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Processing of territorial study as a basis for urban plan
The diploma thesis is focused on spatial planning, specifically on the elaboration of a spatial study. It is processed on the territory of the town of Trhové Sviny. Based on the analysis and knowledge of the area, the low civic amenities within the recreation were evaluated. The strategy for the future is to strengthen this equipment. For this reason, the territorial study deals with finding suitable locations for the construction of a new recreation center and a new guesthouse. The aim of the work is to develop a territorial study, which aims to select suitable areas for the implementation of selected interests. Each of the design areas is thoroughly described and map outputs are created for it with the technical infrastructure and with the design of individual buildings. The result of the work is finding suitable locations for the construction of a guest house and a recreation center.
Development of urban planning in the selected location
This thesis deals with spatial planning, its legislation and process. The thesis is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part explains what spatial planning means and what are the objectives and tools of spatial planning. Important concepts used in spatial planning, including sustainable development of the territory and its related documents, are clearly explained using quotations of laws. Furthermore, the forms of spatial planning are described. The practical part of the thesis describes the development of spatial planning in the municipality of Kunžak of the different spatial plans in the given period and their evaluation.
Územní studie jako podklad pro územní plánování vybrané lokality
This thesis deals with a territorial study, which serves as a basis for spatial planning. The territorial study is prepared for area defined by the size of the administrative area of Chlum u Třeboně, which has four cadastral areas. Based on a detailed description and evaluation of the current state of the town, an absence of sport and culture space was found. A possible strategy for the future is construction of a multifunctional sports hall which would serve for both cultural events and sport purposes. The aim of the work is to develop a territorial study, which has the main task to select an area for the construction of a multifunctional sports hall. Based on several proposed areas, the most suitable one should be selected, where the construction plan can be realized.
Spatial Planning Tools for Agricultural Land Protection in the Czech Republic and Austria: A Comparative Study
Petr, Lukáš
One of the most significant problems of sustainable development is the continued loss of arable and agricultural land due to the expansion of housing and infrastructure development. The paper compares the current spatial planning tools for protecting agricultural land in the Czech Republic and Austria. Analysis of examples of spatial planning documents, legislation, and related strategies, their verbal description, and comparison provided an overview of the status of protecting agricultural land. The results show that there are tendencies and tools to reduce the consumption of agricultural land in both countries. However, conceptual land protection in the Czech Republic could be more effective if complemented with appropriate tools from the Austrian environment.
The role of local public administration actors in the process of creating the Metropolitan Plan
Drápelová, Kristýna ; Perlín, Radim (advisor) ; Boháč, Ondřej (referee)
The main topic of the master's thesis is a newly emerging spatial plan of the Capital city Prague which is called the Metropolitan Plan. The aim of the thesis is to examine and evaluate the impact of the local actors on a planning process of creating the spatial plan and the extensive documentation that the process requires. The thesis also assesses the real engagement rate of the local actors with the planning process and their actual ability to affect the creation of the planning documentation. The theoretical part of this thesis is based on several concepts that are crucial for further research. The concepts discuss approaches to the spatial planning, the public administration organization and two different approaches to the spatial planning, which are regulatory TOP - DOWN and conceptual BOTTOM - UP. Furthermore, the thesis explains different types of the public administration organization, their influence on the spatial planning and the decision- making process based on the different types of organization. In addition, the study also explains the theory of participation, which is a notably important theory, especially in the spatial planning process. At the beginning of the master's thesis, three exploratory questions were determined for which the answers were obtained during the conducted...
Interactions of developers and mayors of suburban municipalities in hinterland of Prague
Martinovská, Denisa ; Špačková, Petra (advisor) ; Čermák, Zdeněk (referee)
This master's thesis is devoted to the character of the interaction and negotiation about residential development between the municipality representatives and development companies, the key players in the suburban development. As the geographical area for the research were chosen selected municipalities in north-east hinterland of Prague. The theoretical part summarizes the institutional approach, residential suburbanization, spatial planning and the residential development. The practical part consists of the research itself. It was done as the qualitative analysis of the semi-structured interviews with the municipality representatives and development companies. The interviews are then evaluated on the basis of the theoretical thematic analysis. The interaction between developers and mayors is quite complicated because it represents the conflict of private and public interests. This leads to further negotiations. The character of the interaction and also the negotiations are more or less formed by various circumstances. In this thesis have been distinguished four types of interactions. These types differs in the conditions and requirements determination by the mayors and its fulfillment by the development companies. Keywords: suburbanization, spatial planning, developer, development project,...
Legal regulation of nature and landscape protection in relation to location of roads
Chaloupková, Alena ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Průchová, Ivana (referee) ; Franková, Martina (referee)
Legal regulation of nature and landscape protection in relation to location of roads Abstract: The relationship between environmental protection and road construction often causes conflicts in society. This dissertation contributes to the discussion by focusing on the analysis of the legal regulation relating to nature and landscape protection in the processes of planning and location of new roads in the Czech Republic. This issue has not yet been comprehensively addressed. It, however, includes the following important questions: How is the route of a planned road lo- cated according to Czech law? How are nature and landscape protection requirements integrated into the location process? How is the issue of landscape fragmentation addressed in the process? What implications may have the current changes of the applicable law? The objective of the dissertation is to create a foundation for a formulation of recommendations aimed at optimiza- tion of the legal framework of nature and landscape protection in the relevant processes in order to ensure the most effective protection of this important public interest even if it has been de- cided to carry out the construction. The dissertation is divided into eight Chapters: The first Chapter includes an introduc- tion to the issue and formulates research questions...
Importance and development of village settlements in the Czech Republic
Ondrůšková, Tereza ; Obrtlík,, Jan (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with village settlements in the Czech Republic. First, the term village and other related terms are defined. The village is perceived from the point of view of legislation and spatial planning. The introductory part also includes a description of the historical development and structure of the villages and mentions folk architecture. The main part of the work is focused on the current state of Czech villages. There is a general analysis covering areas such as public space, public amenities, green, transport, monuments, or new development. The analysis was applied to villages located in the administrative district of the municipality with extended powers of Kroměříž and to the municipality of Rataje. Based on the findings, it evaluates villages and outlines the possibilities for their future development.
Multi-Criteria Rating of Development Areas Based on Public Transport Quality
Grishchuk, Dmitrii ; Stupka, Pavel
When planning territories, public transport has to be considered in areas that are undergoing a major transformation, especially in large cities. In conditions of limited budgets, it makes sense to primarily develop areas already connected to existing public transport network, or where the service can be provided quickly, efficiently and at low cost. With quality public transport, city residents would prefer it over cars and contribute to improving the environment. That led authors to creation of a multi-criteria analysis that appraises development areas in terms of availability and quality of public transport using objective data. Brno city, which issues a new masterplan soon, was chosen to demonstrate the implementation of the analysis.
New Ruralism as an Inspiration for Czech Rural Planning
Petr, Lukáš
New Ruralism represents an effort to extend the familiar principles of New Urbanism to non-urban areas with an emphasis on farmland protection. Various sources dealing with New Ruralism (mainly from the North American context) were analyzed using the desk research method. The regulatory and economic instruments of land development were described in detail. Using the example of New Ruralism, it was shown that economic instruments can appropriately complement standard landuse planning instruments even in the case of rural and agricultural planning. This finding can be an inspiration for rural planning in our environment.

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