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School maturity and school readiness of pupils in preparatory class
Rejmanová, Adéla ; Němec, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Marádová, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of school maturity and readiness of pupils in the preparatory class. In the theoretical part the basic terminology from the field of pre-school education and problems of entering the elementary school is defined. There are also the principles of the preliminary test of school maturity described in detail. They are subsequently applied in practical research. The research part focuses on the comparison of the level of school maturity and readiness of pupils in the preparatory class and children in kindergarten. The survey was mainly conducted using qualitative methods, specifically through interviews, questionnaires and anamnesis. However, one quantitative method was also included - the standardized preliminary test of school maturity. This test focuses on fine motor skills and visuo-motor coordination ability. The research was carried out in preparatory classes and kindergartens in Mladá Boleslav and its surroundings. The goal of this diploma thesis was to find out whether education in a certain kind of preschool facility can affect children's readiness for school. Research results showed, that preparatory classes have better conditions for the development of a preschool pupil with postponement of school attendance than kindergartens. KEY WORDS Preschool...
Work with children with postponement of school entrance in current practice of pre-school education
Žáková, Petra ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (advisor) ; Pěnička, Jaroslav (referee)
In my bachelor's thesis I am dealing with issues related to the postponement of compulsory school attendance. I have researched the topic in accordance to the new conditions - the introduction of the compulsory pre-school education of five-year-old childern. The thesis is divided into two main parts − a theoretical part and a practical one. The purpose of the theoretical part is to introduce the topic. The development of the view on the concepts of school maturity, readiness and competence, and the legislative legalisation of the postponement of beginning of the schol attendance is presented here. It also outlines the development of postponements of school attendance from approximately, the middle od the 20th century to the present, and a brief comparison of the Czech Republic and some other European countries concerning the issue of school attendance. Since the rate of postponements of compulsory school attendance in the Czech Republic is relatively high, the countries where the share of posponements is lower, we used for the comaprison. The aim of practical part is to find out how are the childern with postponed school attendance in selected kindergartes in the Vysočina region and Prague being prepared and supported fot the future school attendance. A semi-structured questionnaire with...
Differences in drawing of preschool children depending on their school maturity
Šanderová, Veronika ; Titmanová, Michaela (advisor) ; Klusák, Miroslav (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to compare drawings of school mature and immature children. These drawings should differ in certain features. The group of children was divided by the expert into two parts - children mature and immature. The division was made on the base of psychological screening. These children were called by the author to paint two drawing - a tree and drawing of free theme (the drawing of a man was undertaken from their Kern Jirasek's School Maturity Test). On the basis of the literature analysis, the criteria for the evaluation of these drawings (including both graphomotorics and cognitive aspects) were choosed. The main theme of the research concerns the evaluation of the drawings of children of both groups. The main output of the thesis is a comparison of the two groups of children, the description of the main features of the drawings of school-mature and immature children and the estimating the fact, that the drawings are consistent with the psychological screening examination. KEY WORDS School maturity, school readiness, pre-school age, Kern-Jirasek's School Maturity Test, drawing of a male person, drawing of a tree, free drawing
The Analysis of Pupil Structure and special educational needs preparatory classes in Ceske Budejovice and its surroundings.
The topic of this bachelor thesis is the Analysis of Pupil Structure and Special Educational Needs of Preparatory Classes in České Budějovice and its Surroundings. Bachelor thesis defines current legislative documents and basic terms closely related to the topic - school maturity, school readiness, postponement of the beginning of compulsory school attendance, special educational needs and educational content of preparatory classes. The contribution of the work is the gathering of information on preparatory classes, the way of fulfilling the educational competences of pupils for the preparation for primary schools and the current analysis of the structure of pupils of preparatory classes in the České Budějovice region.
School readiness of children with dyslalia
Bachelor thesis has a goal to recapitulate current knowledge of school readiness and dyslalia problematics. Children with speech disorder, dyslalia attending main educational stream kindergartens were chosen on purpouse of research. Theoretical part of the thesis focuses on school readiness problematics and defines this concept. It also deals with dyslalia, its diagnosis and therapy. Conclusion of the theoretical part focuses on speech disorders prevention. The thesis follows up connection between school readiness and above- mentioned speech disorder. In particular individuals, it examines the current state of school readiness and assesses dyslalia problem areas. Quality reasearch was used in the thesis. Research information has been elaborated in case study design. For better clarity the dates are presented in charts. Main monitored areas are motorics, speech and auditory perception. Other areas related to school readiness, such as visual perception, perception of space and time, mathematical concepts, physical condition, ability to work and emotional maturity, were also monitored.
School Maturity and Beginning of School Attendance
This diploma thesis deals with an admission procedure to the first form of primary education, school readiness, beginning of the school attendance and a formation of initial literacy in the first form of primary school. The theoretical part focuses on the ontogeny of a child in the pre-school and young school age, school readiness, the beginning of school attendance and the initial reading and writing skills. The research focuses on the preparation of children in kindergartens for school. It also describes three processes of admission procedure to the first form of primary school at three different schools. The author also analyses results of these admission procedures in 2018. She also analyses the human body drawings in connection with the school readiness. Last but not least she analyses the formation of hygiene habits of pupils in the first forms. The findings of this research are compared with the information in the theoretical part. There are also many appendices that document the research. At the end of the thesis there is the interpretation of the research and a description of contemporary school readiness issues.
School maturity and school readiness
The topic of bachelor thesis is school maturity and readiness with the ways how parents are informed and interested in the progress of pre-school children who are supposed to attend the first grade of elementary school next year. Individual chapters deal with characteristics of a pre-school child, especially his motor, cognitive and social development with a focus on pre-school period before elementary school. The definition of school maturity and readiness and division into individual areas of maturity for starting compulsory school attendance and the way how the child is affected by nursery school and family. The practical part examined how the parents of the pre-school children are interested in this issue. The aim of bachelor thesis was to determine the parents' awareness of school maturity of their children using anonymous questionnaires.
The approach of kindergarten pedagogues to children with school postponement
Petrů, Jana ; Procházková, Jana (advisor) ; Janošová, Pavlína (referee)
In the diploma thesis I concentrated on an approach of preschool teachers to children whose school attendance was postponed. Thesis is divided in two parts. In theoretical part I deal with a definition of school maturity and readiness, which are the basics to find child's troubles with postponement of school attendance. Then I delineate present situation in the Czech Republic - I define contemporary concept of preschools, I deal with compulsory school education and possibility of postponement of school attendance. In the last chapter of the theoretical part I concentrate on the approach of teachers and in sub-chapters I define activities and impact which they have. In empirical part I used a snowball sampling to approach some preschool teachers. Eleven teachers from Prague and Plzeň region have participated the research. After filling in questionnaires focused on individual children whose school attendance will be postponed, questions were adapted to the main research method - interview. Using thematical analysis I discovered various approaches of teachers to organizing forms of work, cooperation with parents, cooperation with specialists, documents in preschools, contemporary perspective of postponement of school attendance in the Czech Republic.
School maturity and readiness
The thesis focuses on school maturity and readiness. It is part of wider project "Predictors of reading skills as factors influencing the development of reading literacy." The aim of this work is to reveal the risks for the further development of reading skills and to indicate suitable options for systematic work that could reduce the risks. The thesis is devided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical focus on development preschool-period, cognitive and motoric functions, which include important perceptual areas influencing initial skills. The work include concepts as school maturity and school readiness. In the practical part there is area devote to research project. There are rewrite methods for realization the work, view and characteristic of tests, realization and results of project research. In attachment there are activities for support risks areas and characteristics of diagnostics tests.
Emotional plane when starting school
BIELKOVÁ, Veronika
Bachelor thesis entitled Emotional level at the start of school is devoted to a very topical theme and the importance of emotional maturity at entry into first class of primary school. The author pays attention to acquaint themselves with the concept of emotion on the readiness to start school; emotional maturity, emotional competencies, emotional intelligence; possibilities and patterns of development of children's personality in emotional literacy, differences between kindergarten and elementary school and also addresses the question of dealing with success and failure. In practical section there, how emotional aspects in child support and develop towards mastering school requirements. Using the methods of observation and conversation with the kindergarten teachers is answered to questions about emotional maturity, for example: how to show the difficulties associated with emotional immaturity of a child, what problems may occur at the onset of such a child in first class, through which activities can to development of emotional competencies contribute kindergarten etc.

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