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Persuasive Means of Advertising Aimed at Children
Rudolecká, Lucie ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Chejnová, Pavla (referee)
The thesis deals with specific aspects of advertising for children. It contains a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part characterizes advertising in general, both from the point of view of marketing and from the point of view of classifying advertising as a functional style within the Czech language. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with the typology and description of individual types of advertisements, possibilities of targeting advertisements and working with target groups. It characterizes children as a specific target group and further divides it into several groups according to the findings of developmental psychology. It also deals with the legislative and ethical issues of advertising to children on the basis of legal regulations and codes of ethics. The practical part consists of an analysis of specific examples of print advertising for children. The practical part deals with the visual form of advertisements, analyses their content and describes the linguistic specifics of advertisements for children. Print advertisements published as part of children's magazines were chosen for the analysis. All aspects of print advertisements for children are evaluated with regard to the persuasive function of the advertisement. The aim of the thesis was to describe and evaluate...
Influence of the information sources on the consumer behaviour
This bachelor thesis focuses on the influence of information sources on consumer behaviour in the area of the internet as such, mainly internet advertising and its influence on consumer behaviour. The whole thesis is then divided into two parts. The first part is theoretical and it deals with the history of the internet and the history of the internet in the Czech Republic after the 1990s. Furthermore, information on the internet, morality of information and consumer behaviour. Then the practical part is the result of a questionnaire survey sent out to respondents. The questionnaire in its complete version is then in Appendix 1 of the bachelor thesis.
The role of advertising in the communication mix
KRIEGOVÁ, Kristýna
The thesis is focused on the analysis of the effectiveness of advertising in the communication mix of the selected company and then propose changes and recommendations to improve the role of advertising in the selected campaign. The theoretical part contains basic concepts related to marketing communication and a brief description of individual tools of the communication mix and advertising campaigns, requirements for their processing and measurement of their effectiveness. In the application part, a selected company Decathlon, which specializes in the sale of sports equipment, is presented. The practical part also deals with the analysis of the company's communication mix and the analysis of a selected advertising campaign focused on the sale of running equipment. These analyses were carried out on the basis of own observations and secondary data obtained from a semi-structured interview with a member of the company's marketing department. Furthermore, qualitative research was conducted through a questionnaire survey. This paper concludes by evaluating the assumptions made and then making specific suggestions and recommendations for improving the role of advertising in the selected campaign based on the analysis and consultation with the marketing team.
Perception of stereotypes in advertisement by children of age 4 - 6 and 11 - 13
Kovačovičová, Dominika ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Klabíková Rábová, Tereza (referee)
The bachelor thesis is devoted to the perception of gender stereotypes in advertising among children in two age groups, 4 to 6 years old and 11 to 13 years old. Children are considered more vulnerable to the effects of advertising compared to adults. This applies to the influence on purchasing behaviour, as well as to the acquisition of displayed content, for example in the case of stereotypes. The goal of the research was to find out if and how children in these two age groups perceive gender stereotypes in advertising and to compare these groups with each other. The research used interviews and selected activities aimed at different types of advertisements to understand the decision-making process based on them, to investigate how children replicate stereotypes in their own work and to understand what is significant for children in advertisements. The thesis also includes possible approaches and issues of a research with children and, last but not least, the ethics of this type of research. Based on the research, it was found that children in the younger group replicate gender stereotypes significantly more in advertising and in general, and they also use gender to defend their decisions and choices. In the older group, on the other hand, gender stereotypes were less noticeable, and children in...
Marketing strategies of the non-profit organizations on social media and reactions of the users
Bílková, Kateřina ; Vranka, Marek (advisor) ; Háša, Marek (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the marketing strategies of non-profit organizations on social media in the context of the war in Ukraine, and examines how the user audience reacts to these strategies and what attitudes they hold towards them. The theoretical part therefore deals with the concept of non-profit organizations, which it defines, along with the various types of such organizations, as well as marketing, specifically social marketing and marketing of non-profit organizations as key points of the work, and then marketing strategies of non- profit organizations. The work also analyzes the image and reputation of non-profit organizations and what constitutes them. Aseparate subchapter also discusses the factors that may discourage non-profit organizations from using social media, and factors of success. The contextual part briefly discusses the outbreak of the armed conflict in Ukraine and selected well- known non-profit organizations in the Czech Republic. This is followed by the methodological part, which describes the chosen methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis. The analytical part of the work is dedicated, in the first part, to a qualitative survey, in order to map the basic trends and characteristics of people who have contributed to non-profit organizations, both in...
Sexist portrayal of women in marketing communication: differences in the perception of sexist advertising between women and men of generation Z
Brázdilová, Eva ; Rosenfeldová, Jana (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the sexist portrayal of women in marketing communication, focusing on whether sexism in advertising is perceived differently by women and men of Generation Z. Despite the significant influence of advertising on social attitudes towards gender, there is a lack of academic texts on how people perceive and respond to sexist advertising. This thesis consists of three parts - theoretical, methodological and research, which provide an overview of the theory of sexism, the different forms of sexist portrayals of women in advertising, means of fighting against sexism and its regulation, research methodology and analysis of research findings. The research was conducted through semi-structured interviews with Generation Z respondents to obtain qualitative data on their views on sexism in advertising. The discussion of the research findings provides insight into the attitudes and perceptions of Generation Z towards sexist portrayals of women in advertising and offers important implications for the advertising industry and society as a whole. The gathered data shows that both genders view sexist portrayal of women in advertising in a similar way, which is negative. The only significant difference was men's lower ability to recognize sexism.
Proposal of marketing strategy for new e-commerce of Knihy Togga publisher
Neumahr, Martin ; Koudelková, Petra (advisor) ; Halada, Jan (referee)
This master's thesis titled "Proposal of a marketing strategy for the specialized publishing e-shop of the Knihy Togga" deals with the active setup of basic campaigns that should serve as the foundation for those companies, that are operating an online store. It is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part of the thesis explains concepts such as marketing communication, marketing plan, and provides an overview of advertising. It further presents in various forms of internet advertising that are used in the practical part, and how online trading works within the framework of e-commerce. The practical part of the master's thesis presents the original state of marketing communication of Knihy Togga in individual chapters and also explains the setup of new campaigns and their specific configuration in various interfaces, which are common or typical for the campaign set ups. Furthermore, the practical part describes how the fulfillment of marketing objectives was approached and how these objectives were distributed into multiple variants. The practical part of the thesis also presents the specific results of campaigns and advertisements that were launched according to the predetermined schedule. At the end of the practical part, there is a chapter that summarizes all the results...
Sales Promotion and Advertising of a Specific Retail Unit
Válková, Pavla ; Havíř, David (referee) ; Mráček, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on sales promotion and advertising of a specific retail unit, namely the food store "Potraviny na radnici" in Újezd u Brna. The first part of the thesis deals with theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing, more specifically marketing mix, marketing communication mix, marketing environment, sales promotion and advertising. The analytical part is devoted to a look at the current state of the selected retail unit, which the author of the thesis and its surroundings analyses in detail, as it has personal experience as a former customer and current salesperson. The aim of the thesis is to identify opportunities to improve the sales and marketing strategy of this particular store and to propose appropriate solutions. The output of the bachelor thesis are relevant recommendations to achieve the stated goal.
Proposal of Communication Mix of the Selected Organisation
Konvičná, Denisa ; Havíř, David (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the design of a communication mix for a selected organization. In the first part of the work, the theoretical starting points are explained. The second part is devoted to the analysis of the current state of the organization's communication mix and the analysis of selected elements of the organization's microenvironment and macroenvironment. In the third part of the thesis, proposals for improving selected elements of the communication mix are presented, a time schedule is created and the financial demands of this change are outlined.

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