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Drama education in kindergartens in Prague
Burianová, Tereza ; Ferklová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Sobková, Ivana (referee)
In this bachelor's thesis, I focus on drama education in kindergarten. I conduct quantitative research using research methods, questionnaires and interviews with kindergarten teachers. Using these methods, I investigate which part of Prague uses dramatic education in education the most, which types of activities are the most popular, and which types of dramatic activities are still being introduced to children in kindergartes in Prague. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis contains basic information about drama education and its history. Methods and techniques that are used in kindergarten and the importance of the teacher who performs dramatic activities with them. In it, you will also find out where you can supplement your education in the field of drama education, if you do not already have it. In the practical part, I focus on general research methods, but also on two specific ones. To the questionnaires that I sent to the kindergartes in Prague and to the interviews conducted with the pedagogues in the kindergartens. I further evaluate all this and discuss the progress ad result. I compare my idea and the predicted result with the final result. Finally, I explore what else I came up with thanks to these questions and methods.
Intake of the D vitamin at children at younger school age
Vitamin D is an integral part of our diet. It is vital for a proper growth and development of a child. It affects development of bones, nervous system activity, neuron creation, and immune system. Currently, around 60% of European children suffer from its deficiency. Insufficient intake of vitamin D from animal sources can be the cause of the deficiency for this group. Up to 90% of vitamin D intake is caused by the sun. Thus, the cause of the deficit can also be the lowered time spent outside. I chose four goals for my bachelor's thesis. The first goal was to ascertain the amount of vitamin D that primary school children intake orally. The second goal I chose was to ascertain the significance of oral vitamin D supplements for primary school children. The third goal was to ascertain the number of products with vitamin D content that primary school children have in their diet. The last goal was to determine what part of dietary reference intake of vitamin D primary school children take in from food. The practical part dealt with the interpretation of the research results. The sample consisted of 20 subjects aged 6 to 12 years old, and the data were gathered in Písek and surrounding areas. The research method I chose was quantitative-qualitative. The data were gathered by questionnaires and menus. The questionnaires helped determine the number of products with vitamin D content that each subject consumed in a week. It also contained a question whether they supplement vitamin D. The menu helped determine the amount of vitamin D taken in from foods in a week. The collected data from menus were subsequently inputted into the Nutriservis software, which calculated the amounts of vitamin D in micrograms from the given foods. From these results, I calculated the overall weekly vitamin D intake and what percentage it made from the weekly oral dietary reference intake of vitamin D. If the subject used supplements, I added it to the calculation of weekly intake and determined the percentage of weekly oral dietary reference intake. The questionnaires indicate that among the most favourite products with vitamin D content are milk and dairy products. Less frequent but also significant are egg yolks and vegetable oils. Liver, however, was reportedly consumed by only three subjects out of 20 on a weekly basis. Based on the results, a conclusion can be drawn - vitamin D supplements play a significant role in the given age group. This claim is supported by the research results, which indicated that none of the subjects would have fulfilled the weekly oral dietary reference intake without vitamin D supplements. Currently supplementing were 8 out of 20 subjects. Seven out of the eight supplementing managed to fulfil the weekly oral dietary reference intake. These results indicate that it is necessary to increase awareness of both children and parents about vitamin D intake.
Recruitment procedure of employees in Tecnocap s.r.o.
URAJ, Jaromír
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of recruitment procedure of employees in company Tecnocap s.r.o. The current status and attempt to suggest some improvement in the selection is identified. This improvement is suggested to be used in the company. The main aim is to get as many candidates as possible for choosing and deciding which candidate is the best for the job. Great focus is placed on the low budget of the entire process of recruitment and selection of employees. First employees fill the questionnaires that relate job satisfaction. The questi-onnaires are handed personally, which ensures high return of them. Next an interview with the HR director follows. Analysis and overall evaluation are made by the collected data. These data are used in future recruitment of employees.
The Place of the Library within the Organisational Framework of Universities in the Czech Republic and USA: A Comparison Study
Plzáková, Aneta ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
The aim of this master thesis was to describe and asses the place of the library within the organizational framework of universities in the Czech Republic and USA. Aim of this thesis is to describe and evaluate the current position of library in organizational structure of colleges and universities in the Czech Republic and USA. First chapter sums up the current situation. For Czech universities in public school sector the corresponding elementary data, relevant legislative scope and position in organizational structure of public universities are emphasized and presented. For US universities the current status is presented with a particular example of five public universities. Second chapter is about current trends in evolution of university libraries in Czech Republic and USA with an emphasis on position in university or college structure. Third chapter is the essential part of the thesis. It contains report about survey performed with representatives of Czech public universities and representatives of given libraries. Last chapter presents parallel research done in USA.
Analysis of Physical Fitness of the Police of the Czech Republic
Bělohlávek, Jan ; Jansa, Petr (advisor) ; Flemr, Libor (referee)
Title:Analysis of Physical Fitness of the Police of the Czech Republic Objectives:The main objective of this theses is to help find a solution of selected motoric ability among adults, particullary cadets, who study at the programm of Basic Professional Training at the Ministery of the Interior's school in Prague. Methods:To collect results of selected motoric abilities we used motoric test according to the UNIFITTEST 6 - 60. We used questionaires to collect basic data and data about physical and mental stress indicators. Results:We found out that performance of the Czech policemen is sometimes below average when compared with the general standards and that received data doesn't meet our expectation. Key words:Police of the Czech Republic, physical fitness, motoric ability, speed, strenght, endurance, motor tests, UNIFITTEST Powered by TCPDF (
Comparison of selected Czech and Slovak academic libraries : on the example of Charles University in Prague and Comenius University in Bratislava
Juračková, Lenka ; Landová, Hana (advisor) ; Drobíková, Barbora (referee)
(in English) The goal of the thesis is to describe, evaluate and compare the present state of university libraries at the Charles University in Prague and Comenius University in Bratislava. The first chapter briefly describes the present state of Czech and Slovakian university libraries, their anchorage in the laws of the given state and also deals with societies associating the university libraries. The second chapter describes history, present and prospects of three selected faculties of Charles University and Comenius University (Faculty of Art, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Physical Education and Sport) and also the buildings where the faculties are located are described. The third chapter already follows up the libraries of the selected faculties, their history, services, personnel, space descriptions, and their promotion among the general public etc.. The fourth and fifth chapter presents the main body of the work. These chapters include assessment of the questionnaire survey, between to the directors of the selected libraries, and comparison of these libraries on the basis of the survey and other obtained data. [author abstract]
Leisure-time physical activities of students of FTVS UK specialization TVS
Měchura, Jakub ; Vomáčko, Ladislav (advisor) ; Nováková, Lenka (referee)
Title: Leisure-time physical activities of students of FTVS UK specialization TVS Aims: To obtain information about students of 3rd year undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport specialization TVS and their habits in leisure activities and sports. Compare the information about students learning the different specializations. Identify, describe and compare other factors affecting the participation of students on lemure-time physical activities and sports. Methods: Collection of information and the actual survey was conducted using questionnaires and document analysis. Subsequently, the results were analyzed using statistical methods and calculations. Results: The survey found that among students of different study directions are the differences in participation in leisure-time physical activities. Students of Sport specialization operate more in competitive sport than other directions, but don't lag behind in participation in leisure-time physical activities. Most aktive in these activities are students of direction Outdoor activities. Furthermore, it was found that with the advent of the high school students at changing habits and attitudes to sport. Students are less involved in competitive sport clubs and begin to pay more attention to sport in their own time and in...
The Gate of Electronic Information Sources of Art On-line at The Janacek Academy of Music and Performings Arts in Brno and Its Services
Kasperkevičová, Romana ; Bratková, Eva (advisor) ; Stöcklová, Anna (referee)
The theme of this doctoral thesis is the gate for free access to the electronic information resources Art On-line at the Library of The Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts /JAMU/ in Brno (see or The purposes are analysis and evaluation of the current state of the gate, survey of using information and information services, suggestion of its expansion, suggestion of its organizational and technological innovation and suggestion for completion of electronic information resources. The doctoral thesis consists of seven chapters. The opening part introduces JAMU and the Library of JAMU, the fundamental part presents the gate Art On-line. Chapter 1 The Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno introduces milieu of the art academy. From chapter 2 The Library of JAMU - history, development, services and its critical analysis to chapter 4 Electronic information resources at the Library of JAMU the text deals with problems of the library. Chapter 5 The gate Art On-line - history, development, services and its critical analysis of the current state describes its development and represents its current state. Chapter 6 The questionnaires "Using of the gate Art On-line on the web of the Library of JAMU" presents using...

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