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Boarding house with restaurant
Janča, Tomáš ; Nespěšný, Ondřej (referee) ; Petříček, Tomáš (advisor)
The subject of the master thesis is the elaboration of a project documentation for the constructin of a guesthouse with a restaurant in the cadastral area of Buchlovice. The building is designed ad a detached house, partially basemented with the use of an attic. It is going to be a new construction of an accommodation facility, with a lounges, restaurant and a wellness. Building with multifunction spaces are designed the way, that guests are provided with carefree ale pleasant experience, to achive the maximum relaxatio. The part of the building is also going to be opened to the public. The purpose of the construction is to offer clients services related to accommodation, relaxation, gastronomy and social activities. The building is based on plain concrete foundations. Load-bearing structures of the building are designed from the ground brick blocks, ceiling structures are designed from monolithic reinforced concrete, the roofing of the building is a combination of a slab roof and single-ply roofs. The drawing part is processed in AutoCAD, archiCAD, Lumion
Living in the suburbs
Nováčková, Karla ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor's thesis is to design a residential building on the outskirts of Brno. The building site is located on the outskirts of Líšeň, in a lucrative area near Mariánské valley. During the process it was necessary to consider the specific northern slope of the building site and thus make maximum use of a limited amount of natural light. I designed a house with seven housing units, common areas and commercial space. The apartment complex consists of two buildings. The main one has an L-shaped floor plan and there are all housing units, including garages, cellars and technical facilities. The second building is also L-shaped, but this time frontal viewed, there is a commercial space with a glass wall to the main street, space for facilities and on the roof there is a spacious walking terrace for social life and a small common room. The two objects together create a semi-public space. This courtyard is optically separated from the busy streets by the buildings themselves. There is greenery and the space is ideal for young families with small children. Another widely used space will be the garden, a strip of greenery left in the southern part of the plot. The residential building itself is very indented in terms of material. Four terraces and three atriums are taken from the whole mass of the letter L, which creates a private outdoor space for the residents. Terraces and atriums are only in the maisonettes, so that even bedsits located on the ground floor have a private outdoor seating area. There are also ground-floor terraces, which are accessible from each living room. The construction is actually a wall system made of Porotherm bricks. Ferroconcrete columns are used in the underground parking spaces. Horizontal load-bearing structures are ferroconcrete monolithic ceilings. The material solution is clean and simple. The façade is light grey with a concrete screed on the plinth and anthracite-colored doors and window frames.
Doseděl, Adam ; Struhala, Karel (referee) ; Jelínek, Petr (advisor)
The main task of the thesis is to design a new building of kindergarten in Šumperk. Kindergarten is single-storey building with flat roof. In the bottom part are play room for the kids. In the middle of building is a utility room with heat pump and hot water cylinder, next to is a air conditioning machinery with heat recovery unit. In the upper of building is directors office, wind lobby and speech therapy classroom. The system of this building is masonry wall system. Main element is a sand-lime blocks. Ceiling in the building is a reinforced concrete slab and layers of thermal insulation. The conception of flat roof is a extensive green roof. This building is designed to zero energy building. The project has been processed in ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and Artlantis software.
Boarding house
Pálka, Tomáš ; Utíkal, Aleš (referee) ; Utíkalová, Ivana (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is a project for the implementation of the construction of the Pension with restaurant and wellness, located in South Moravia in the village Zaječí. The building is designed as a two-storey basement with partial embedding of the first underground floor into the ground. The guesthouse will be used for temporary accommodation of 24 persons. On the first floor there is an entrance hall with reception, facilities for staff and accommodation rooms. The other rooms are located on the second floor. In the basement is a restaurant and wellness, as well as technical facilities. The building is based on the foundation passports. Constructionally o brick building from ceramic blocks. It is a longitudinal wall system transverse stiffened by walls. External walls will be insulated by contact insulation system ETICS. Ceilings will be created from prestressed ceiling panels. The roofing is designed using a saddle roof truss.
New South District and its Connection to Svratka
Bařinová, Anna ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Sedláček, Michal (advisor)
Despite a few decades of discussion and the existence of all the studies on the transfer of the Brno Main Station to the river and the subsequent construction of the new Trnitá district, it has not been decided on the exact architectural form of these major urban interventions. In my pre-diploma thesis, I worked out an urban study of a new southern district - Trnitá, which gave above all a functional and mass form of the territory. This location will be extremely interesting for both the city's visitors, who will be moving from the station to the center, and of course for the potential new residents of the district. The district offers a unique combination of city life and recreation in the immediate vicinity of the natural river and park features. For a more detailed elaboration, I chose a building within a walk-through block by a river consisting of two buildings. My goal was to create a new scenery for what's happening in the neighborhood, to design new scenarios for how we can look at blocks. Given the contact with the waterfront and the river, I decided to propose both private and public functions. An important role is played by the courtyard, which defines a private space (a raised platform intended only for the residents of the house) and a public space - a creative center courtyard using a raised part as a residence bench. The mass of the house is horizontally divided into two parts. The first and second floors belong to the creative center, which is transparent with distinctive stone columns. An important goal was to show the life and movement of the center and its openness to new people and ideas - access from the yard. From the third floor there are apartments that are terraced and offer views of the river and roof terraces of deluxe apartments.
New South District and its Connection to Svratka
Špirková, Silvia ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Sedláček, Michal (advisor)
The assignment of the diploma thesis follows the pre-diploma project of an urbanistic design - New South District and its Connection to Svratka. The subject of the thesis is a design of the apartment building on the riverside of Svratka. The thesis has a form of architectonic study. The architectural design is interconnected with surrounding built-up area and preserves the existing height level. It also respects the definened riverside. The construction has a shape of the letter "U" opening towards the river. The shift of the north "wing" of the building creats widened "inner block". It offers diverse views on the river and accentuates an "incorporation" of the river to inner block. The residential building has six floors and two underground parking floors. It is devided into 7 units with separate entrances. The proposed part of the building is located directly on the riverbank. It includes 16 housing units and one leasable space.
Boarding House
Balážová, Pavla ; Havířová, Zdeňka (referee) ; Lavický, Miloš (advisor)
The subject of this diploma thesis is a project for design documentation of boarding house which is oriented at south Moravia in the village Pavlov. The object is solved as four-storey with a partial recession of the first floor into the terrain. Boarding house will serve for the accommodation of 52 people. In the first floor, there is an entrance hall with reception, relaxing area and technical equipment of the building. In the second floor, there is a restaurant with a terrace and all necessary facilities for guests and restaurant staff. Two second highest floors are determined for guest accommodation. The construction of foundation is made from strip foundation. The structure is from bricks with monolith reinforced concrete frame in the first floor. It is a longitudinal wall system transversally reinforced by staircases. The perimeter walls will be insulated with ETICS system. The ceiling will be created from the prestressed reinforced concrete panels. Construction of roof is made from truss girders saddle type.
Office building with storage area
Vít, Marek ; Pobořil, Lukáš (referee) ; Petříček, Tomáš (advisor)
The theme of the bachelor thesis is a new building of an administrative building with a storage hall, which will primarily serve for storage in the village of Troubsko. This work is aimed at elaborating project documentation for construction work. The building is non-basement with three above-ground floors. The construction is designed from the Porotherm system with prefabricated ceilings made of prestressed Spiroll panels. The storage hall will be made of a steel skeleton, single-skinned with sandwich panels. The roof is on the top of 2.NP flat single-layer with top layer on parts of concrete pavement on rectifiable targets and vegetation parts. Above the 3rd floor there is a flat single-layer roof with a top vegetation layer and above the storage hall there will be a flat roof with a classical layout of layers with a top layer of PVC foil. The object is functionally divided into 2 parts. The administrative part is primarily used as a base for employees of the production hall in the 1st floor, in the 2nd floor and 3rd floor there are offices. The storage hall will then serve mainly for storage purposes and dispatch preparation.
Fire station class C1 in Valašské Meziříčí
Piskláková, Petra ; Pobořil, Lukáš (referee) ; Petříček, Tomáš (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with project documentation for the realization of a new fire station class C1 in Valašské Meziříčí. The building is is designet in two operating units - the garage part and the administrative part. The garage part has the necessary technical facilities and stockrooms. Over the garage there are rooms for firefighters performing the service during the night shift. The garage part follows the administrative part of the building, which has three above-ground floors. On the first floor there are offices of fire prevention, population protection and crisis management. On the second floor there are facilities for firefighters - a gym, a sauna, a day room and a classroom. The third above-ground floor is designed for the head of the territorial department, the chief of the fire station and the integrated rescue system office. The main entrance to the building is located in the administrative part of the western side at level 1NP. The structural system of the garage part consists of a prefabricated reinforced concrete frame. The administrative part is built in mansory system. The building is without cellar, roofed with flat roofs.
Sports and wellness center
Hrabal, Marek ; Manová, Ludmila (referee) ; Maceková, Věra (advisor)
This diploma thesis solves a project Sports and wellness center. This object is located on land number 1241/549, 1241/571in cadastral office Velké Bílovice. The plot is located on a street Podivínská in Velké Bílovice. Velké Bílovice are smaller town in South Moravia. The building has two floors ane one underground floor. The building is constructed of brick systém SUPERTHERM HELUZ. The perimeter wall is constructed from ceramic blocks HELUZ STI 49. Ceilings are monolithic reinforced concrete. The building offers three squash courts, a fitness center, snack bar, sauna with massage. The entire building is expected movement of persons with reduced mobility. The roof is flat and angled wooden beam. Entrance doors and window are Aluminium

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