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Proposal for Changes of Motivational Programme in a Selected Company.
Slouková, Sandra ; Bednářová, Markéta (referee) ; Petrová, Kateřina (advisor)
In my bachelor's thesis I deal with suggestions for improving the company's motivational system. I specify the basic concepts related to motivation, incentive program and employee remuneration. On the basis of the analysis, carried out by means of a questionnaire survey, I evaluate the data obtained and identify the shortcomings of the motivational program. At the end of the thesis, I suggests specific changes to the company's motivational system that would help the company to increase employee´s motivation and satisfaction. These proposed changes include the introduction of Sick days, monthly bonuses, flexible working hours, team building events and non-financial rewards.
Empolyee Remuneration System in the Selected Company and Proposal for Changes to its Improvement
Podborský, Jakub ; Konečný, Štěpán (referee) ; Kruntorádová, Markéta (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the employee remuneration system in a selected company. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part contains the theoretical background concerning the remuneration system. The second part deals with the analysis of the current remuneration system in the selected company and the influences acting on it. In the third part, own proposals for improvement of the current remuneration system are presented.
Proposal for Changes of Motivational Programme in a Selected Company.
Kniazeva, Diana ; Konečná, Zdeňka (referee) ; Petrová, Kateřina (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on proposing changes in the motivation program for employees of the selected company. The work includes three parts. The theoretical part presents the basic concepts of motivation, employee satisfaction and motivational system. The analytical part consists of a description of the company and its motivation system and a questionnaire survey conducted among its employees. The proposal part presents suggestions for changes in the motivational system based on the analysis
Tracking of graduates of secondary vocational schools
Nazarov, Džalal ; Liška, Roman (advisor) ; Veteška, Jaroslav (referee)
Regular evaluation of graduates' satisfaction with the school and the quality of education provided is one of the important tools of quality management in education. Through regular and targeted tracing of former pupils, it is possible to detect mismatches between education and labour market requirements, but also to identify facts that can improve the quality of school education and provide valuable feedback to school management. The thesis on "Tracking of secondary school leavers" is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part describes the definitions and basic concepts related to this topic. These include, for example, concepts such as pupil and graduate, the education system in the Czech Republic, school climate and the influence of school climate on pupil satisfaction or factors influencing the choice of school. The aim of the thesis is to find out how former pupils are satisfied with the school they graduated from, the quality of education they received, how they evaluate the contribution of the education they received to their further studies and professional career and to translate these findings into recommendations for school management. The research questions can help us to achieve the aim of this paper. In the practical part of this thesis, the analysis of the...
Subjective assessment of the quality of life of seniors in a retirement home
The bachelor thesis deals with the subjective evaluation of the quality of life of seniors in a retirement home. This thesis consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part focuses on the knowledge about old age and aging, where old age and aging itself, the needs of the elderly or changes in old age are defined. Furthermore, residential facilities for the elderly and the services provided therein are characterised. Quality of life and methods for measuring it are then defined. A qualitative research strategy is chosen for the practical part. The research was conducted using semi-structured interviews. These interviews comprised 18 questions and were conducted in a home for the elderly with 10 communication partners. Subsequently, the interviews were processed through verbatim transcription using pencil and paper techniques. They were then coded and 8 categories were created. The main aim of this study is to find out the subjective assessment of the quality of life of the elderly living in a retirement home. Furthermore, three sub-objectives were also set. The first one is to find out the satisfaction and inner feelings of the clients living in a retirement. The second sub-objective is to find out the satisfaction with the leisure activities provided in the retirement home. And the last sub-objective is to find out the satisfaction with the relationships in the retirement home. The results show that seniors are satisfied with their stay in the home for the elderly and appreciate the services and care they receive, mainly because they could not do without it. The results of my research can serve mainly as feedback for the retirement home in which the research was conducted. The retirement homes can also use this research as inspiration to improve certain services. This thesis can also serve to raise awareness about living in a retirement home.
Motivation and Satisfaction of Managers in the Selected Company
Dlabajová, Eva ; Kruntorádová, Markéta (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with the satisfaction of managers and the correct grasp of the motivational style by management and society. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and empirical. In the theoretical part, basic concepts are defined: manager, management, leader, leadership. Next, the types of leadership styles of managers are defined and compared. Subsequently, the concept of need, motive, motivation is explained here and the most basic tools for motivation are presented. The empirical part contains a qualitative research study carried out through semi-structured interviews, the aim of which was to answer the main research questions. At the same time, it was investigated what influences this phenomenon and what type of cooperation or help the respondents would welcome to improve their work performance. The goal of this work is to make a concrete proposal that will lead to an increase in work performance.
The Employee Reward System in the Selected Company and Proposal for changes
Tinková, Daniela ; Novotná, Veronika (referee) ; Kruntorádová, Markéta (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the employee remuneration system of Crowe Advartis Accounting, s.r.o. The first part deals with the theoretical knowledge related to the remuneration system, according to which the second part analyses the current remuneration system in the company. In the last part, changes are proposed to improve the current remuneration system.
Innovation in the provision of on-board service and related products of a selected railway operator
The bachelor thesis focuses on the definition of transport services and on-board service of RegioJet, a. s., which focuses mainly on the provision of transport and shipping services in the passenger rail and road transport sector. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to analyse the current status, trends and customer preferences in the provision of on-board service and related products at a selected railway carrier. The thesis starts with the theoretical part, first the key concepts of the passenger rail transport are specified. The next chapter is devoted to methodology. Here the main objectives of the thesis are presented and the research questions are formulated. Furthermore, the methods used in data collection are mentioned, which include a questionnaire survey, a semi-structured interview and the actual observation. The last chapter introduces RegioJet, a. s. itself, its corporate activities and services provided. Then, the results of the research methods are summarized and suggestions for innovations and development opportunities for the company under study are prepared.
Customer satisfaction of the selected business entity
The bachelor thesis focuses on customer satisfaction of a selected business entity. The aim is to evaluate the current satisfaction of guests in the Hotel U Kapličky in Písek and to suggest recommendations to improve the service. The thesis begins with the theoretical part, where customers and their satisfaction are characterized, then the business entities and the specifics of marketing within accommodation and catering services are discussed. These pieces of theoretical information are then used in the analytical part dealing with the evaluation of guest satisfaction in the hotel environment. The practical part consists of a questionnaire survey and an individual in-depth interview with a manager to determine guest satisfaction. The final part contains suggestions and recommendations to improve overall guest satisfaction.

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