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Comparison of Regional Associations of LAGs in Pilsen Region and South Bohemian Region
This thesis focuses on regional associations of Local Action Groups (LAGs) in two regions and examines their contributions to cooperation with LAGs. The general premise is the existence of county networks that are the link between LAGs and the National LAG Network. The aim of the thesis is to find out whether the existence of regional associations is beneficial for the activities of LAGs and whether LAGs support LEADER principles in the territory and thus contribute to rural development. The thesis also examines the differences in the functioning of associations in two regions, where one association operates as an informal association and the other has legal personality.
Trends in economic growth and inequality in southern Africa: A comparative analysis among the low income countries
Zico, Abel Joaquim
This study investigates and compares the trends of economic growth and income inequalities in five low income countries members of Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) for the period of 1990 to 2013. It also analyses the relationship between growth and inequalities in the studied countries. It is a quantitative and qualitative study and was used the descriptive, analytical, statistical and comparative methods. The descriptive analysis indicates that the entire five economies grew in different performances and they are not absolutely convergent, but is a relative convergence among some countries. However, the inequality level trend to decrease in these countries but in very small levels. The results using econometric models and Ordinary Last Square (OLS) estimator show that the factors affecting economic growth and inequalities are not all the same and do not react in the same way for all countries. It also found out that the relationship between growth and inequality is not mutual in all countries. Therefore, growth trend to reduce inequality in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia, but trend to increase in Zimbabwe.
Environmentální nástroje využitelné v rámci rozvoje města - případová studie města Jihlavy
Kruntorád, Vojtěch
The bachelor thesis deals with environmental tools usable in regional development of the city of Jihlava. Theses is separated into two parts, theoretical and practical part. The most frequently discussed themes in case of environmental tools are described while using specialised literature in theoretical part. The practical part is focused on the city of Jihlava and describes functioning of mentioned ranges on specific cases in the town. Using field research, comparison, analysis, interview with staffer from the department of environment and SWOT analysis evaluates the best possible tools usable for the development of the town. Results and suggested environmental tools are research of subsidies, strategy of heading and environmental education. Thesis will be publicly accessible and can be used as a material for strategic documents of the town or connected departments of environment.
Percepce návratu divokých býložravců do krajiny ČR
Cenková, Jitka
The bachelor thesis deals with the return of the natural grazing with a help of wild herbivores, such as wild horses, aurochs and European bison into the landscape of the Czech Republic. Based on literary research, a positive influence on the natural grazing for increasing the diversity of species in the landscape has been identified. The thesis is focused on a pilot project in Milovice reserve in which the natural grazing is taking place since 2015. In the described project, an increase of the tourist potential and a spread of awareness of the region which is developing due to the territorial reserve project has been found. The following aim of the bachelor thesis is, based on the questionnaire, to evaluate, how the inhabitants of the Czech Republic perceive this project and its impact on the future. The target group, the inhabitants of the Central Bohemian Region, evaluate the project and its impacts positively. The inhabitants of other regions have not heard about this project and there are also some negative opinions. The aim of the thesis is to suggest additional tourist activities and to promote the project in the vicinity of the reserve.
Vývoj odvětví ve vybraném regionu
Štefanová, Veronika
The diploma thesis focuses on the development of the tourism industry. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the influence and asses the position of tourism in the South Moravian Region with the South Bohemia Region. Regional growth and development tools shows a basic overview of how industries are involved in the creation of GVA, employment and economic structures. The South Bohemian Region was selected for comparison because of its similar offer of tourism. The quotient of tourism in GVA is higher in the South Bohemia than in the South Moravian Region and the trend is growth-oriented in both of regions. Tourism was rated according to all criteria - economic, social and environmental aspects. A better overview and evaluation of the tourism would have been achieved if regionalization of tourism satellite account had been created, which was one of the recommendations for the development of the tourism sector in the future. Primary data from quantitative research served to obtain a comprehensive view.
Partnerství pro místní rozvoj na příkladu Tišnova
Knoflíčková, Petra
Bachelor thesis is focused on application and evaluation of contribution of concept Partnership for local development. Application of results of concept Partnership is solved on the conrete instance of Steinhauser company and Tišnov city. The theoretical part is aimed at the explanation and folowing specification of important words which concerning local development and comunication technologies. The practical part of thesis is devoted to analysis of results of marketing research. The final part of thesis is focused on possible solutions which should improve local development and relations of company, public administration and community.
Význam vodního díla Pastviny pro rozvoj mikroregionu Orlicko
Fiala, Martin
This thesis deals with the significance of the Pastviny dam for the development of mikroregion Orlicko and its potential from the viewpoint of subsequent development of tourism in the area. The main subject, which the thesis discusses on background of Pastviny dam, is the connection water - recreation - regional development. This thesis describes Pastviny recreational area as an important recreational area in the mikroregion Orlicko, identifies the attitude of local administration to the development of tourism, describes the economical conditions in the location and on the basis of the historical progress of using this location for recreation, the thesis presents the current strengths and weaknesses of Pastviny recreational area. In the end of this thesis suggestions for the subsequent development of sustainable tourism in the interested area based on the SWOT analysis are mentioned.
Využívání prostředků politiky hospodářské a sociální soudržnosti : případová studie výdajového plánu statutárního města /
Přenosil, Jan
Dissertation thesis analyzes the restrictions of economic and social cohesion in EC / EU. Sets out the theoretical concepts of regional development and summarize the results of available studies. Second part is a case study -- analysis of an Integrated Urban Development Plan of the city of Brno "Improving the quality of services provided to the public and the expansion of city amenities." Factors limiting the impact of public funds are identified.
Vybrané aspekty rozvoje Kraje Vysočina
Wildmannová, Denisa
The bachelor thesis „Selected aspects of the development of the Vysočina region“ is focused on development of Vysočina region. The bachelor thesis focuses on development in three areas of development – economic, social and evironmental. From these areas are selected specific representatives as aspects of regional development. The evaluation describe the following aspects of development: gross domestic product, research, development and innovation, economic aktivity, unemployment, wage development, demographic situation and social evolution, education, healthcare, transport infrastructure, tourism, and finally environment. The evaluation is followed by a recommendations to the region for further development of the region.
Význam malých a středních podniků v kontextu regionálního rozvoje kraje Vysočina
Fialová, Dominika
The diploma thesis pays attention to small and medium-sized enterprises and indicators of regional development. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the performance of small and medium-sized enterprises of the processing industry in the Vysočina region in the context of the development of the region. The work is divided into two parts. In the first part, a literature review is prepared, which serves as a basis for the research part. The second part is made up of the test itself. First, the social and economic situation of the Vysočina region is evaluated here. Subsequently, an analysis of the performance of the companies is carried out based on the selected indicators and their median. The last part evaluates the importance between regional development indicators and performance indicators. This research is carried out using a correlation matrix, where dependence was determined, and multiple regression analysis, which evaluates the statistical significance of dependence. Multiple regression showed a low level of significance between indicators. The highest influence was demonstrated between the unemployment indicator and performance indicators.

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