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Solar systems utilization for family house energy demand
Šamanová, Jaroslava ; Toman, Filip (referee) ; Sitek, Tomáš (advisor)
Solar systems are more and more common part of residential houses. Main reason for this, is that solar elements are state-supported with subsidies, which is reducing payback time of these investments. At the same time, the prices for these systems are dropping. The state support is connected with effort to reduce dependancy on non-renewable energy sources, e.g. coal powerplants, which are polluting atmosphere. State administration i salso the reason for large scale solar powerplant constructions, which are, according to some opinions, misshaping the landscape and covering large areas of sometimes fertile land.
Connection of Solar Power Plant and Water management
Zajíček, Michal ; Vrána, Michal (referee) ; Baxant, Petr (advisor)
In the bachelor's thesis Connection of Solar Power Plant and Water management the author designs the technical solution of pump control using solar energy. The main reason is to make an automatic system for pumping the rainwater through filters due to increasing its quality. Powering the device with a solar power plant will reduce the energy requirements and will also make it possible to store surplus energy from the solar power plant into the potential energy of the water. The result of the work is the compact device with an automatic control system designed to control small 12 V pumps, theoretical design of the photovoltaic power plant to power the device and theoretical analysis of solar energy and water management issues.
Využití solární energie v podmínkách ČR
Raichl, Lukáš
Bachelor thesis on the topic of solar energy Utilization in Conditions of the Czech Republic discusses about the photovoltaic and solar thermal systems. Describes their history, current situation and their use. In the text, there are mentioned materials and technologies, that are used to produce them and their conditions of use. The text concludes in an evaluation and deployment of solar technologies in the conditions of the Czech Republic, the analysis of the technology from the energy and economic point of view.
Úloha obnovitelných zdrojů energie v rozvoji venkova - případová studie Poličska
Bidmon, Pavel
The thesis deals with the issue of renewable resources in general terms. It describes advantages and disadvantages of individual renewable sources and their potential in rural areas. The thesis focuses on the area of the MAS Poličsko. Natural conditions of the area are described first (in term geomorphological, climatic conditions, agriculture and forestry, etc.). Based on the acquired knowledge, it was assessed that the use of solar and biomass energy seems to be the most suitable for the area. Furthermore, existing renewable resources (incl. photos) and brownfields, which represent one of the possibilities for effective solar power placement, were examined and described. The main part of the thesis consists of designing photovoltaic and solar system and a biomass boiler for two family houses located in Polička. Calculations were performed using the interactive application PVGIS, “Kotlíkové kalkulačky” and Microsoft Excel. The results show that the use of a variant of photovoltaic system (variant A1) is the most advantageous.
Možnosti využití obnovitelných zdrojů energie v agrárním sektoru
Varha, Natalia
The bachelor thesis elaborates an overview of the use and application of renewable energy sources in the agrarian sector, focusing on the Czech Republic. It also deals with designed model example of a photovoltaic power plant for the farm and it´s economic evaluation.
Possibilities of implementation of solar systems in Albania
Bařinková, Jana
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of photovoltaic solar systems and the possibilities of their implementation in Albania. The aim of the thesis is to identify the role of supportive schemes on the development of PV systems and assess institutional conditions of the photovoltaic system market and possibilities for business activities of Czech companies in the Albanian PV sector. Within the theoretical part, basic terms related to solar energy were defined, and the importance of supportive frameworks in promotion of implementation of solar systems was identified. Furthermore, the definition of the role of solar energy in developing countries and its impact on the economic condition of these countries was characterized. The practical part provides an overview of the Albanian energy market and solar energy potential of the selected country. The description of the pilot installation was conducted with representatives of all participants of the installation - government, investors, and implementers. All aspects concerning the conception of photovoltaic projects in Albania were defined with the help of the information obtained during interviews.
Design of Hybrid Photovoltaic Inverter
Makarova, Anastasia ; Křenek, Ladislav (referee) ; Sovják, Richard (advisor)
Bachelor thesis resolve a design of 3 phase hybrid photovoltaic inverter. The work includes design and technical analysis of the current market. The final product solution meets the technical and ergonomic requirements and keeps the originally appearance. The device is designed for use indoor and outdoor.
Control of decentralized energy sources and storage systems
Maksimovich, Valeriia ; Wannous, Kinan (referee) ; Šedrlová, Magdalena (advisor)
Žijeme ve století, ve kterém jen těžko dovedeme představit život bez elektrické energie. Vznikajicí malé elektrárny, které vyrábějí elektřinu z obnovitelných zdrojů energie vyvolali potřebu v přisnějším řizení, inteligentním měření a změny Evropského trhu s elektřinou. Hlavní otázka spočívá v tom, jak zajistit spolehlivé, bezpečné a udržitelné dodávky energie a současně minimalizovat náklady a znečištění životního prostředí. Jedním ze způsobů je integrace decentralizovaných zdrojů energie do sítě. Tato práce se zabývá konceptem decentralizované výroby energie, paralelním provozem s distribuční sítí, akumulací a pokročilými způsoby řízení zdrojů. Práce také poskytuje přehled účastníků trhu s energií, jako jsou napřiklad obchodníci s elektrickou energií, agregátoři a lokakní distribuční soustavy.
Solar energy support in the Czech Republic in 2006-2016
Štěch, Martin ; Lukášová, Tereza (advisor) ; Maule, Petr (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze the efficiency of solar energy support in the Czech Republic in 2006-2016. The paper shows the progressive development of photovoltaics, including economic and political impacts. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the position of the Czech Republic in the Europe 2020 program in terms of increasing the representation of renewable resources. The aim of the thesis is to find out whether there are negative externalities in supporting solar energy. In the theoretical part, the work is first devoted to the Czech Republic's energy sector, including renewable resources, energy policy and then to the development of the photovoltaic system. The practical part evaluates the efficiency of solar energy support in the Czech Republic in the chosen period. Support for solar energy seems to be economically inefficient both for the construction of large or small systems. The next part shows that the Czech Republic fulfills the criteria set by Europe 2020. The benefit of the thesis is the evaluation that solar energy support is not effective and causes negative externalities.
Modern Technologies for Household Heating
Škvařil, Ondřej ; Štelcl, Otakar (referee) ; Lisý, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with a general summary of the basic knowledge of the heating of a family house. The work is focused on new and advanced heating technologies and the analysis of the model house with the solution.

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