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Interventions focused on the support of pupils with dyscalculia in a primary school
Horská, Michaela ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Jamrichová, Jana (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with a specific learning disability - dyscalculia. The theoretical part follows up the general issue of specific learning disabilities, division, and etiology also with the definition of dyscalculia and its classifications in terms of child development and mathematical topics. It focuses on general recommendations for reeducation and specific elements description to correct difficulties in mathematics. Finally, it is anchored in the current legislation, which underwent a fresh change in the early 2021. It also defines terms of pedagogical intervention and the use of special pedagogical care. The practical part is interested in the interventions provided to pupils with dyscalculia at primary schools in the Jihlava region, more precisely finds out and describes the provided support for pupils who have difficulties in mathematics. It also contains a research survey of qualitative character- focused finding out information about the implementation of interventions at primary schools and pedagogical-psychological counselling in the selected locality and presents case studies of two pupils. There were used methods of semi-structured interview and observation to get the data. There was used a method of open data coding for data analysis. This thesis focuses closer on a...
Special educational needs in language lessons
Národní ústav pro vzdělávání
Program of conference SEN in language lessons organized by the National Institute for Education in cooperation with The British Council which dealt with issue of pupils with specific learning disabilities in foreign language lessons.
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Self-concept of pupils with specific learning disability in group and individual integration
Pauková, Barbora ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
TITLE: "Self-concept of pupils with specific learning disability in group and individual integration" AUTHOR: Bc. Barbora Paukova DEPARTMENT: Special education department THESIS SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Lenka Felcmanova ABSTRACT: The major topic of the diploma thesis named "Self-concept of pupils with specific learning disability in group and individual integration" is the different self-concept of success rate of older school age pupils with specific learning disability who are educated in a form of individual integration and in a form of group integration. The theoretical foundation of the thesis deals with the term of specific learning disability, with its terminology, definition, causes, classification and reeducation. It further focuses on the education of pupils with specific learning disability, on the term of self-concept and on the older school age period. Practical part of the thesis includes the quantitative research made using the standardized SPAS questionnaire. Methodology of the research, research preconditions, targets of the research, analysis of the collected data and evaluation of the research results are described in the thesis. KEY WORDS: Specific learning disability, older school age, self-concept, individual integration, group integration
Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test in ten-year-old children
Ondřejková, Žaneta ; Soukupová, Tereza (advisor) ; Goldmann, Petr (referee)
The thesis discusses the psychological test called Rey-Osterrieth complex figure (ROCF) and focuses on the possibilities of its use in ten-year-old children. The objective of this study was to describe how ten-year-old children process TKF in all its parts (copy, recall, delayed recall) in quantitative and qualitative terms. The thesis is divided into a theoretical part and an empirical part. Theoretical part consists of the psychological characteristics of the developmental period of ten-year-old child giving emphasis to cognitive development, then the test TKF and its utilization in children. Utilization of ROCF in children with specific learning disabilities is also an important component of the theoretical part. In the empirical part itself is presented, which is based on the research process TKF with ten children. Due to the nature of the data obtained were selected quantitative processing. They were designed to approximate the standard for this age group, extended test administration in children and the results were compared with a group of children with specific learning disabilities and psychological test called the Trail Making Test.
Perception of learning disabilities from middle school student's point of view
Horká, Jitka ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Špačková, Klára (referee)
Bachelor's work is dealing with issues of specific learning disabilities from student's point of view. In the work are describing basic concepts of this issues, methods of working with children be suffering from learning disabilities. Then there are acquaint consulting workplaces, individual educational plans and the approach to marking of students with learning disabilities. The work is concentrating on social aspects of students with learning disabilities. The field part makes survey between the students of seventh class research basic knowledge, classmate's approach to pupils with learning disability and the strategy of coping issues by children with learning disability.
Art therapy with hyperactive children
This Bachelor's Thesis deals with the possible use of art therapy methods and techniques to remedy the problems associated with hyperactivity. The theoretical part defines the concept of hyperactivity and describes in detail some of the problems associated with it in the school environment, in social and in personal areas. This part of the thesis also deals with the characteristic artistic expression of children's drawings and then in detail with the typical patterns in the drawings of hyperactive children. The practical part describes the process of meeting with children with hyperactivity and the work with these children. A closer analysis is presented of the artistic production of two boys aged 7 years who attend this group. The search for the typical patterns in the creative output of these children and the monitoring of the effect of art therapy in art creation are also part of this Thesis.
Teaching Foreign Languages to Pupils with Specific Learning Disability
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of specific learning disability. In the theoretical part I define the term specific learning disability and I mention the related terms. I deal with the history, types and causes of specific learning disability, further I describe the possibilities of diagnostics and re-education concerning specific learning disability. I also attend to the situation of a pupil in the family and school background. The main attention is especially paid to teaching foreign languages to pupils with specific learning disability. The practical part is based on a questionnaire which was filled in by teachers of basic and high schools. The goal is to find out what kind of experience the teachers have with pupils with specific learning disability and what their approach to them is. The questionnaire survey is worked up and analysed in the practical part.
Art therapy for children with special educational needs
The Bachelor thesis deals with the possibility of eliminating difficulties of mentioned group of children by means of artetherapeutic methods and techniques. The theoretical part defines the term specific educational need and describes and specifies some groups of children who belong to pupils with educational specific needs. It is concerned with pupils with specific learning disabilities and pupils with behavioural difficulties. The shortlist is chosen with regard to how these children work in classrooms. The practical part of the thesis is composed by two case studies. They contain the analysis of upper primary school children's art production of the girl with specific learning disability based on her physical handicap and the girl with behavioural difficulties caused by her emotional deprivation. The aim of this Bachelor thesis is to find typical features of these children's art production and observe changes in their production.

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