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Application of prospective indicators of demographic ageing at the district level in Czechia
Čábela, Filip ; Šídlo, Luděk (advisor) ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (referee)
Application of prospective indicators of demographic ageing at the district level in Czechia Abstract The objective of this study is to analyze differences in the level of demographic ageing using prospective indicators at the LAU 1 level of the regions (districts) of Czechia in the periods 2006-2010, 2015-2019 and 2017-2021. The second objective is to compare the results of the analysis of prospective indicators with the results of a retrospective approach and to compare the differences between individual periods. Based on the results of the analysis, it can be stated that the districts Praha-západ and Praha-východ are among the youngest LAU 1 regions in Czechia. The most affected by demographic aging are the districts of the Ústecký kraj (e.g. Most, Teplice), as well as the districts Bruntál, Jeseník and Sokolov. For almost all LAU 1 regions, the values of prospective indicators increased between individual periods (with the exception of constant prospective age). The highest differences between the values of prospective and retrospective indicators are achieved by the districts in the period 2015-2019. The values of the indicators of both approaches are most similar in the districts of the Ústecký kraj, and differ the most in "urban" districts. The effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on the values of...
The impact of Brazilian presidents on international relations in the region after 1945.
Navara, Jáchym ; Krausz Hladká, Malvína (advisor) ; Soukup, Jaromír (referee)
The subject of this work is a descriptive analysis focusing on the influence of Brazilian presidents on regional international relations after the year 1945. Using available sources, the goal of this work is to assess how the influence of the Brazilian head of state on the region changed and, as a hypothesis of this work, globalization and democratization affected the relative impact of such influence, if at all. The strength of the Brazilian head of state is presented as it is limited by the Brazilian constitutions, as well as other factors concerning the inner political landscape of Brazil, which serves as context to analyse personalities and approaches of the heads of state to regional international politics. This project would like to serve as an outline or a foundation for further detailed research, that could use psychological approaches to provide a broader assessment of the relation between personalities, influence and regional international relations of Brazil.
Integrované nástroje a jejich průnik v území: CLLD a ITI
Videnský, Adam
The subject of this bachelor thesis is to get acquainted with the specifics of regional development in the context of integrated tools Community-led local development (CLLD) and Integrated territorial investments (ITI), the extent of their use and verification of the hypothesis of possible benefits for municipalities, resulting from the availability of these integrated tools. The work also focuses on issues concerning region, the reasons for emergence of regional disparities and regional policy within the European Union and the Czech Republic and briefly outlines its development. It also introduces the area of strategic planning and its importance in terms of regional development.In order to verify the above mentioned hypothesis, an analysis of municipalities was performed in the selected area, which were divided into four groups depending on the affiliation to the territory. These groups of municipalities were further compared and evaluated on the basis of set indicators.
Vývoj odvětví ve vybraném regionu
Štefanová, Veronika
The diploma thesis focuses on the development of the tourism industry. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the influence and asses the position of tourism in the South Moravian Region with the South Bohemia Region. Regional growth and development tools shows a basic overview of how industries are involved in the creation of GVA, employment and economic structures. The South Bohemian Region was selected for comparison because of its similar offer of tourism. The quotient of tourism in GVA is higher in the South Bohemia than in the South Moravian Region and the trend is growth-oriented in both of regions. Tourism was rated according to all criteria - economic, social and environmental aspects. A better overview and evaluation of the tourism would have been achieved if regionalization of tourism satellite account had been created, which was one of the recommendations for the development of the tourism sector in the future. Primary data from quantitative research served to obtain a comprehensive view.
Regional and linguistic identities : the North of France
This qualitative research aims to find out whether a regional identity in Northern France is possible without identifying with and/or practising its regional language or dialect. A literature review was conducted on the history of the region, the history of the Ch'ti language, its regional language, and the definition of the terms "identity" and "regional identity". Four semi-structured interviews were conducted with people of different generations in order to collect qualitative data on the research topic. The interviews were recorded and transcribed. The results are described after the methodology section, which is describing the process of constructing the research question and the way the interviews were conducted. These results are then questioned in a dedicated section. This is followed by the conclusion, a summary in English, the bibliography of the literature section and illustrations, allowing a better representation of the region. The appendices conclude this research and illustrate the whole research process.
Road infrastructure of a selected region
This bachelor thesis deals with the relationship between the quality of the road network and economic growth in the region. The aim of this work is to evaluate the connection between the road network and economic growth. The work is divided into two parts. The theoretical part deals with transport infrastructure, economic growth of the region and the relationship between transport and economic growth. The practical part presents the economic indicators used in work, the definition of quality of a I. class road, the improvement of road network quality in each region, out of the 8, that have been selected, and in the end the bachelor thesis contains an evaluation of the relationship between road network quality and economic growth using correlation coefficient
Dačicko jako české "Three Corners"? Analýza funkčních prostorových vztahů
This bachelor's thesis deals with the evaluation of functional spatial relationships and the analysis of directional orientation. The municipality's administrative district, with its expanded scope of Dačice, located in the southeast corner of the South Bohemian region, has been chosen as an interest area. Functional relationships were mainly explored in three regional and three district towns. The first part of the work is aimed at defining and characterising concepts of spatial interaction, mobility, region and periphery. The analytic part of the work looks at the analysis of available time data, the number of public transport services and the commuting to schools and work to the chosen district and regional centers. The research of spatial relations in the territory of Municipal Administrative District with Extended Scope Dačice is also included in the analytic part. The suitability of the region's administrative affiliation to the South Bohemian region could subsequently be assessed from the data found.
Visitors` Satisfaction in South Bohemia (Českobudějovicko-Hlubocko Tourist Area)
This bachelor thesis is based on the definition of tourism and the basic terms which are involved in this study. The main topic is the definition and assessment of factors that lead to affecting the satisfaction of visitors in the tourist region Českobudějovicko-Hlubocko. The aim is to provide information on motivation of visiting, attractions and shortcomings from their point of view. Tourism and travelling are some of the most widespread forms of how people spend their leisure time satisfy their needs incluing rest, relaxing or skills. The method used for research is a questionnaire survey collected on the square of Přemysl Otakar II. and around Budweiser Budvar in České Budějovice and in Hluboká nad Vltavou in the area of the castle and the historical centre. This was assessed for quantity and quality in both primary and secondary tourism offers in terms of visitor demand. The result of this work is the evaluation of the motivation of participant in this area and the final recommendation for future improvement in the services is provided.
Traffic flows in the context of the smart region
PLACHÁ, Veronika
The topic of the diploma thesis is "Traffic flows in the context of the smart region". The main goal of the diploma thesis is to analyse and evaluate traffic flows in a selected region in the context of a smart region. A partial goal of the paper is a subsequent proposal to improve the current situation. The diploma thesis consists of two parts, a theoretical and a practical. The elaboration was started by studying the professional literature concerning mainly transport, logistics, traffic flows, transport network, accessibility, but also smart city and smart region. In the practical part, the researched region was chosen. Due to the employment of the author of the thesis in the town of Dačice, the Dačice microregion was chosen, where she commutes to Lidl every day to work. For this diploma thesis, the number of kilometres that people drive to do the shopping was chosen as the traffic flow. In order to analyse and evaluate traffic flows, it was necessary to collect the data needed to assess the current situation. The questionnaire method was used to obtain information that became the basis for the investigation itself. Data collection was performed in the form of a questionnaire in printed form based on personal interviews. During the processing of the thesis, two anonymous surveys were performed. The first survey examined kilometrage traffic flows for shopping in the region. The second questionnaire was focused on customers of the Lidl retail chain. The analysis of transport relations using a gravity model was applied in this thesis. Based on the evaluation of the situation, it was found that for shopping people drive in cars that are not fully occupied at all, the maximum occupancy is one, a maximum of two people in most cases. There is therefore an unnecessary burden on the transport infrastructure, pollution of the environment. Part of the thesis consists of proposals to improve the situation, how it would be possible to reduce the number of kilometres driven using a smart system.

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