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Comparison of the functioning of regional political parties in the Czech Republic
Trubička, Vít ; Stauber, Jakub (advisor) ; Jüptner, Petr (referee)
This master thesis would be about Czech political parties, which are active at the regional level of Czech politics. The interest of research is their activity and the operation of these single political parties, what has the impact on the function, how are the political parties based, and how wide is their agenda. This is set up due to institutional factors and the election system due to the largeness of the municipalities and the party agendas. It depends, on whether they're a business firm party at the local level, a party against big parties cartels, or an environmental party. For the program of regional parties is important the regional variety, which is set by the social and economic situation in the regions. The point of research will be the development of regional political parties in the Czech Republic since the year 1993 when these kinds of parties were established. The important year for the parties' evolution will be the year 2000 when the regional structure of the Czech self-government was based on. In comparison to the research will be also other European regional political parties see, how different these in the Czech Republic are. In the Czech Republic are some different types of political parties that are based on their province.
Analýza trhu nemovitostí v segmentu rodinných domů
VOTAVA, Vladimír
The topic of my diploma thesis is the analysis of the real estate market in the segment of family houses. Its goal is to analyze the market for family houses by region of the Czech Republic, to determine the price dispersion, and which factors have an influ-ence on their price. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the definition of terms from the issue of valuing real estate in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the basic types of family houses and the factors that influence their price are also described here. The practical part contains the basic and economic characteristics of each region, job opportunities and safety in the particular regions. Next, I conducted a market analysis with an emphasis on the dispersion of offer prices, the situation on the real estate market in each region, and the interdependence of various factors on the prices of family houses. In the discussion, I described the trends in real estate prices in the past years and events related to the real estate market. Finally, I described the anticipated trends in the family house market.
Perception of distance learning from the point of view of primary school teachers in times of pandemic and from the point of view of the regional spectrum
Soukup, Richard ; Mouralová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Veselý, Arnošt (referee)
This bachelors thesis is focused on exploring and analyzing the topic of online education from the point of view of teachers during the first two waves of COVID-19. Thesis is based on academic literature and analytical studies. The second part of this thesis is based around data acquired by two research companies Paq Research and Kalibro. The data went through secondary analysis and comparative approaches of the analysis. Theoretical section of this thesis aims to explain the specifics of the COVID-19 outbreak and how Czech education system with its teachers managed to transfer from offline to online teaching. Following the previous goals it also generally explains how teachers approached online educational environment. Teachers are important parts of educational politics, how they specifically played their part during these difficult times and how it changed them. These concepts will be enriched by the inequalities on regional scale. Analytical section along with authors own interpretation of results are based on the research questions and it brings new findings. Changing the entire concept of teaching, how teachers prepared for their lessons, what materials they used and many other concept, all these things posed a challenge, but in the end the assumption, that the first wave will be the "more difficult"...
Foreign direct investment in the Czech Republic
Vrtal, Vojtěch ; Novák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Vaňková, Lucie (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is a definition of regional development and foreign direct investments. The practical part deals with an analysis of foreign investments in individual regions of the Czech Republic and monitors years 2010-2020. It also examines the impact on regions and the development of living standards. As an example of foreign direct investment in the Czech Republic is used a company BOSCH DIESEL, s.r.o.. Thesis focuses on one specific investment and examines its impact on the development of the Vysočina Region, more precisely of Jihlava District.
Region Formation and Transformations of its Roles in Course of the 20th Century: Bohemian-Moravian Highlands
Krajíček, Jan ; Klusáková, Luďa (advisor) ; Janáč, Jiří (referee)
"Region" is nowadays one of the most frequented term in the discourse of the humanities. In the approach of the History, the region is used as a theoretical and methodological concept, whose content has wide range in other social sciences, such as Human Geography and Sociology. This thesis deals with the possibility of the utilization of this term in the historical research applicated on the particular case of the Bohemian- Moravian Highlands. Thesis describes the recent state of the research and the progress in the approach to the term of region. The main concepts which can be used in the case of the Highlands are also shown and described. This particular region was chosen because of its specificity - it's a central periphery, which formed itself into a centralized and institutionalized modern region, the Vysočina Region, during the 20th century. The basic way-out is Anssi Paasi's theory of the shaping of regions. According to it, region can be found in many dimensions in the process of its creation - not just in a physical shape, but also in a symbolic shape, in the making of its identity. Eventually, region has got variable social and economic characteristics. The meaning in which region is percepted and imagined is also changed by these processes of creation - the role of the region is changing...
Europeanisation of political system of a federal state: the case of Belgium
Pluhařová, Jana ; Drulák, Petr (advisor) ; Kasáková, Zuzana (referee)
The Master thesis "The Europeanization of a political system of a federal state: the case of Belgium" investigates the Europeanization effect on a federal polity in Belgium. It discusses the relations between the federal government and the federated entities in Belgium. It addresses two questions. Firstly, what is the impact of European integration on the relations between the federal government and the federated entities in Belgium and secondly, does European integration strengthen or rather weaken the role of federal government towards regions and communities. In particular, it argues that the combination of two parallel processes - on the one hand, the deepening of European integration and on the other hand, the domestic devolution of powers in Belgium - resulted in a situation where the position of the federal government is strengthened despite the constant pressure of federated units on decentralization. Using Germany and Austria as typical cases of federations to compare, the thesis assumes that Belgium is an exceptional case of federation. While in Austria and Germany the European integration consolidates the existing relations between federal government and federated entities, in Belgium it completely changes them. It also argues that European integration shapes the dual nature of Belgian...
Assessment of methods of accessibility analysis of sociogegraphical regions in Czechia
Navrátil, Jan ; Hudeček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Schneider, Michal (referee)
The aim of diploma thesis is to compare methods of accessibility analysis in regions. The result of the analysis must cover only the region itself and not to overlap the neighbouring regions. This condition must be valid for every single region in the multi region system. The first part of the thesis deals with the methods which make the analysis possible. There are described their main characteristics and their advantages and disadvantages. The core part of the thesis consists of the detailed description of the functions and the approaches in the models and scripts, which were based on the methods identified in the former part. The methods are evaluated by the broad use of the models and scripts with various data samples. For every method is found an applicable use. The results are basis for the further inquires and questions eventually leading to the better understanding and the enhancement of the current approaches in that matters.
Local Development and Policies of Protectionism
Bělohradský, Aleš ; Benáček, Vladimír (advisor) ; Želinský, Tomáš (referee)
Economic situation in the Central Europe is to a big extent influenced by the disparities between core regions (mostly the capitals) and the rest. If the gap between cores and peripheries is still widening, local governments of peripheral regions must come up with policies to protect their economies from the globalised world. This basic statement is examined in this work using two different methods: regionalised input-output analysis (for Czech regions) trying to discover structural differences between regions and its implications, and NEG equilibrium simulation method examining agglomeration forces in the Central Europe and evaluating possible outcomes of protective policies in terms of NTBs (limiting the openness). The results confirm the agglomeration tendencies and suggest mainly two ways of effective policies: regional specialisation and investments into infrastructure, which would lower the transaction costs within the peripheral regions. NEG simulation method has serious limits due to the problematic calibration. Powered by TCPDF (
Regional conceptions of family policies through the theory of social construction of target populations
Braun, Vojtěch ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Jelínková, Marie (referee)
This work focuses on concepts of family policy on a regional level. Regions are the connecting link between the county level and the state level and have numerous instruments to support families or other social groups within their territory. While on the county level family policy doesn't get much attention, mostly due to lower personal, administrative or financial capacity, regions prepare detailed and wide concepts of family and social policy, in which they outline goals and aspirations, as well as instruments and ways in which to achieve them during a predetermined period. These instruments aim at different target populations. This work will be primarily focusing on the research of these target populations, which will then be analysed through the theory of social constructions of target populations, which was initially developed in 1993 by professors Anne Schneider and Helen Ingram. This theory dwells deeper when it comes to definitions of target populations and divides populations according to their definition, which can be positive or negative, and by their political power, which can be strong or weak. Looking at the numbers of instruments, their character and searching for a reason for this state of affairs, as well as applying the theory of social constructions of target populations, will lead to the...
Region Formation and Transformations of its Roles in Course of the 20th Century: Bohemian-Moravian Highlands
Krajíček, Jan ; Klusáková, Luďa (referee) ; Janáč, Jiří (referee)
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