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Challenges in Providing Unpublished Research Data in Biomedical Engineering to Grey Literature Repositories
Francová, Pavla ; Krueger, Stephanie
Regardless of the scientific field or focus, every researcher produces during his or her career a multitude of unpublished research data such as laboratory diaries, grant proposals, images etc. Although making such data more accessible undoubtedly has value for researchers, they are currently not shared in open repositories. Why are researchers still reluctant to actively use grey literature repositories for unpublished contextual materials and data? Authors will discuss how scientists might be encouraged to add such material to grey literature repositories and specific examples of unpublished research data will be shown in connection to model scientifi c project.
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Making data in PhD dissertations reusable for research
Schöpfel, Joachim ; Malleret, Cécile
How can an academic library contribute to make data submitted together with PhD dissertations useful for further research? Our paper provides some recommendations for information professionals, based on a review of studies and projects and on empirical evidence from a content analysis of data sources and types from 300 print and digital dissertations in social sciences and humanities (1987–2013) and a survey on data management conducted with more than 300 scientists and PhD students in April and May 2015 on the Lille campus.
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From an institutional repository to the Base of Knowledge – case study
Kubrak, Weronika
The Warsaw University of Technology Base of Knowledge it is not only an institutional repository but also a good place to promote the scientific activities of the University staff. Unquestionable benefit of this Base is that it allows to present not only published papers but also collect e.g.: patents and projects documentations, professional activities of our staff and students dissertations. The paper presents the advantages of the system which combines functions of a repository and the Base of Knowledge functions.
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Legal aspects of primary scientific results
Myška, Matěj
This contribution focuses on the legal aspects of raw grey literature that is understood as yet to be published, interim or incomplete scientific results like raw primary data or drafts of scientific articles. Specifically the contribution deals with two problematic areas: 1) liability for damages resulting from inadequate (or even forbidden) use of the results and possibilities of limitation thereof; 2) ownership of such grey literature and contractual possibility to dispose therewith after it has been offered to official publication (i.e. the copyright issues of pre-prints, post-prints and publisher’s edition).
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OA to scientifi c publications and research data in Horizon 2020
Kratěnová, Jana
During presentation titled “OA to scientific publications and research data in Horizon 2020” reasons for introducing obligation on OA to scientifi c information in Horizon 2020 will be presented together with description of steps on how to fulfill the said obligation. Speaker will also talk about relevant legal aspects of OA as well as OA news and updates as seen from the speaker´s perspective acting as national contact point for legal aspects of Horizon 2020 and national point of reference for scientific information.
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Repository workflow for interlinking research data with grey literature
Vompras, Johanna ; Schirrwagen, Jochen
Publishing data is more and more considered as part of the research process. While funder mandates and journal policies demand the disclosure of research data at the time of article publication there is still a lack of guidelines and workflows to reference data from grey literature. Based on multidisciplinary examples found in our repository “PUB” we present a user friendly generalized framework for interlinking research data with grey literature. This way, we are not only increasing the number of “grey” non-textual research outputs – including data publications – but also foster awareness of its sharing and re-use in scientific communities.
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LIBER 44th Annual Conference: Towards Open Science
Žižková, Štěpánka
Na konferenci LIBER konané ve dnech 24. – 26. 6. 2015 v budově Imperial Colledge v Londýně účastnice této služební cesty vyslechla přednášky zejména z tematického okruhu Open Acces, Open Data a Open Science, metody zpřístupnění informací pro vědeckou a akademickou komunitu a účastnila se jednání jak v rámci četných workshopů, tak i práce a hlasování v plénu.
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National Repository of Grey Literature
Pejšová, Petra ; Vyčítalová, Hana
Prezentace k přednášce pronesené v bloku "Co se děje v oblasti digitálních repozitářů a OA" v rámci konference Otevřené repozitáře 2015.
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LIBER 43rd Annual Conference
Svoboda, Martin ; Žižková, Štěpánka
Na konferenci LIBER konané ve dnech 2. – 4. 7. 2014 v Národní knihovně Lotyšska v Rize účastníci této služební cesty vyslechli přednášky zejména z tematického okruhu Open Acces, metody zpřístupnění informací pro vědeckou a akademickou komunitu a účastnili se jednání jak v rámci četných workshopů, tak i práce a hlasování v plénu. Do řídícího výboru LIBER byl zvolen zástupce z NTK
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