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Issues of lung CT screening for smokers
POKORNÁ, Miroslava
The communication deals with the evaluation of the benefits of the Pilot Programme "CT screening of smokers' lungs". The objectives and methodology include a theoretical study of the anatomy of the airways and the emerging issues of lung cancer, smoking dependence, low dose CT chest scanning techniques, National Radiological Standards and the issues of the target group of smokers and their involvement in investigation and treatment at specialist centres. The research was conducted through a questionnaire survey of 50 smokers (total 25 questions) and 41 physicians (total 18 questions). As a result, it was found that smokers' patients' awareness of the program is not sufficient, mainly due to their lack of interest in CT scanning and treatment options for the consequences of smoking and their unwillingness to actively cooperate with health professionals in their health care, including their refusal to give up the smoking habit. The outcome of the survey of physicians is good awareness and commitment to the implementation of the Pilot Programme, but they are limited in numbers and workload. The survey shows that the Pilot Programme is beneficial to the population. Therefore, it could prospectively be implemented by a larger number of health facilities in our country as part of a screening programme and thus contribute to improving the health status of the population. It was also found that the Hospital Jindřichův Hradec a.s. meets the requirements and could be included in the Pilot Programme.
Imaging of the gastrointestinal tract - ERCP
The bachelor thesis on GIT imaging methods with focus on ERCP deals with diagnostic and therapeutic methods and provides an overview of the individual imaging methods used in diagnostics and therapy. In the practical part, the thesis focuses on the ERCP diagnostic and therapeutic method. Knowledge of anatomy is indispensable for the orientation in this field and for the quality work of radiological assistants and physicians, and therefore the introduction is dedicated to GIT anatomy. Diagnostic procedures, including imaging methods, are described in each individual anatomical area, and the most common diseases affecting the indicated GIT area are listed. The second half of the theoretical part describes the diagnostic and therapeutic imaging methods of the digestive tract with respect to the anatomical area in which the examination is carried out, which fall under the X-ray unit and are performed by radiological assistants and doctors. The practical part is focused on the diagnostic and therapeutic method ERCP and its use at the RTG unit at Thomayerova hospital in the years 2014-18. The work covers the entire course of the examination from the preparation of the patient to the therapeutic procedures. A set of patients is used in terms of the frequency of the examinations carried out in 2014-18. In the individual years, patients are further broken down and analysed based on the decade of birth and gender. The data sets obtained are processed into clear graphs and the use of the method today is evaluated based on the proportion of patients undergoing the examination in the individual years using the date of birth and gender criteria. Specialized books and articles as well as verified internet sources were used to write this bachelor thesis. The results of my work give answers to the research question about the preferences of using the ERCP examination. They reflect the ongoing trend in the use of ERCP in diagnostics and especially in therapy due to the undeniable advantage of the use of therapeutic interventions immediately during the diagnostic examination. The aim of the thesis is to create a general overview and description of the individual methods of GIT examination according to the individual anatomical area with focus and a more detailed description of the ERCP method. An analysis of the data set obtained at the Thomayer Hospital's RTG unit was carried out.
Promoting branch Radiology Assistant at University of South Bohemia
First aim of my bachelor´s thesis was to carry out the analysis of number of universities offering the opportunity to study the specialization Radiological Assistant. In this respect, I carried out a process of data collection on websites of individual universities. In my bachelor´s thesis, I established the research question whether there was a sufficient promotion of the specialization Radiological Assistant. On the basis of results of the questionnaire survey and after consideration of responses of all students, in particular on issues related to the specialization Radiological Assistant and future application of the graduate, I could state that the promotion of the specialization Radiological Assistant was not sufficient. The second objective of this bachelor´s thesis was promotion of the specialization Radiological Assistant for the general public and high school graduates. As a form of promotion I chose a leaflet, and I created a draft of this leaflet. The promotional leaflet was designed to serve the promotion of the specialization Radiological Assistant at University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.
Prenatal diagnosis by imaging methods
VLČEK, Martin
The bachelor degree thesis focuses on imaging methods in prenatal diagnostics. The theoretical part informs the readers about the current situation in this field, including invasive and noninvasive examination methods. The theoretical part is concluded with a chapter on prenatal detection of heart disease by means of screening examination of pregnant women. The objective of the thesis was to highlight the activities of a radiological assistant, to describe his/her activities during the use of various modalities and possibilities in diagnostics of congenital heart diseases, both prenatally and perinatally. One hypothesis was formulated, concerning the activity of a radiological assistant in diagnostics of congenital heart diseases during the prenatal period. The quantitative research was designed based on the number of examined fetuses and newborns in the teaching hospital (Fakultní nemocnice) in Motol and in the Center of Medical Genetics (Centrum lékařské genetiky s.r.o.) in České Budějovice in the course of 1 year. In 59 fetuses examined with magnetic resonance the following 3 congenital heart diseases were detected most frequently: 7 cases of agenesis of corpus callosum, 6 cases of ventriculomegalia and 7 cases of congenital cystic adenomatoid lung malformation. None of the examined mothers was diagnosed with placenta defects or pathological changes on the fetus heart. The formulated hypothesis has been confirmed. At present, congenital heart diseases are not routinely prenatally examined by means of magnetic resonance due to the too robust technology and insufficient quality of the imaging. The prominent role is still being played by ultrasonic examinations performed by gynecologists and obstetricians. The thesis and the research results may be used by cardiologists, gynecologists, obstetricians, as well as radiologists.
The specific approach to diagnostic imaging methods in patients with diabetes mellitus
Diabetes mellitus occurs as a result of absolute or relative lack of insulin. It is a chronic disease which can lead to damage of other systems and organs. Number of patients with diabetes mellitus undergoing medical examinations or interventional therapy by the diagnostic imaging methods has been increasing. It brings higher demand on technical parameters of the methods and more exact work of medical staff. Examinations connected with administering contrast media can cause many complications to these patients and the routine examination can be changed into the dangerous one. The position of a radiological assistant has become more responsible. The aim of this Bachelor´s work was to outline diagnostic options while examining patients with diabetes mellitus and consider using diagnostic imaging methods as the administration of diagnostic contrast media can be risky for the patients. Twenty six per cent (236 patients) out of 918 patients with diabetes mellitus type 1 or type 2 who visited the Diabetological Centre and the Department of Radiology of the Hospital in České Budějovice were examined by some of the diagnostic imaging methods. Adult diabetic patients underwent these radiological examinations: 188 skiagraphies of lungs, 119 skiagraphies of skeletons and 18 examinations under skiascopic control. Forty-four patients were examined by the sonography, 10 by the mammography, 110 by the computed tomography, 9 by the magnetic resonance and 10 patients by the angiography. Most diabetic patients were examined by common skiagraphy of arms and legs, sculls, vertebral columns due to injuries, fractures and degenerative changes. Skiagraphies of heart and lungs were indicated before and after operations or they preceded applying an insulin pump. The other numerous group was made up by patients with tumours. They were mostly examined by computed tomography. Fifty-seven patients developed complications caused by diabetes. The examinations of carotid arteries, cerebral arteries, arteries and varicose veins in the legs were carried out by sonography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance. In six cases diagnostic angiography was followed by percutaneous transluminal angioplasty. The use of contrast media in 64 patients was also considered. In all cases non-ionic contrast media of low or medium osmolarity in the volume of 80 {--} 125 ml were used. The findings compared with those presented in literature proved the hypothesis that radiological assistant work requires a specific approach towards the diabetic patients.
Impact of digital imaging on practical work of radiographer
MAREK, David
The submitted bachelor{\crq}s paper deals with the impact of digital imaging on the practical activity of a radiological assistant. In 2006, I participated in a professional seminar held by the AURA-GROUP company, which focused on digitalization of modalities in the health service. This topic seemed to be so interesting for me that I decided to find out what their experience were and what the comparison of the analogue and digital imaging would be like from the point of view of assistants working in practice and to find out more about requirements concerning a radiological assistant{\crq}s work both under the analogue and under the digital operation. In the theoretical section, the principle of X-rays is provided together with a small excursion into the history and the method of analogue and digital imaging and current methods of archiving as well. In this section, the current state of radiology is surveyed and the principles of the individual methods, their advantages and disadvantages together with future prospective are described here as well. In the practical section, I decided to verify the hypothesis that the digital imaging is more valuable in practice that the analogue one. Within the framework of quantitative methodology, the method of fact-finding through questionnaire was used. This questionnaire was presented to employees of radiological departments and the results were subsequently statistically processed and evaluated. The research sample was set up from employees working in the radiological departments in the hospitals in České Budějovice and Český Krumlov. For the purposes of this research, I made no difference as far as the individual age categories or educational background or any other criteria are concerned. This means that this selection was not limited in any way and it has, in my opinion, sufficient support both from the theory and practice and thus it has a sufficient testifying value with respect to the knowledge and experience of the radiological assistants subject to the research. The results of this work confirmed the respective hypothesis and it was demonstrated that digitalization has positive impact on practical activity of a radiological assistant for the purpose of post-processing adjustments, X-ray images archiving using the PACS system, and the fact that there is no need of the so-called wet process is particularly beneficial as well. In the summary, we should also see economic advantages, as they are one of The most important criteria for development of new methods of activities in the field of health care at the present time. The fact that the digital method of imaging saves costs relating to films, chemical substances, archiving capacities (rooms and staff) brings substantial savings, which may be utilized for example for the purchase of technologically advanced equipment.
Possibilities of separate activity of radiologic assistant on the field workplace
This bachelor thesis with in the range of independent work of radiologic assistant in different types of field departments. The teoretical part describes tha systém of field departments and the work of the radiologic assistant in this department. There are physical notes necessary for the introduction of the problem, there is also a description of the analogue system, division and description of the process. The final part of the work deals with teleradiology that in the future can expedite the work of radiologic assistants in their field departments. The aim of this work was to estimate the benefit of data digitizing the work of radiologic assistant in different field departments. It was estimate that there will be improvement in the technical and organizational part of work. Two hypoteses were determined. First hypotesis assumed that digitizing will expedite and improve the quality of work of the radilogic assistant. The second hypotesis assumed that digitizing will improve the care of patients. Both the hypoteses were confirmed. The outcomes were gained by comparison of time and economic savings in the of radiologic assistants in two different types of medical centres. This work proves that data digitizing can reduce the time of diagnostic process, and can improve the quality of care of patients. It also speeds-up and expedites the work of radiologic assistant, and for large medical centres it is also economic gain.

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