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Shift work and its impact on quality of live
MRÁZOVÁ, Veronika
The work process is a significant component of every person's lifestyle, as we spend a large amount of time at work. It is therefore logical that the characteristics of the job affect the quality of life. This thesis explores the impact of shift work on the quality of life. Around 20 % of all workers worldwide work in shifts, which is a significant part of the population. Shift work is essential in some fields, such as industry, healthcare, and emergency services, for example. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the basic terms and informs about research and conclusions related to irregular shift system, night work, and sleep deficiency. The practical part of the work is the evaluation of a questionnaire survey among the employees of Budějovice Budvar, n.p., who work in different shift regimes. The WHOQOL - BREF questionnaire was used for the investigation.
Harmonization of family and work life of Czech nurses
Ledvinková, Karolína ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Dorková, Zlatica (referee)
This project deals wih a very imporant issue of the Czech nurses' work and family life and its harmonization. In the theoretical part I try to deal with the role of a nurse as a profession, shiftwork and its difficulties, and last but not least the role of a woman in a family. The main attention is focused on a conflict between a professional and family life and how to harmonize these two aspects. Described are also previous surveys concerning work and family. Aims: The aim of my project was to find out whether and to what extend nurses manage to harmonize their work and family life in shiftwork. I also try to discuss the traditional division of the roles in family. Methods: For my research I used my own questionnaire supplemented with questions from previous surveys. The questionnaire was distributed among nurses in Pardubice hospital a.s. inpatient department of surgical and internal medicine clinic. To process the results Microsoft Excel and Statistica CZ 12 programme were used. Results: Most respondents assume that it is hard to combine work and family life. Only 53,85 % of questioned nurses believe that they manage their work and family life with no problems. The rest of respondents think that they manage their work and family life at the expense of their family or they manage half and half....
Eating habits of shiftworkers
The bachelor thesis contains a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part describes basic diet components, a large part is dedicated to circadian rhythm and its influence on our health. Health risks connected to shiftwork are also mentioned. Further, a hormone known as melatonin that plays a significant role in our sleep, is described. The objective of this bachelor thesis was to map out eating habits of people whose work is run in shifts. The survey was processed using a qualitative method. Data was collected using semi-structured interviews with questions prepared beforehand and a record of weekly diet plans. Interviews were carried out with 10 individuals of medical staff whose work run in 12 full-hour shifts. The results prove that individuals working in shifts include meat and dairy products most often as the source of protein. Protein intake is higher during day shift. Intake of carbohydrates most often comes from bread and side dishes that are a part of meals. Intake of legumes is seldom included in the respondents´ diets. During night shift, smaller portions are consumed and intake of liquids is higher during day shift. Out of the informants´ diet plans we found out that intake of fiber is low. Snacks usually consist of fruit, dairy products or bread and something. The survey has proven that lunch offer is taken advantage of by an insignificant number of informants, dinner is taken advantage of in a minimum of cases. We have also found out that most informants consume food up to midnight during night shifts and until the end of their shift they consume only liquids. Energetic drinks are not an important part of drinking regime in shiftwork. Coffee intake is higher during day shift. The results of this bachelor thesis may serve both, the lay and expert public. Creating an informative leaflet with ditary habit recommendations is a part of this thesis.
Stress management and Working Hours
This Bachelor thesis deals with a topic of stress management and types of working hours. The main aim of this Bachelor thesis is to understand better how to deal with stress, which types of stress factors do we differentiate and how to predict them. Then which types of working hours exists and which ones are more important for better lifestyle. The research is based on cooperation with company, which produces a machinery for automotive and medical industry. The information obtained from the literary are the basis of an questionnaire which is created for the employees of the company. The questions of the questionnaire are mainly about how employees deal with stress connected with their job.
The shift work like one those factors which affect nurser's and paramedics's the quality of life who work in intensive care of hospital facility
Kučera, David ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Haluzíková, Jana (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis: Shift operation as one of the factors influencing the quality of life of nurses and paramedics working in intensive care in a healthcare facility was to find out whether and to what extent shift performance affects the quality of sleep respondents and how the mentioned quality of sleep reflected in the overall quality of life of the survey participants. The bachelor thesis has a traditional structure. The theoretical part of the thesis contains a selection of knowledge related to the solved issue. Brief attention is paid to biorhythms, sleep, characteristics of shift operation, workload, stress, fatigue, etc. In the empirical part of the bachelor thesis are presented information about their own research and its main results. The survey was carried out in the form of a questionnaire (the questionnaire consisted of three standardized questionnaires supplemented by anamnestic social demographic data of the respondents). Questionnaires were submitted in three Prague hospitals. The sample examined had 114 respondents. The results of the survey are presented in large tabular overviews supplemented by commentary. The chapter discusses the results of their own work in relation to the previously established hypotheses and presents the results of 425 statistical analyzes. In...
BUSINESS PLAN - Developing an Attedance Software
Indra, Jan ; Brauner, Roman (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
My Bachelor Thesis will contain a professional description of the creation of a web application, designed for the planning of the breakdown of the work attendance. I elaborate the theoretical starting point, the description of the application creation, the sales marketing strategy and the assumption of financial balance, coupled with development and profits.
Rational nutrition of paramedics in workshift
Hillová, Dagmar ; Nováková, Alena (advisor) ; Marková, Eva (referee)
HILLOVÁ, Dagmar: Rational nutrition of paramedics in workshift. [Bachelor thesis]. Charles University in Prague. 1 faculty of medicine; Nutritional therapist. Consultant: Mgr. Nováková Alena. Prague, 2017, 46s. Thesis discusses the rational eating habits of medics, paramedics and nurses who work shifts. The theoretical part describes principles of balanced nutrition with regards of rotating day and night shifts, the impact of poor diet on the job performance and on health of an individual. The work is focused not only on nutrition, but also on aspects that are closely related to nutrition, such as smoking and regular physical activity. The aim was to identify weaknesses in eating habits and then suggest possible and effective solutions considering the financial options of health facilities. Selected problem was solved by quantitative research using questionnaire methods. The questionnaire was directly focusing on different aspects of rational nutrition, smoking, sports activities and its own position towards health and nutrition. The observed data were graphically and numerically processed into graphs, and comparisons were made based on the age of the respondents and the country in which they operate (Slovakia or Czech Republic). In this work, there were suggested possible solutions in terms of...
The need to sleep with nurses
Janečková, Pavlína ; Marsová, Jana (advisor) ; Vyskočilová, Jana (referee)
Thesis deals with the need for sleep among nurses. It consists of two parts: theoretical and research. In the theoretical part I concentrate on physiology, classification and definition needs to sleep alone hierarchy of needs and the importance of sleep. I also deal with effects of sleep on bodily functions, factors affecting sleep, sleep duration among different age groups and a separate chapter with an overview of sleep disorders. On chapter fault I focused a little more detail because of the connection with the empirical part where I evaluated the most frequent disorder occurring in nurses in practice, the recommended solution physician or sleep duration required for sufficient rest. One chapter consists of recommendations in the form of sleep hygiene, which can lead to improved sleep habits. The empirical part consists of a quantitative research study conducted using pre-printed anonymous questionnaires. My research group consisted of single-shift nurses and multi-shift orthopedic, internal, surgical and pediatric ward of the hospital in Jablonec nad Nisou. Of the 120 questionnaires distributed, was eventually used to my job 104. Implementation of the survey took place from February 2015. The aim of this survey was to map quantitative frequently reported disorders and consequences associated...

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