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A SQL front-end for the Bobox system
Klimperová, Lucie ; Bednárek, David (advisor) ; Lokoč, Jakub (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to design and implement a SQL frontend for Bobox framework which is being developed by Department of software engineering MFF UK. The development of the Bobox framework is motivated by the effort to simplify writing parallel software. The Bobox framework is one of many system implementations for processing stream data and provides runtime environment for evaluating execution plans in the parallel environment. This thesis deals with implementation of a frontend for this framework. The input is a query in SQL language and information about database structure. Frontend will perform syn- tactic and semantic analysis and then translate the input query into intermediate code. The output of this frontend is the intermediate code in the form of relatio- nal algebra written as XML and is used as the input for the following optimizing backend.
Vyhodnocování relačních dotazů v proudově orientovaném prostředí
Kikta, Marcel ; Bednárek, David (advisor) ; Černý, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis deals with the design and implementation of an optimizer and a transformer of relational queries. Firstly, the thesis describes the theory of the relational query compilers. Secondly, we present the data structures and algorithms used in the implemented tool. Finally, the important implementation details of the developed tool are discussed. Part of the thesis is the selection of used relational algebra operators and design of an appropriate input. Input of the implemented software is a query written in a XML file in the form of relational algebra. Query is optimized and transformed into physical plan which will be executed in the parallelization framework Bobox. Developed compiler outputs physical plan written in the Bobolang language, which serves as an input for the Bobox. Powered by TCPDF (
Obecný relační datový model s preferencemi
Nedbal, Radim
The aim of the paper is to present a novel, general approach to preference modelling in the framework of the relational data model. To allow nonmonotonic operations, the preferences are defined between sets of relational instances. The aim is the generalization of the relational algebra that is as minimal as possible, in the sense that the formal fundamentlas of the relational data model are preserved. At the same time, the extended model should be formal enough to provide a sound basis for the investigation of other new preference constructors and operations and for new possible applications.

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