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Interior design of stores and its impact on consumer behavior and psychology
Tomíček, Milan ; Koblovský, Petr (advisor) ; Vranka, Marek (referee)
This bachelor thesis named "Store Interiors and their Influence on Customers" deals with the influence of in-store marketing, consumer behaviour, interior design and world events on brick-and-mortar retail. The first part defines in-store marketing communication and introduces the basic concepts, tools and functions of in-store marketing. Next, the paper examines retail decline and consumer behavior. The last theoretical section discusses shopping atmosphere and shopping environment, which plays a major role in the POP marketing discipline. The practical part is devoted to quantitative research, which tries to find out which elements of interior design influence customers the most, what is their attitude towards brick-and-mortar stores after the pandemic and how big a role is played by sensory communication. In the last section, a SWOT analysis summarizes the strengths and weaknesses of brick-and-mortar stores combined with the opportunities and threats that the stores face. The aim of the paper is to gain new insights regarding in-store marketing, interior design and consumer behaviour.
Self - greenwashing among young people aged 18 do 35
Křivánková, Simona ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
The aim of this paper is to describe the consumer behaviour of young people in the Czech Republic in relation to sustainability. The thesis operates with the concept of self- greenwashing, which defines categories of young people's behavioural deviation from environmental values. The theoretical section describes greenwashing, on which the concept is based, then discusses the findings to date in relation to sustainability and concludes with a conceptualisation of the concept of self-greenwashing. The research section first describes the data collection method using focus groups and the data processing method using open and axial coding. Three focus groups were conducted with a total of 15 respondents ranging in age from 18 to 35 years. The results of the research confirmed the prevalence of self-greenwashing among young people and divided them into three groups according to their declared interest in environmental protection and real actions and influences on their behavior.
Identifikace stěžejních faktorů ovlivňujících spotřebitelské chování v cestovním ruchu
Čechová, Marcela
This thesis examines the factors that affect consumer behavior in tourism. The main objective of this work is based on a questionnaire survey to identify these factors, in relation to quality. In primary research will be found out, how consumers behave in tourism today and will be revealed the factors that determine the quality of services. From the analyzed data will be presented recommendations for improving the quality of tourism services.
Vplyv retro marketingu na spotrebiteľské správanie a jeho využitie na trhu potravín v Českej republike
Balážová, Soňa
The diploma thesis deals with consumer behavior in the food market of retro products. The aim of the thesis is to propose marketing recommendations for the food market in the Czech Republic with regard to the use of retro marketing. In order to fulfil the objective, it was necessary to identify the factors influencing consumer behaviour. The data for the primary research were obtained by means of qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitative research was conducted via in-depth inter-views (n = 20) and quantitative research by questionnaire survey (n = 357). The results show that most Czech consumers are not familiar with the concept of retro marketing. Only half of them buy retro products. The feelings they experience with retro products are positive and are dominated by nostalgia and joy. The purchase of retro products is mostly influenced by the brand of the product, the consumer's me-mories and the quality. Consumers are also positive when a company refers to its history. They are also attracted by a re-clamation directed to the past, which makes them reminisce about the old days. The thesis concludes by proposing recommen-dations for businesses that leadto an increase in interest in retro products, contri-bute in increasing customer loyalty towards the companies, resulting in an increase in the business entities' sales.
Spotřebitelské chování žen na trhu s dekorativní kosmetikou v ČR 
Kalinová, Petra
Kalinová, P. Consumer behaviour of women on the market of colour cosmetics in the Czech Republic. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2020. This diploma thesis is focused on consumer behaviour of women on the market of colour cosmetics in the Czech Republic. The thesis explores the current situation, development and trends on the market. It deals with factors affecting consumers during shopping for colour cosmetics products. There are used techniques as a questionnaire survey and cluster analysis. The result of the thesis is market segmentation and formulation of marketing recommendations.
Choosing telecommunication service providers by expats living in the Czech Republic
Gerashchenko, Volodymyr
The Bachelor thesis deals with the consumer behaviour of generation y expats, living in the Czech Republic and their attitude towards the telecommunication service providers and the services which are offered. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part of the thesis is the literature review consisting of topics covering consumer behaviour, marketing mix, and telecommunication technologies. The second part is the practical part which consists of the research and analysis of the biggest telecommunication companies in the Czech Republic following by a deep analysis and price comparisons of the participants who conducted the survey. The last part will include the conclusion and the marketing recommendation for the telecommunication companies here in the Czech Republic and their marketing strategy towards generation y expats.
Spotřebitelské chování mladých lidí při vstupu na pracovní trh
Podsedníková, Iva
Diploma thesis deals with consumer behaviour of young people concretely graduates of tertiary education on the labour market. It focuses on identifying the factors that influence graduates during their studies and describes their decision making process. In order to determine consumer behaviour quantitative and qualitative methods were used. Electronic questionnaire survey as quantitative method was held since November 2013 until March 2014 and in total 651 respondents participated. Interviews as qualitative method were carried out with 30 respondents. All the results were used for the compilation of the model of consumer behaviour and for giving recommendations for subjects who are involved in this issue.
Nakupné spávanie spotrebitel´ov na trhu s kávou v Českej republike
Činčárová, Angelika
This thesis investigates about consumer behavior on retail coffee market in Czech Republic. Primary marketing research is used for collecting data and these data are analyzed to identify factors influencing consumer decision making process. The focus is on influences related to place of purchase, preferences of consumers and purchase motivation. It brings proposals for retailers, where the basic findings from realized research are used.
Chování spotřebitele při nákupu kosmetických výrobků
Pařízková, Lucie
This thesis deals with consumer behaviour during the purchase of cosmetics products, focusing to skin care products and to women’s segment. The purpose of this work is to formulate several recommendations for the manufacturers and sellers of skin care products based on the results of the questionnaire survey. These recommendations could help them to better identify customers preferences during the purchase of skin care products and further enable them to adjust or improve their offer and eventually other sales areas. Cluster analysis is used to segment customers and specific recommendations are made for each segment.
Changes in consumer behavior in relation to Covid-19 in the food market
PANSKÁ, Jiřina
This master's thesis deals with a topic that has been solved almost all over the world since the beginning of 2020. It is a pandemic of Covid-19 and the associated effects on consumers and its behavior in the food market. The first part is focused on literary research. It defines basic terms such as consumer, consumer behavior, retail, food market, food safety, food availability in crisis, Covid-19 pandemic and government regulations announced in the Czech Republic. The second part of this work is focused on the analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on consumers' behavior in the area of food purchase. This is an analysis in the form of a questionnaire survey that focuses on households in the Czech Republic. The questionnaire is primarily focused on how people bought food before and during the pandemic. Attention is paid to changes in preferences for individual sales formats, food categories and changes in behavior during the physical realization of the purchase. New trends in food sales are also monitored, specifically food dispensing boxes and e-shops with food. After evaluating the data, the research questions are answered and compared with surveys on a similar topic. A recommendation for operators of stores and e-shops with foodstuffs is proposed at the end of the work.

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