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Zábojník, Petr ; Mráček, Pavel (referee) ; Ulč, Jakub (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on a business plan for purchasing, renovating, and selling automobiles. It is divided into three parts: theoretical, analytical, and proposal. The theoretical part includes general definitions necessary to understand the terms used. The analytical part focuses on examining external and internal influences that may affect the business plan. The last part is devoted to the independent business plan and all necessary details for its implementation, including an evaluation.
Use of BIM Model in the Design of the Renovation of Historic Buildings
Hrubovčáková, Andrea ; Mésároš, Peter ; Kozlovská, Mária ; Spišáková, Marcela
The article explores the practical application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in renovating historical buildings, focusing on the digitalization process and the integration of fourth and fifth dimensions into the information model. It addresses challenges encountered when working with irregularly shaped buildings lacking preserved project documentation. Additionally, it examines the advantages and disadvantages of linking 3D elements with time and cost considerations. The authors present a methodology, a sequential approach tailored for BIM model utilization in historic building restoration, which was specifically validated through a case study of a historic church building in Rudník village. The methodology proposes a comprehensive framework applicable to the restoration of various historical buildings. The article contributes a generally applicable methodology for leveraging BIM models in historic building restoration, facilitating design and implementation processes across diverse historical contexts.
A Study of the Renovation of Selected Houses to Meet the Requirements of the Energy Performance Class “D” According to EPBD IV
Dokoupilová, Veronika ; Horák, Petr
Under the forthcoming EPBD IV, existing residential buildings should meet the criteria of the energy performance class D by 2033. This case study deals with the energy performance of two selected houses in the Czech Republic. These houses were built in 1960 and 2000 and they currently do not meet the future requirements. Measures regarding the building envelope and the heat source were proposed. With the help of the building energy performance certificates and the calculation using the hourly method, the 2033 requirements were achieved.
Proisl, Daniel ; Zíka, Vratislav (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
The impressive ruin of the church certainly has its charm, and may be in the form of tourist attraction, but I think that nowadays it is a shame to have such a valuable relic with potentially attractive surroundings only on Sunday tours. In my own proposal I have tried to combine historic footprints of preserved vaults and slope of the roof with modern and extensively (maybe overall) prefabricated structures and roofing membrane.
The Rekonstruktion of Vyškov Rectory
Vaňurová, Tereza ; Hrabec,, Josef (referee) ; Vojtová, Lea (advisor) ; Kolář, Radim (advisor)
The basis of the thesis is the architectural study, prepared in the winter semester of the third year of bachelor study on the topic of rectory renewal in Vyškov. The task of the study was to find suitable urban, mass and functional solution of the existing building and adjacent land. The former rectory will be completely renovated and will mainly serve the original purpose for accommodation of dean and chaplain of the parish, meetings with believers, religious education, then there will be located a chapel, a workroom, studios and rooms for commercial rent. On neighboring land will be designed new city park with design stage. The new building will serve as a platform for the expression of art, which enrich the cultural life in Vyskov. Together with the park which serves as a multifunctional public space for relaxing. The work is divided into design studies, project documentation for construction and architectural detail.
Renovation of historical personal car Tatra T87
Pončík, Jakub ; Kloss, Ondřej (referee) ; Kaplan, Zdeněk (advisor)
Jakub Pončík RENOVATION OF HISTORICAL PERSONAL CAR TATRA T87 BP, ÚADI, 2015, 54 pp., 34 figs. The aim of this bachelor´s thesis is to describe the history of the Tatra car factory and the course of the renovation of the Tatra 87.
Design of boulder chute reconstruction
Zahradníková, Lenka ; Julínek, Tomáš (referee) ; Uhmannová, Hana (advisor)
The aim of the thesis is to design a boulder chute reconstruction for the Rožnovská Bečva watercourse at 10,865 river kilometers. The design proposes adjustments of the watercourse of the total length of 642,8m. The thesis also includes designed parameters for the boulder chute reconstruction at 10,865 river kilometers. The current watercourse capacity was assessed using the HEC-RAS 4.1.0 software and a computational model was made of the parameters of the chute. The capacity of the newly designed riverbed was verified using HEC-RAS 4.1.0. Based on the calculations, the boulder chute reconstruction was designed.
Renovation of historical tram
Rozsypal, Josef ; Černý, Jiří (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to create a methodology of basic works for the renovation of the historic tram and subsequently apply this methodology to the renovation of the historic tram 4MT. The work begins with a general historical overview. Following is a section on pre-renovation and related tasks. The next chapter is about the renovation of vehicles in general. This issue is discussed in more detail in the next chapter, which also describes the process of renovation of individual parts. The last but one chapter deals with the finishing work that follows the renovation. The last part describes the approval process for the vehicle operation with passengers.
Renewal of a social house in Zlobice
Dobeš, Jan ; Muroň, Ivo (referee) ; Ležatka, Lukáš (advisor) ; Šuhajda, Karel (advisor)
The subject of the bachelor's thesis is the reconstruction of a historic building in the village of Zlobice and the addition of a municipal office together with premises for technical services of the village. This project is a continuation of the subject AG034 Studio of Architectural Creation 4 - restoration of monuments. The solved object was built in the 1920s. Originally, it had only one floor. It is located in the heart of the original village. It is part of a terraced development of country houses. At the turn of the 20th and 21st century, a part with a bathroom and an apartment for the administrator was added to the building. During this period, the second floor was rebuilt and 3 apartments were built here, one of which is in very good, well-preserved condition. The design seeks to complete the courtyard of the building to its original condition according to historical documents. The extension with bathroom and apartment for the administrator will be removed. It will be replaced by the municipal office building and the technical services building, which is perpendicular to the office. The first floor of the historic building will be used for social and representative events of the village. One room is reserved for the clubhouse. The second floor of the historic building will have the village as a possible social housing. The largest apartment is reserved for the building manager. The courtyard is closed by a building that serves the purposes of the adjacent park. The former forest park was transformed into two areas separated by a path. On one side are residential terraces. On other side, an auditorium and parquet space is created for possible outdoor events.
Reconstruktion and new plan of St. Tomas court in Brno
Holešovská, Anna ; Žalmanová,, Petra (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor) ; Vlček, Milan (advisor)
The St. Tomas Court is the official historical monument of Brno city dated back to end of 18th century. This thesis is dedicated to reconstruction and rebuilding of the whole building whose premises are currently used by a horse riding club. The purpose of this thesis is to maintain the original symetric composition of the courtyard. The yard area creates an inner space which will be used for verdure redesign including a lounge area. The inner structure will be enclosed by terrain stands. That will create a decent green area in the city centre which could be freely used by general public for relaxation purposes. The whole rebuilding will turn the building into a cultural-commercial premises. The left part of the building will be dedicated for a multipurpose cultural hall. The main building will be used for administration and other related activities. The right wing is going to be turned into cafe, shop and administration unit.

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