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ODA as an actor in the formation of the right and Czech conservatism
Brožová, Karolina ; Perottino, Michel (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
The thesis deals with the formation of the Czech conservative right with the Civic Democratic Alliance in the leading role. It describes how the party participated in the transformation of the political system and describes its most significant moments. Since the germs of right-wing thinking can be found in the communist environment, the thesis also captures the risks that this entailed at the time. The aim is also to capture the party's profiling on the political ground, so its basic political themes and electoral programmes, which were often difficult to grasp in political practice, will be portrayed. It therefore focuses not only on the party's achievements in a relatively short time interval, but also on the affairs that have had an impact on the party. From the first to the second section, the thesis discusses party theory, party families, and the two core ideologies that initially inspired the founders of the Civic Democratic Alliance in detail. The theoretical framework thus helps to understand the principles on which the party operated and the programmatic values it drew upon. From the third section onwards, the thesis analyses the Civic DemocraticAlliance in detail. It concludes by answering the main goals of conservatism and how this ideology took shape. It also assesses the role of the Civic...
Qohelet's Soliloquy and its Peculiarities
Rudolf, Štěpán ; Beneš, Jiří (advisor) ; Holubová, Markéta (referee)
This diploma thesis called Qohelet's Soliloquy and its Peculiarities goes through the era of Qohelet 's origin, it describes the title of the book and resumes some of the results of biblical scholarship concerning, authorship, background and structure of this book. The thesis reconstruct the way of this book into the Old Testament scriptures. It presents it as a result of this book being used and fast placed in Jewish schools rather than a result of divine inspiration. It describes the author of this book as a Jewish man, experienced in Greek literature and trying to critically evaluate his own Jewish traditions. The book searches a Jewish answer to contemporary Greek philosophical questioning about the right way of living. The conclusion of the narrator's unceasing inquiry is rather a disappointing one, he finds out nothing but vapour, chasing the wind, wasting of both time and energy as a result of human (his own) activities. That is bitter but inevitable knowledge, since it is an innate human desire to grasp things which are out of his reach. The most important parts of the text and quotations are considered both in their original Hebrew sounding and the reputable ancient translations: the Greek Septuagint and Latin Vulgate. The key term of the book, that is to say hevel is much discussed and...
About brigands and bandits. Elaboration of a textual tradition.
Raabová, Kateřina ; Jančík, Jiří (advisor) ; Fučíková, Milena (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to introduce the phenomenon of brigandage, its origins, but also its development in time and space, and above all in the context of textual tradition. Robbery is examined from a literary scientific perspective, emphasizing its belonging to both the real and the fictional universe. Representatives of this phenomenon, both from the French and the Czech environment, are not neglected in the research. The tales and legends related to these selected heroes are then subjected to a comparative analysis, which takes the optics of Vladimir J. Propp's fairy tale morphology and does not forget the study of motifs by Adam Votruba. At the same time, selected motifs and themes, are also identified in this work. The detailed analysis aims to determine whether the brigand stories are completely individual and unique or whether they are just certain variations on an identical theme and thus a kind of regional updating of a single model. At the same time, the thesis focuses on the reflection of the brigand theme in culture, specifically in literature, film, music and visual arts, without neglecting its overlap with contemporary times. In the appendix section of the thesis, stories of individual brigands are selected at the end, which may help the reader to better understand not only the...
Companies in private international law
Rybaková, Karina ; Pauknerová, Monika (advisor) ; Pfeiffer, Magdalena (referee)
1 Companies in private international law Abstract This thesis focuses on the topic of companies in private international law and aims to summarize this topic using the methods of description, analysis, synthesis and comparison. The main focus of the thesis is primarily on the Czech and European legislation on companies in private international law, but there is also a partial review of the topic from the standpoint of legislation of the Russian Federation and Kingdom of the Netherlands' legislation. The thesis is divided into six parts - an introduction, four chapters and a conclusion. The first chapter provides a theoretical insight into the topic by defining the fundamental terms in the title of this thesis, i.e. company and private international law. In the context of Czech private law, a company is a multi-meaning term. Therefore, the thesis makes it clear that for the purposes of this thesis, a company will be understood as a commercial company. The second chapter addresses the personal statute of a company, the principles of determining the personal statute, including their advantages and disadvantages, the Czech legal regulation of determining the personal statute of a company, the distinction between the personal statute of a company and the nationality of a company, and the significance of the...
Financial Analysis of a Selected Manufacturing Company
Zapletal, Šimon ; Ing.Martin Drábek (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the financial analysis of the selected manufacturing company Indorma Ventures Mobility Moravia a.s. in the monitored period 2018 to 2022. The thesis is divided into three main chapters. The first chapter contains theoretical principles that are used for financial analysis in the second part, which deals with the application of these principles. Based on the results of the financial analysis, the third chapter deals with proposals for improving the financial situation of the analyzed company.
Motivation and Remuneration in the Selected Company
Rosíková, Zuzana ; Lutonský, Martin (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the remuneration system and employee motivation in the selected company. The first part of the thesis deals with the theoretical background from which the analytical part is based. The second part first describes the selected company, which is the focus of the thesis, and then research is conducted on the company's payroll issues. At the same time, a questionnaire survey is conducted in this part. Then the processing and evaluation of the data obtained from the research is done. In the third part, suggestions for change in the company are developed based on the information found in the analytical part.
Models for Predicting Business Financial Performance
Vakhrushev, Dmitrii ; Oulehla, Jiří (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis focuses on models for predicting the financial performance of the ALZA company, where it focused on emphasizing the strong financial performance and stability of the company. Key factors contributing to ALZA's success will be mentioned, such as consistent revenues, profits, effective cost management and investment in innovation. In addition, the work would also focus on potential strategies for further growth, such as exploring new markets, strengthening online sales, diversifying product offerings, and strengthening relationships with customers and suppliers. Emphasizing the importance of continuous innovation, market monitoring and strategic investment will demonstrate ALZA's readiness for future success and market expansion.Using financial data for the period 2017 to 2022, market trends and industry benchmarks, accurate predictions can be made regarding ALZA's future financial results. Implementing advanced modelling techniques and incorporating different scenarios can provide valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

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