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Wireless communicator for boat sport
Kubovičová, Lucia ; Šteffan, Pavel (referee) ; Levek, Vladimír (advisor)
The work deals with technologies related to wireless signal transmission, Bluetooth technology and the design of a device that is used to distribute helmsman's commands on a rowing boat. The device consists of two parts that communicate with each other using Bluetooth technology. Thus, both parts of the device have a Bluetooth module that works in both parts in different modes. The control of the device pairing process is provided by a microcontroller. There are buttons used for external communication and LEDs for signalization.
SDR Signal Processing for Portable Monitoring Station
Svobodník, Petr ; Záplata, Filip (referee) ; Šebesta, Jiří (advisor)
Goal of this thesis is to develop portable monitoring station for radio spectrum monitoring and its controlling application for use by Czech Telecommunication Office. The station is based on Software Defined Radio (SDR) and capable of monitoring in the range of 1 MHz - 6 GHz. Developed application controls not only the SDR but also the external RF unit (including choice of receiving antenna, filter, optional amplification/attenuation and azimuth of antenna rotator). Measurement processed by computer and displayed graphically in form of spectrum diagram and waterfall diagram. Furthermore, the application will perform spectral measurement in compliance with requirements of International Telecommunication Union. The application is also capable of recording into the file and of analyzing historical data from the previous measurement.
Creation of the application about regulation of radio spectrum in connection to open data of the Czech Telecommunication Office
Hubík, Petr ; Chlapek, Dušan (advisor) ; Novák, Jaromír (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is description of creating application designated to improve orienta-tion in radio spectrum usage in the Czech Republic and publication of data used by application as open data. First, the thesis describes open data, its importance and method of working with it. This part is followed by an analysis of issues, analysis of available data and selection of methodology for appli-cation development as well as for open data publication. Description of the process of application development and its launch follows. Whole thesis concludes description of the process for open data publication.

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