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Accumulation of electricity from renewable sources
Plíšek, Petr ; Špiláček, Michal (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of accumulation of electricity produced by renewable sources. The first part focuses on the description of possible ways of accumulation, especially with focus on those methods, that are suitable for renewable energy sources. The next part deals with the design of the accumulation energy in the compressed air for the selected photovoltaic power plant. The necessity of designing a particular method of energy storage, is also its technical and economic analysis, which is the content of the last part of the thesis.
Assessment of the design of a small photovoltaic power plant for a family house and elaboration of its revision process
Vozárik, Michal ; Valenta, Jiří (referee) ; Veselka, František (advisor)
This bachelor thesis includes the issue of photovoltaics with a specific photovoltaic power plant, supplemented by basic measurements during inspection activities. In the first part, the author deals theoretically with solar radiation and the photovoltaic field. In the second part of the work, the author deals with the issue of revision activities. Within the work, a specific design of a small photovoltaic power plant on the roof of a family house is assessed. Various sizing software were used to analyze and assess the object. Part of the work is also the procedure of verifying the parameters of the PV plant and the inspection report of the revised electrical equipment.
Energy use of digestate
Kaška, Zdeněk ; Štelcl, Otakar (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the research of biomass in general, its types and processing. Nowadays, biomass appears to be an environmentally and financially acceptable substitute for fossil fuels due to increasingly stringent emissions standards. The second part deals with its particular type, digestate. It is investigated whether the fossil fuel can be replaced or how the energy production process could be changed.
Control and monitoring of a distributed energy generation systems based on renewable sources with storage system
Smugala, Ondrej ; Paar, Martin (referee) ; Vrána, Michal (advisor)
The diploma thesis is dealing with possible approaches to control distributed energy resources and storage systems. One of these approaches is a virtual power plant and its concept is described in the first part of the thesis. The virtual power plant is a controlled system of distributed energy resources, storage systems and controllable loads interconnected via communication network, that can act as a conventional power plant. The theoretical part contains a survey of control system's topologies, a brief summary of available communication infrastructures and standards. The second part of the thesis is focused on the description of operation and control of hybrid system that represents an inseparable component of virtual power plant. A Matlab Simulink model was created for this purpose. A simulation of hybrid inverter's step response is realised to test the operation of the hybrid system and it is compared with the real measurements in the laboratory. A comparison of control approaches of hybrid system implemented on the basis of measurements is also included in this thesis and was published in the scientific paper attached in the appendix.
Comparison of Connection Conditions of Photovoltaic Systems in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
Vašica, Radoslav ; Radil, Lukáš (referee) ; Paar, Martin (advisor)
The objective of this work is an analysis and a comparison of legislative conditions of the connection of the photovoltaic power station on the territory of Czech Republic (CR) and Slovak Republic (SR). Presented are the working procedures for connecting of the power station to Distribution Grid (DG) and requirements of individual documents needed for a successful connection. Listed are also circumstances, which are taken into account during the consideration of the influence for connection, for the safe operation of DG. In the work are discussed the ways of support of constructing buildings of the photovoltaic power plant and the principle of repurchasing energy from renewable sources. The other part of work deals about hybrid photovoltaic power stations (HPPS), thus allowing to the power station to save energy into accumulators. There are the composition and principle of operation of the hybrid power stations. The following part deals with options of connectivity with hybrid power station to the DG. There are explained the advantages and disadvantages of connected and unconnected hybrid power plants to the DG.
Influence of RES to power system in Czech Republic
Vánišová, Michaela ; Bartošík, Tomáš (referee) ; Mastný, Petr (advisor)
This text deals with renewable energy sources in terms of working on the electricity network of the Czech Republic. There is the definition of renewable energy sources in the work. Next there are discussed the basic information about connecting to the distribution network. In two parts, there is mentioned and discussed the issue of operation of renewable energy resources and their effects in terms of the electricity network. The last chapter is focused on the possibility of further utilization of renewable energy sources because of their natural energy.
Using renewable energy sources
Vaňko, Adam ; Bátora, Branislav (referee) ; Matoušek, Antonín (advisor)
Thesis deals with the issue of renewable energy sources. It contains the description of their usage at present as well as the possibilities of their installation. When dealing with the individual types of sources the thesis states their advantages, disadvantages and the facts concerning their further development. Technical development brings us new and perspective types of renewable energy sources, the description of some of them can be found in the thesis as well. The second part of the thesis is focused on the solution of electric power supply for a holiday cottage. Authonomy photovoltaic system is suitable for its application. The system is designed to have an ability to supply electrical units in the cottage during the whole year. To be able to consider profitability of the photovoltaic system installation the thesis contains the project of low voltage energy branch connection. This branch line of 1200 m in length is properly designed and the thesis states its capital costs as well. Financial comparison of the photovoltaic system costs on the one hand and the costs of low voltage branch line on the other hand in the next 30 years of usage proves the profitability of the photovoltaic system.
Utilization renewable energy sources inside of EPS Czech Republik
Zmeškal, Pavel ; Procházka, Zdeněk (referee) ; Matoušek, Antonín (advisor)
The purpose of this work was the analysis of current state and further development of renewable energy in the Czech Republic. And next their effects on the electricity system of the Czech Republic. On the basis of established facts has been developed actual state of renewable energy sources. The current situation is only orientation and is still changing at this time. Another objective was to evaluate the various renewable energy sources in terms of their impact on the electricity system and recoverability in the Czech Republic. In more detail were read up the conditions for the wind power plants operation and their connection to the electricity system of Czech Republic. In fine were discuss the impact of renewable energy sources on electricity system and prerequisite for their further development in the Czech Republic.
Air-collector in heat balance of building
Dosedlová, Anna ; Počinková, Marcela (referee) ; Rubinová, Olga (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is the use of solar thermal technology for the production of low-potential heat. The theoretical part is focus in the solar technology, variants of passive use of solar energy. Describes in detail the solar facades, it's classification in terms of basic criteria. Applications on the project forced ventilation in administrative buildings, installation of solar facade. The work also includes an experiment that deals with the thermal behavior of the air collector.
Electric vehicles as energy storage element with renewable energy sources
Janečka, Jaromír ; Horák,, Bohumil (referee) ; Baxant, Petr (advisor)
This master thesis summarizes history of electric vehicles from its inception to present. Vehicles are divided into three groups according to the type of drive, special attention is paid to electric vehicles. Furthermore, typical ways of electric energy storage are presented, especially in the form of electrochemical cells, which are used in electric vehicles. The thesis also describes the situation of electromobility in the Czech Republic, namely government support, distribution companies tariffs, charging infrastructure and available electric vehicles. Finally, the concept of connecting electric vehicles to renewable energy source is described, with financial calculations for three profiled drivers.

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