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Work with atypical children group with an aim on the development of social ability
Pavlatová, Aneta ; Sotáková, Hana (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
This Diploma thesis focuses on the development of social skills in an atypical child group, particularly in the children`s homes groups. The goal of this research is to find out, whether a social skills programme can be implemented in the specific group. Further it is aiming to identify deficits in social skills of these children and to create activities, that would help with those areas to develop. The theoretical part deals with social skills and psychosocial development of children in primary school age. This part also focuses on the development specifics of children growing up in children`s homes and the principles and policies of work with the child group and the options of the children development. The empiric part contains the description of the methodology and analysis of the obtained data. In its first half, the empiric part focuses on the analysis of the extracts from the survey of work with the children. In its second half, it analyses the topics, that were frequently appearing in the survey. The thesis is enriched by detailed case studies of the children and extracts from the research diary. The goals of the thesis describe the particular areas of the social skills, in which the children fail and further reflect on the topics influencing the success rate of the systematic work with the...
Social skills of convicted men
Humpálová, Hana ; Soukupová, Tereza (advisor) ; Goldmann, Petr (referee)
This thesis concerns a question, if social skills of convicted men are the same as social skills of men who have been never convicted. In terms of theoretical part there is an issue of prisons closely analysed including concrete problems of Czech prison system. Except overflowing, there is a problem of high recidivism and to that related imperfect postpenitenciar care, prisonization, lack of privacy and intimity of prisoners etc. Furthermore, potential impacts of imprisoning on psychical state of prisoners are analysed - prisoners are more often apathetic, they lose social contacts to people out of the prison, they also lose a possibility to decide for themselves and their lives. In theoretical part of thesis there is also Thematic Apperception Test described. It was given to two groups of research participants - a group of convicted men and a group of never convicted men. Thematic Apperception Tests were evaluated by Social Orientation Scale afterwards. Retrieved data were interpreted in exploratory part of thesis.
Intimate relationships of people with schizophrenia
Říhová, Anna ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
The thesis is dedicated to intimate relationships of people with schizophrenic disorder (F20). The aim of this study was to determine the importance of intimate relationships attributed by women and men with schizophrenia in young adulthood. Their experience, ideals and expectations of partnership were also investigated. The theoretical part is divided into three parts. The first chapter describes the illness of schizophrenia, its characteristics, etiology, epidemiology, symptoms, deficits in cognitive and social functioning as well as current treatments oriented at psychosocial intervention. In the second chapter, the topic of partnerships of common people is presented. The third chapter describes the theme of partnerships in persons with schizophrenic disorder itself. The empirical part is based on qualitative methodology. Semi-structured interviews were undertaken with 11 respondents, investigating intimate relationships and sexuality of people with schizophrenia. The results are properly described and afterwards discussed with the available literature. In the conclusion, it is recommended further research and intervention in social relationships among people with schizophrenia.
Maturity to kindergarten entrance
Králová, Barbora ; Opravilová, Eva (advisor) ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (referee)
The purpose of this study is to analyse the level of maturity of children older than two years in the context of their potential integration in the public preschool education system before they reach the age of three years. The first chapter discusses the opinion of the EU Council of the preschool education, its ambition to promote the institutional care in line with the equal opportunities for men and women policy, and the situation in EU member states as regards meeting the 2002 Barcelona goals. The second chapter describes the current legislative and institutional framework in the Czech Republic. It focuses on the applicable legislation, namely the Parental Subsidy Act as amended, and the existing framework of the institutional care in question. The key focus of the third chapter is on children and their needs. The third chapter elaborates on various factors influencing their development such as family situation, age and other individual particularities. The last chapter of the theoretical part is on maturity of a child younger than three years from the point of view of the developmental psychology. The practical part surveys children maturity based on the environment examination in kindergartens, crèches and children homes. It encompasses observations of three children from their day one in...
Integration of school - aged students with atypic autism
Szkanderová, Ivana ; Šumníková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Zemková, Jaroslava (referee)
Summary: The thesis deals with integrated pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) who were diagnosed with atypical autism, and at the same time it deals with their social skills and abilities to initiate these skills. The first part deals with the general theory of autism and atypical autism. The next chapter of this thesis is devoted to integrated education, possibilities of integration and individual educational plan as the base for educating the integrated children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The third chapter is devoted to social skills in general and at the same time deals with social skills of integrated children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The last chapter, devoted to practical research with the use of case study method, deals with social skills of boys with atypical autism and their use in practice. The aim is to summarize and formulate available information on social skills of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder who have been diagnosed with atypical autism. The thesis also determines if integrated children with ASD are able to initiate a social contact themselves.
Educational influence of Drama in Education on social and mental developement of pupils with learning difficutilties of the grade at Walfdorf school.
Špelinová, Lenka ; Svobodová, Radmila (advisor) ; Marušák, Radek (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the educational influence of the subject of creative drama on psychosocial development of pupils with special learning difficulties (SLD) on 1st grade of Waldorf school. The work is focused mainly on the development of communication skills, respecting the boundaries, instructions and cooperation in the classroom using methods and techniques of drama education with pupils with SLD in 2nd half of 2nd grade and 1st half of 3rd class. The theoretical part defines the four basic parts of this diploma thesis psychosocial development of children of younger school age, special learning difficulties (SLD), accompanying phenomena and their influence on the psychosocial development of the child, characteristics of Waldorf school, methods and techniques of drama education. The practical part deals with the development of communication, cooperation, observance of rules, understanding of the topic and the ability of its interpretation of individuals and the whole group in the lessons of creative drama. In the lessons, we experienced key themes of the Waldorf School. The whole process is recorded and evaluated using record sheets from each lesson.
Social skills of teachers and possibilities of their development orientated on beginning teachers
Štěrbová, Nina ; Šírová, Eva (advisor) ; Mertin, Václav (referee)
This thesis "Social skills of teachers and possibilities of their development, orientated on beginning teachers" looks into posibility of utilization of videotraining of interactions method (VTI) for development of social skills in teachers-beginners. Theoretical part focuses on analysis of current state in pre- and postgraduated education, its oriented on their personality and social skills, mainly on communication skills. Practical part deals with presence of development of social skills in beginning teachers. Effect of VTI of the development is tested. This method is prepared for this goal. Collected data comes from observation of 14 teachers and this data are analyzed by programm V.I.P. The outcome is a fact that VTI method has significant influence on global development of teacher's social skills. VTI has positive influence in field "activation of students" (mainly affirmative attachement and paraphrasing students" statements).
Personality and social education and its influence on the classroom climate
Ulvrová, Renata ; Krčmářová, Tereza (advisor) ; Kargerová, Jana (referee)
This work is focused on the topic of school class climate and its enhancement by the methods of personality and social education in a concrete class where the author is working as a teacher. The theoretical part is dedicated to the class climate and its characteristics. It describes what influences, by which methods it can be investigated and what can it be influenced by. In the practical part the author uses the methods of the teacher's active research to investigate the climate in her own class and also self-reflexively examines herself from the view of the beginning teacher. During the time period of one school year continually monitors the climate in her class and states the most effective ways towards improvement. The results of the research show that the methods of personality and social education have an influence to the class climate if they are used in a natural and casual manner. KEY WORDS: Class climate, teacher's active research, beginning teacher, social skills, self - reflection, begin together, personality and social education, cooperation, relations, pre - puberty, problematic pupil, method.
Canine assisted therapy, a support in the development of social skills and communication of children with autism spectrum disorder
Mrzenová, Kateřina ; Květoňová, Lea (advisor) ; Zemková, Jaroslava (referee)
SUMMARY: This thesis deals with canine assisted therapy as a support in the development of social skills and communication of children with autism spectrum disorder and is based on the professional literature and analysis of the therapy's influence on the development of personality in individuals with autism spectrum disorder. The introduction describes autism spectrum disorders, emphasising their social characteristics and communication of individuals with autism spectrum disorders. The second part deals with canine assisted therapy, its methods and forms, as well as, its specific pedagogical use. The third part of the thesis studies the case of a boy with autism spectrum disorder who regularly attended canine assisted therapy. This thesis uses the following methodology: analysis of professional literature, participant observation, informal interview, questionnaire, video analysis and the case study data analysis. This thesis concludes in the finding that canine assisted therapy supports the development of social skills and non-verbal communication of children with autism spectrum disorder. The support of canine assisted therapy in the development of verbal communication of children with autism spectrum disorder was not proven. The results gained in this thesis may contribute to a more frequent use of...

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