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Company's product rating from the customer's perspective
GÁLL, Igor
This thesis is about judging the value of a product from the perspective of a customer. The objective of this thesis was to determine if a firm judges the value of its product from the perspective of a customer and based on the acquired information propose potential changes. The theoretical part consists of demarcation of basic concepts and the methods used by a firm to determine the value of a product. The first part of the objective was examined in the practical part. That is to determine if a firm values its product from the view of a customer. The firm had shortcomings in judging the value of a product from the perspective of a customer. Therefore, as is mentioned in the second part of the objective, there are described methods in this thesis with examples as to how to improve the current situation.
A complaints book in the library - examples of the use and effectiveness
Drtinová, Iveta ; Římanová, Radka (advisor) ; Zadražilová, Iva (referee)
Bachelor's thesis describes the analysis of the entries in the Books of wishes and complaints about the practice of free different types of libraries. Entries are analyzed of view form and content, and then dividend according to the formal processing of the types of records that are subsequently dividend according dates and according to content, broken down into categories and subcategories that describe the subjekt entries. Further on, response libraries thus obtained suggestions and feedback to the scene chosen by comparing the best practices and recommended its improvement. The work is made up of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part of the tendency is the definition of the term Suggestions and complaints and are described embodiment, a complaints book with which a user might encounter in the Czech libraries. In the practical part is a description of the analysis, which took place in the National Library, Regional Library in Pardubice and Prague MunicipalLibrary.
Ethics in relation to social protection of children
Doležalová, Radka ; Mitwallyová, Helena (advisor) ; Matula, Miloš (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis deals with activities of the the Office for Social Protection of Children with emphasis on ethical aspects and support given to the OSPOD workers by employers. The paper analyses whether the level of support is sufficient, how it impacts on the efficacy of the OSPOD workers and who provides the funding. The theoretical part focuses on analysis of the ethical codes of the OSPOD workers and on activities of this institution. The practical part analyses in detail two selected bodies of the OSPOD, particularly from the perspective of the support provided by employers in dealing with ethical issues and looks at complaints dealt with by the Ombudsman with emphasis on the ethical aspects of the complaints. Based on the analyses of the selected OSPOD bodies, it can be concluded that the support in dealing with ethical issues provided by employers is sufficient, it has a positive impact on the outcome of the OSPOD activities and it is funded from subsidies for social and legal protection of children.

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