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Employment of persons with intellectual disabilities.
Hošková, Jitka ; Šiška, Jan (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
The bachelor's thesis on the topic of employment of people with mental disabilities deals with understanding the process of transition of people with mental disabilities on the labor market. The research focuses on the expectations of employees with mental disabilities from work, on the relationships in the work team and on the process of learning for employees with mental disabilities in the workplace. Our intention is to provide in depth insight into this process, which is why we have chosen a qualitative research design for our research. The obtained results are based on analyses of interviews with four employees with mental dissabilities. We process data using the method of open and closed coding.
Aspect of Social Integration of Unaccompanied Immigrant Female Minors in Italy: the Case of Nigerian Females
Dvořáčková, Lenka ; Wladyniak, Ludmila Maria (advisor) ; De Oliveira Filho, José Hildo (referee)
This thesis researches aspects of (re)socialization and integration of unaccompanied female minor immigrants in Italy. The thesis aims to present an overview of the immigration situation in Italy. The focus is on Nigerian girls as Nigeria is the country of origin of the majority of unaccompanied female minors hosted in reception centres in Italy. There is a discussion on who these minors are and why they migrated. The theoretical background is based on a theory of Social Integration developed by Bosswick and Hackmann who defined Social Integration as being a four-dimensional process, consisting of structural, cultural, interactive and identificational aspects. This is an ethnographic study and was carried out though the mean of participant observation in a reception centre located in Sicily. The analysis of the field notes was done in accordance with the 4-demnsional model proposed by Bosswick and Hackmann.
Social integration of Czechs and Slovaks working in Taiwan
Kovářová, Martina ; Čermák, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Horálek, Adam (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is focused on providing a thorough insight into the process of integration of Czechs and Slovacs working in Taiwan in 4 dimensions of integration (structural, cultural, interactive, identificational) from the point of view of the migrants themselves and considering the psychological aspects as well. Another aim is to identify determinants possibly facilitating the whole process, and related obstacles, too. To meet the aims of the thesis, a qualitative research has been conducted on the basis of semi-structured interviews. Twelve interviewees took part in these interviews. The findings from the interviews suggest for example that despite participation in the labour market, the nature of their work experience was sometimes illegal, and therefore problematic. Survey also suggests related key obstacles of their integration process such as language barrier and cultural differences. Attitude of the majority society, access to institutional system and social networks were rather contributory factors. Keywords acculturation - dimensions of social integration - psychological acculturation - social integration - Taiwan
Ending homelessness in the Czech Republic: Application of the Housing First model to the Czech environment
Cachová, Tereza ; Klvačová, Petra (advisor) ; Pěnkava, Pavel (referee)
In times such as these, when there is a rapid increase of people facing a housing crisis in the Czech Republic and the attempts to create and enforce the Law on Social Housing, people look at models from the Western countries, such as Housing First. Such models could provide possible solution for the housing situation of many people and also improve the quality of their lives. This particular method appeared in the 1990s USA and was aimed especially for people without homes who suffer from a mental disorder and alcohol or drug addiction at the same time. The main idea is that housing should not be a reward for successful solution of life problems but something that a person needs to start dealing with their troubles. In cases when people are given a place to live for a reduced rent, with the help of a social worker they can very often keep it up and they have the chance to deal with other problems connected to homelessness. The efficiency of the model is explored through experimental projects that do not look only at the percentage of people who are able to keep up their home but also the positive impact on their health or employability. With the spread of this method to Canada, Europe and Australia, certain aspects of Housing First were adapted to local contexts. Many subsequent projects use only...
Activization activities of disabled people in the day care centre in Borovany
This Bachelor thesis outlines issues of activism and related activities available to people with disabilities in the Nazaret Borovany Centre. The Bachelor thesis describes concepts such as social services, methods of social work, social inclusion, objectives and roles of activism. Furthermore, the description of activation activities as a tool of social work for integrating people with disabilities into society. The Aim of the Bachelor thesis was to identify the impact of activation activities on the integration process of people with disabilities. The Research survey was carried out through semi-structured interviews, accompanied with active observations and documents analysis.
Social integration of immigrants and the attitude of the native population in European countries
Sargsyan, Vahan
In this paper, I focus on the relationships between the attitude of the native population towards immigrants and immigration (ATII) in 20 European countries and the level of social integration and perceived discrimination of first and second generation immigrants in those countries. The stringency of naturalization policies in the host countries is also taken into consideration as a mechanism of the development of these relationships. The results confirm that a country’s naturalization policies fairly represent most ATII indicators, and that immigrants feel less discriminated against in more welcoming societies. However, no systematic relationship was revealed between the attitude of the native population and the social integration of immigrants. On the other hand, the results suggest lower perceived discrimination and higher social integration of first generation immigrants in countries where the naturalization status of immigrants is more secured, and the possibility of dual nationality is more restricted. The results also show that the perceived discrimination of immigrants does not decline with the duration of residence in the host countries, but the latter revealed a positive relationship with the social integration of immigrants.\n
Work with risk in residential social services
Šmok, Petr ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the term risk in human life in general, as it is seen in the society and defined by current knowledge in the field of social science. Furthermore, the thesis explores the risk as a phenomenon connected to the social services. The social integration of disadvantaged groups of inhabitants into majority society have brought with it the need to defend the rights of people with disabilities, with an emphasis on their active involvement in everyday life, in seeking the opportunity to experience those situations that define this life. This focus brings a number of theoretical solutions for risk planning with respect to clients of social services. These solutions have been further taken into account in this section of the thesis. The experimental part of thesis focuses on the perception of risks by the employees who work in residential facilities in Zlín district, directly taking care of clients. This part of the thesis provides a relevant insight into risk awareness in selected residential facilities and its active use in practice. Consequently, it deals with other factors that may affect employees of facilities for people with disabilities when assessing risk planning and generally concerning their perception of the risk phenomenon in clients with mental disabilities. On the...
A case study on the methodological measurability of integrational project's success
Walser, Michael ; Hájek, Martin (advisor) ; Čada, Karel (referee)
ii Abstract The topic of his thesis, "Social Sustainability", arising from the social sciences, specifically sociology, has naturally its core focus on society and its functioning. To be more exact, the functioning of society in context of integration, which is an ever more growing topic in the globalised world we live in. In relation to this thesis, an integrational project/workshop has been carried out at a folk high school, Brandbjerg, in Denmark, with the purpose to practically test, the methodological measurability of change in subjectivity. Worth mentioning, that the hosting community, in terms of immigration, was in focus and its perception on variation of habitus. Hereto, Q-Methodology from William Stephenson functioned as the foundation for the development of the workshop, as well as it aided the analysis of the therefrom taken data, to determine a change in the participants subjectivity. The aim of this practical implementation, was to put the findings into perspective of the theoretical framework of sustainability, specifically social sustainability. The findings served in combination with face to face interaction as part of social integration, to underline the need for sustainable integration and an alteration of social sustainability upon further research. A tendency was determined as being the...
SIMI Annual Report 2016
Sdružení pro integraci a migraci
Annual report on activities, projects and management of Association for integration and migration in 2016.
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