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Lunar Exploration and Rovers on the Moon in the 21st century
Čuhel, Radek ; Rujbrová, Šárka (referee) ; Froehling, Kenneth (advisor)
Tato práce se zaměřuje na minulé a současné mise v oblasti průzkumu Měsíce. Historická část cílí zejména na programy Sovětského Svazu a Spojených Států, které zahrnují impaktní sondy, přistávací moduly a program Apollo. Z hlediska současných misí se práce zabývá čínským programem Čchang-e a indickou misí Čandraján-3. Kapitoly této práce obsahují ucelený popis konstrukce sond a kosmických lodí, jejich vědeckých experimentů a následnou realizací misí.
Information System for Internet Service Provider
Straňák, Slavomír ; Ruttkay, Ladislav (referee) ; Tobola, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis describe information system for internet service provider (ISP) with NetFlow technology for monitoring of networks. The thesis characterizes whole NetFlow architecture, individual protocols, their best advantages and frequency application. It specifies detail design and implementation of information system and their basic parts. To achievement this design was applied technology XHTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, which offer strong implement for making of dynamic application available on network Internet.
Flexible Network Flow Measurement
Varga, Ladislav ; Tobola, Jiří (referee) ; Žádník, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with designing the probe used for measuring network flows. It contains theoretical analysis of network measurment topic, description of algorithms and principles used for network flow measurement. Emphasis on the probe architecture lies on efficient indexing algorithm and flow record flexibility, such that user is able to define format of flow record.
Analysis of the earth dam monitoring of the water structure Karolinka
Koudelková, Eva ; Novotná, Jitka (referee) ; Pařílková, Jana (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the monitoring of the Karolinka water reservoir earth dam. For the reason of seepage detected on the downstream face of the dam, the water reservoir was operated in a limited regime practically from its beginning. One of the most significant interventions aimed at reducing them was the installation of a sealing wall realized in 2013. Since 2011, the earth dam has been pilot-monitored by probes of the electrical impedance spectrometry method. The thesis deals with the processing of the data obtained by this method and with the comparison of the determined electrical conductivity of the dam soil with the data measured on the earth dam (temperature, water level in the reservoir, seepage) before and after installation of the sealing wall.
Possibilities of detection of water content in porous environments using electrical impedance spectrometry method
Fejfarová, Marie ; Bartušek,, Karel (referee) ; Bednárová,, Emilia (referee) ; Pařílková, Jana (advisor)
This doctoral thesis with the title “Possibilities of Detecting the Water Content in a Porous Medium Using the Method of Electrical Impedance Spectrometry introduces electrical impedance spectrometry (EIS) as an indirect electrical method of measurement and a tested apparatus for application in water management practice and in material engineering. A wide range of porous media in the area of water management have been narrowed within the preparation of this dissertation thesis to available samples of chiefly sandy soils and in material engineering to typical building materials, which are still solid burnt brick and timber. Measurement took place in the Laboratory of Water Management Research of the Department of Water Structures and in the Laboratory of the Department of Building Materials and Components at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of Brno University of Technology, in the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics of the company GEOtest, a.s. and in the Laboratory of the foreign university KU Leuven, KHBO in the City of Oostende, Belgium. The experiments performed required not only the production of special constructions of measuring probes and their connection, but also modifications of stations at which measurement was carried out. It is possible to use this doctoral dissertation thesis as a methodological manual of how to apply the measuring apparatus based on the EIS method in monitoring changes in the water content in selected porous media due to hydrodynamic stress imposed on it.
Design of portable ultrasound device
Koluchová, Petra ; Rubínová, Dana (referee) ; Haltof, Vladimír (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with a conception of portable ultrasound devices. The main object is to design a device fulfilling all requirements and eliminating weak aspects of those already on sale. One problem with cable damage was solved by implementing wireless controls. Portable ultrasonography machines allow doctors to perform fast ambulant examinations.
Design of Portable Ultrasound Device
Sedláková, Jana ; Buganská, Tamara (referee) ; Křenek, Ladislav (advisor)
The goal of bachelor thesis is proposing design of portable ultrasound device, which could be a complement of existing range of this type with respecting all technical and aesthetic requirements. This device should be convenient mainly for doctor’s necessities and for giving brief information about foetus of pregnant women
Monitoring of the earth-fill dam of the Karolinka waterworks
Svoboda, Vojtěch ; Novotná, Jitka (referee) ; Pařílková, Jana (advisor)
The bachelor‘s thesis is focused on selected parameters monitoring of the earth dam of hydraulic structure Karolinka. The first outflow areas on the Karolinka dam air face were already observed and the seepages were measured after the first filling. As a result, in addition to standard monitoring, monitoring of the dam by electrical impedance spectrometry was started in 2011. During the reconstruction of the dam in 2013 was realized the construction of the sealing wall for minimalized of seepages. The selected data were compared before and after reconstruction of the hydraulic structure Karolinka. The bachelor‘s thesis was realized within the sustainability of the international project E!7614 of EUREKA program.
Device for measurement the air flow under the vehicle
Šilar, Josef ; Blaťák, Ondřej (referee) ; Vančura, Jan (advisor)
The target of this thesis is construction design of a device for measuring flow bellow a vehicle. To deep dive into the problem first there is theory of driving resistance, flow and aerodynamics followed by the practical part. Also it solves completion of CFD model to detect flow field bellow vehicle while using this device.
Memory Reduction of Stateful Network Traffic Processing
Hlaváček, Martin ; Puš, Viktor (referee) ; Kořenek, Jan (advisor)
This master thesis deals with the problems of memory reduction in the stateful network traffic processing. Its goal is to explore new possibilities of memory reduction during network processing. As an introduction this thesis provides motivation and reasons for need to search new method for the memory reduction. In the following part there are theoretical analyses of NetFlow technology and two basic methods which can in principle reduce memory demands of stateful processing. Later on, there is described the design and implementation of solution which contains the application of these two methods to NetFlow architecture. The final part of this work summarizes the main properties of this solution during interaction with real data.

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