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Just take a moment to stop. The process of religious conversion in the context of the covid-19 pandemic: an interpretative phenomenological analysis.
Jiřičková, Eva ; Beláňová, Andrea (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
The focus of the thesis is to examine the process of religious conversion to the Roman Cath- olic Church in the context of the covid-19 pandemic. Its main aim is to describe the experi- ence of individuals with religious conversion and the way in which this experience is re- flected in the context of the covid-19 pandemic. Another partial aim is to map the functions of religion from the perspective of the convert and to put these functions in the context of theories of religious coping (how it manifests itself, whether and to what extent is the concept of religious coping strategies appropriate, as regards religious conversion in the context of the covid-19 pandemic). The thesis adopts a qualitative form of psychologic research in which the methods of interpretative phenomenological analysis are applied. The data were collected by means of semi-structured interviews from five converts to the Roman Catholic Church. The result of the analysis is represented by four central topics in which the quality of the experience of religious conversion is described: space of transformation, parallel for life, liberation, and relationship. The heart of experience thus outlined is then related to the functions of religion and theoretical psychological concepts.
Spirituality in art therapy
This bachelor thesis deals mainly with spirituality. Spirituality is the key theme which is included in this work, especially in the connecting view between art therapy and spirituality. It also explains other connections between spirituality and therapies and helping professions in general. The thesis also deals with other themes such as theology, regionistics, religion in the postmodern era. The work consists of two parts; the theoretical part discusses and describes aforementioned problematics. In contradistinction to the first part, the second practical part tries to gain insight into the deeper connection between spirituality and arttherapy through art in form of collages, which are interpreted and described in the terms of the connection with spirituality.
Faith in a terminal stage of disease
This work examines faith development of people in the terminal phase of illness. The theoretical part of this work describes faith from the theological point of view and from the perspective of the psychology of religion. It also aims to characterize the meaning of terminal phase and focuses on dying patients. The practical part consists of interviews with dying patients situated in the Hospice of Saint Lazarus in Pilsen. The practical part also describes human approach towatds faith in the last part of their life. It addresses the importance of faith in this uneasy situation.
Paul's conversion and its possible psychological interpretations
Mašková, Eva ; Lukeš, Jiří (advisor) ; Beneš, Jiří (referee)
This diploma thesis aims for broad issue religious conversion especially in the case of the Apostle Paul. It is psychological and theological reflection of his conversion to Christianity, as described by the canonical New Testament texts. The forepartof the thesis reports theoretically into the location of the conversion of the Apostle Paul in the Acts of the Apostles and Paul's epistles. For the purpose of this diploma thesis the author describes briefly hagiotherapy method, a technique that combines knowledge of psychology and theology. The author focuses on the psychological perspective on religious conversion, its history and current state of research. The closing section of the thesis combines views of psychology and theology. Special attention aims at Paul's personality, which is described with the help of psychological terminology. Keywords: Religious conversion, The Apostle Paul, psychology of religion, hagiotherapy.
God exists. What am I gonna do with it? - the Process of Religious Conversion in the Catholic Church until Baptism from Perspective of Converts Experience
Jiřičková, Eva ; Beláňová, Andrea (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to differentiate what the converts consider before the official baptism to the Roman Catholic Church. The thesis focuses mainly on the actual experience of religious conversion of young people who have registered in the course of preparation for baptism. The data are thus obtained in the course of the year and a half of the course and the data consists of interviews, field notes from the course and discussions. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on the definition of the concept of religious conversion, describing the views of the psychology of religion and the presentation of models of religious conversion with a more detailed analysis of the model of Lewis R. Rambo. The empirical part of the thesis consists of data analysis, which includes qualitative method of interpretative phenomenological analysis (IPA). Data are compartmentalized into overarching categories related to the objectives of the thesis. Throughout the data analysis, the process of religious conversion of respondents is compared with the aim of L. R. Rambo. The results of the thesis support an attitude that religious conversion is a long-term process, not one sudden event. Various models can be used for the process of religious conversion - the model of L. R. Rambo (1993), with which the obtained...
Principles of social influence in religious recruitment. The case of a Christian organization affiliated with Charismatic Renewal.
Kuzmina, Ekaterina ; Beláňová, Andrea (advisor) ; Doubek, David (referee)
The bachelor's thesis addresses a young Christian organization operating in the Czech Republic and one of the post-Soviet countries. The purpose of the present study is to provide original data about theistic beliefs of the chosen religious group and about its strategies of building relationships with people who are not yet aligned with the faith that the group preaches. It focuses on the observed rituals, interpretative concepts stated by the pastors, and interactions between the parishioners and a potential convert. The theoretical part covers the main related areas such as Renewal movements, phenomenon of religious conversion, and influence principles considered in the context of recruitment in religious organizations. The practical part presents qualitative research based on a field observation carried out by the author of the thesis in cooperation with an assistant-observer. KEYWORDS: psychology of religion, religious organization, recruitment techniques, spiritual renewal, christian charismatic renewal, social influence, principles of influence
Religious Experiences Induced by LARPing
Martinek, Adam ; Beláňová, Andrea (advisor) ; Hrabec, Ondřej (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is concerned mainly with experiences of live action role-playing games players, who have, during the course of such games, played characters related to religion. The aim of this qualitative study was to first and foremost discover and describe if and when do play induced religious experiences arise. The thesis is theoretically based on those currents of psychology of religion which hold religion to be a socially constructed phenomenon, that can be, albeit possessing certain cognitive specificities, studied through standard methods, mainly those which are inductive in their reasoning. This view is held chiefly because of the socially constructed nature of religion and the absence of a definitive explanatory theory of religion. To answer my research questions, ten semi-structured interviews were conducted with different participants, during which I respected the participant's own perception of the religiosity of their play experience. These interviews were analysed through the lens of grounded theory, the aim of the analysis was to describe circumstances of the emergence of game-specific experiences, their contents with regard to the religious theme of the game(s) and their possible effects on players' lives outside the game(s). The results of the study are discussed in light...
The influence of religious conversion to the Roman Catholic Church on the change of selff-efficacy
Lopaurová, Štěpánka ; Beláňová, Andrea (advisor) ; Trpišovská, Dobromila (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with religious conversion and changes that accompany this turn of man. Specifically, it deals with the conversion to the Roman Catholic Church and the change of self-efficacy. The goal is to answer the questions of how converts describe themselves as active agents in life before and after conversion, and what role does faith in God and the perceived relationship with him plays in this description. Furthermore, how the self-efficacy has changed due to religious beliefs - that is, how converts perceive themselves as capable of influencing their lives. In the broadest sense, the work should contribute to the understanding of man, his motives and experience, also by using his spiritual component. The research was made qualitatively, in the form of semi-structured interviews with ten converts, who for some part of their lives considered themselves to be unbelievers, then they went through the experience they call a religious conversion, got baptized and joined the Roman Catholic Church. They are now practicing believers. The results show that due to the belief gained, there are changes in several areas, such as belief in the lack of competence to manage one's own life, the feeling capability and activating an individual in a particularly pro-social direction despite awareness of...

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