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Partnership and client approach in collaboration of family and school
Slancová, Ladislava ; Poche Kargerová, Jana (advisor) ; Vallin, Petra (referee)
The theoretical part deals with the importance of partnership and cooperation of family and school. It focuses on different forms and best educational climate for the students. Clarifies innovative communication during the time the schools werw closed. The empirical part deals with the research of communicational between parents and school within the chosen school. It uses the formo f a structured interview, focal group and questionnaires for parents and pedagogs. It maps the cooperation of the school with family during the normal operation and in time of distance learning. KEYWORDS school, teacher, family, student, family and school cooperation, first stage of elementary school, experience, opinions, questionnaire, partnership, client approach, distance learning
The impact of available social support on the academic success of high school students
Svobodová, Kristýna ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
This diploma thesis was created to gain and write down the main findings about the issue of social support and its influence on the school success of students of selected grammar schools, and secondary vocational schools in Pilsen region. The findings are divided into three chapters, in which the basic findings are defined, which are based on professional literature and foreign studies in the given areas. In these chapters, concepts such as self- concept, adolescence, motivation, school success and failure, social network and three basic components of human formation in the form of family, school and peer group are defined. The research part focuses on the processing of the data, which was obtained through a standardized questionnaire, the Child and Adolescent Social Support Questionnaire (CASSS-CZ), supplemented with demographic data. There were 310 students participating in the questionnaire survey. The obtained data were processed with using the statistical method of correlation, descriptive statistics and the statistical tool of one-factor ANOVA. After analyzing the data, we concluded that social support is important for an individual and his/her school success. However, at the same time, its level is not different with respect to the gender of the individual or the type of school which he/she...
Fans in HVAC systems
Lechnýř, Zdeněk ; Uher, Pavel (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with fans and their efficiency in cases of air flow regulation with CO2 concentration sensors, specifically in school buildings. In the calculation part, two variants of hot air ventilation of the specified school building are processed and compared. Variant A with varia-ble air flows and one central device. Variant B is a solution without variable air flow regulation with a design of a central device for servicing classrooms and cabinets and a second device for servicing communication areas and toilets. The experimental part deals with the economic solu-tion of the fan function in environmental technology.
Míka, Tomáš ; Sláma, Ludvík (referee) ; Mohelníková, Jitka (advisor)
Subject of this thesis is to design and create project documentation for executing construction of a new primary school in town Včelná. The area for the new construction is located on plot number 788/5 in cadastral territory of this town. The plot is slightly sloping and on part of this plot is currently standing a nursery school. The south part of the plot is designed to be connected to the technical infrastructure. Driveway will lead to the newly build parking lot. The school will have 1 underground and 3 above ground levels. The underground level will consist of technical facilities. On the 1. floor will be located dressing rooms for students, dining room and gym with its own sanitary premises. On 2. and 3. floor will be classrooms with rooms for teachers and sanitary premises. This school is designed to have Wheelchair access. All floors are connected with two stares and one elevator. Part of the school ground is private parking lot with a capacity of 15 ordinary parking spaces and 2 spaces for people with disability.
World War I in the History Textbooks before and after November 1989
ROLNÍK, Ondřej
World war I and its interpretation on the pages of history textbooks of the Czechoslovak and Czech communist regime before and the regime after 1989 provides a unique insight into the changing ways in which school system views history. A comparative analysis of these easily accessible materials enables us to notice and describe these differences. The research also involves a description of development of textbooks as a type of media, its physical and didactic attributes.
Onto the role of social media and the internet in distance learning in primary schools
The present bachelor thesis focuses on the role of the Internet in German language teaching at the second level of primary schools. The coronavirus crisis has brought with it a number of unexplored aspects that we have never had to deal with in the past, and it has become clear that the Internet will play an indispensable role in teaching in general. Distance learning has changed the preparation of teachers for teaching German but also the preparation of the students themselves. In my thesis I focus on the role of the Internet in teaching before the pandemic broke out, and then point to its increased role in online teaching. I summarize its positives and negatives. Subsequently, I try to apply the new findings from online learning to the full- time teaching of German in primary 2 and to highlight the new possibilities offered by this global network. In the penultimate section, I list the opinions of experts commenting on the use of modern technologies in teaching and try to contrast positive and negative opinions. At the end of my thesis, I have selected a vocabulary of German words that originated or began to appear very frequently among people only during the coronavirus crisis. Furthermore, in my work I have selected possibilities for learning new vocabulary in a different form than mere memorization, which may not be a suitable way for every learner to acquire new vocabulary, and these selected possibilities could at least point in a direction that may become part of the routine learning of not only vocabulary but also other parts of school grammar in the future.
Gambler in the family
The diploma thesis Gambler in the family deals with the topic of gambling, with a specific focus on the issue of gambling in the family. It focuses on family members and examines the phenomenon of gambling from a family perspective - it analyzes its impact on individual family members and examines whether this impact is the same or different in different families. The main goal of the diploma thesis is to examine gambling from multiple angles, the influence of the various components on the successful cure of pathological gambling, from the perspective of the family (dominant perspective), from the perspective of society and from the perspective of the helping organization. First, the researched problem is described from a theoretical point of view, and then qualitative research is carried out, in which the researched problem is analyzed in more depth. The main method used in the empirical part is qualitative research, in which the influence of the above components on the pathological player and his treatment process is examined through a research tool - a semi-structured interview. For a more comprehensive picture of the diploma thesis, case studies are added - case studies focusing on individual cases of gamblers and serving as a comparison for similar cases.
Structure and motivation for leisure activities of sports characters of children of older school age
SOSNOVÁ, Františka
Physical activity is an important part of human life, especially about the current lifestyle. The thesis aims to use electronic questionnaires in the Internet information system Indares designed for children to gain knowledge about the motivation for physical activity and sports preferences in older school-age pupils (13-15 years) at the Primary School in Volary. The theoretical part deals with the clarification of the concepts of motivation, pubescence, leisure, and physical activity. The theoretical part also includes the characteristics of physical, emotional, and cognitive development of older school-age children. The practical part analyzes the motivation and interest in sports activities, examines whether students play sports in their free time, or whether physical education is a popular subject. It also examines what leisure activities they do, what motivates them to play sports and which activities they prefer.
Teaching assistant theory and practice
HUŠEK, Filip
The topic of the diploma thesis is the image of the teaching assistant profession in the system of inclusive education in the Czech Republic, focusing on selected issues, overview according to available literature, surveys, etc. In the empirical part . As a result, a comprehensive picture of the teaching assistant profession will emerge at the end, which will have the ambition to serve, among other things, as a manual for the profession, able to provide a comprehensive idea and concrete answers regarding the work of a teaching assistant. The teaching assistant is currently undoubtedly an integral part of teaching. The aim of the work will be to bring a comprehensive overview of the profession to all possible future assistants, students, parents and each of the lay public with an interest in education and schooling as a whole.
Online technologies in distance teaching of English language
KŮRKA, Martin
This bachelor thesis focuses on the mapping of distance teaching of the English language in high schools with an emphasis on the role of online technologies in this teaching. I conducted six semi-structured in-depth interviews with selected English language teachers. I chose these based on a questionnaire survey of first-year students in university who were graduating from English and had the opportunity to provide me with a contact on their former English teacher. I also conducted interviews with students who were students of these teachers at the time of the research to triangulate the data. During the interviews, I was interested in what online tools the teachers used in their distance teaching, how they became familiar with them, and how they received information about these tools. Furthermore, I explained the scope and methods in synchronous and asynchronous teaching and how each method and goal changed due to distance learning. I also focused on the comparison of the effectiveness of distance teaching versus face-to-face teaching, as well as what are the positives and negatives of distance teaching and the barriers to effective distance teaching. Lastly, I found out how the respondents' experience will affect the future of English language teaching. The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis describes online tools suitable for distance teaching of the English language.

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