sets out the aims of the thesis and the research hypotheses. A modified questionnaire is presented, which was able to collect data from 193 respondents. The practical part also presents the research studies with which the results of this research are compared. The results of the research revealed that the success rate of psychological myths disclosure of the students of the selected high school is 39.9% and the rate of psychological myths disclosure is 45.4%. Consequently, the success rate of the answers of the Slovak study students and the students at the vocational high school did not differ. Furthermore, the results showed that students who are involved in psychology outside school do not have a higher success rate in detecting psychological myths than students who are not involved in it. The research also showed that the success rate of the responses of the male and female participants also did not differ. Lastly, the questionnaire provided responses on how students at the high school in question rated the teaching of psychology. Thus, we can say that students, of this particular school are not really able to recognize some of the myths presented, which leads to room for improving the quality of teaching in this school.
The diploma thesis deals with the possibilities of using video to teach grammar withing English classes at secondary schools. The theoretical part addresses contemporary students as members of Generation Z and their approach towards technologies and learning. It maps out the typology of videos, the methodology of using them, and the principles of teaching grammar within English language classes using video. The practical part offers a list of selected online video resources accessible to the teacher in the Czech Republic. It presents several options for adapting coursebook materials for the use of video in the particular phases of teaching grammar as well as worksheets suggested for the activities.
Knowledge and attitudes of secondary school pupils on global climate change
Lacinová, Ludmila ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Pospíšilová, Tereza (referee)
These days, the global climate change is not only a very frequently discussed topic, but above all a threat to the entire planet. In 2009 Johan Rockström published the concept of the nine planetary boundaries that humans ought not to breach if they wish to preserve a safe space for human activities and avoid dangers of global significance. Nevertheless, three of these boundaries have already been breached and are currently in a critical state. The climate change is one of them and its breach is very serious. That is why this master's thesis is dealing with this important issue, which needs to be tackled on the global as well as the individual level since everyone's contribution, though small on the global scale, is necessary and it is vital that all take part in solving this global problem. The thesis is therefore focusing more specifically on the individual level, namely, the knowledge and the attitudes of high school students as regards the global climate change. The master's thesis is divided into four parts - the theoretical, the methodological, the empirical, and the discussion part. The crucial part of this master's thesis is the empirical part, which includes quantitative research in the form of a questionnaire survey among the pupils at selected secondary schools with different...
Talent management in secondary education in the Czech Republic
Remišová, Kateřina ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Tureckiová, Michaela (referee)
This thesis deals with the topic of talent management in relation to teaching staff in second- ary education in the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to describe its current state and to find out how talented teachers are cared for in Czech secondary schools and how princi- pals perceive talented teachers and talent management. The thesis defines and puts into context the concepts of teaching staff, teacher stand- ard, talented teacher, talent and giftedness as well as talent management. A newly developed definition of a talented educator is also included. The specifics description of the Czech schools' environment for the talent management implementation in terms of individual pro- cesses is followed by a questionnaire survey. The research results are linked to the context of Czech education and compared with the results of previous investigations of talent man- agement in Czech organisations. The care of Czech teachers is very specific from the talent management perspective. The teaching profession is demanding and Czechia lacks a functional career system and a generally accepted teacher standard. There is a shortage of teachers in many disciplines, teacher training is compulsory by law, and funding is peculiar. All of the above is strongly reflected in the current state of talent...

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