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Apartment house Proluka in Olomouc
Přidal, Petr ; Šteffek, Libor (referee) ; Ostrý, Milan (advisor)
The task of the bachelor thesis was to process the documentation for the new apartment building with almost zero energy consumption. The apartment building is located in Olomouc, in a terraced development, in the gap site. The building is oriented to the northeast and southwest. The apartment building is designed as a basement with four floors. In the basement, there are three separate garages, storage rooms, and rooms for the technical operation of the building. A total of eight residential units are designed on the upper floors. Each apartment has a balcony or terrace. Barrier-free vertical transport is provided by an elevator located in the mirror of the staircase. The building is based on a reinforced concrete foundation slab. The vertical structures are made of sand-lime masonry. Horizontal load-bearing structures are reinforced concrete monolithic. The roof of the building is the gable. The apartment house is insulated with mineral wool insulation.
Mixed-use building in Mikulov
Raszyk, Kristián ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor) ; Hradil, Dušan (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis is based on the architectural study made within studio work of subject AG033. The subject of the design is new mixed-use building in a gap site at historic centre of the Mikulov city, right below Mikulov castle and it´s castle walls. In terms of function, mixed-use building is used as an apartment building, which is divided into six apartments with size from 2+k to 4+1, including facility spaces. Next there are commerce services, which includes one commerce unit for rent, beerhouse with microbrewery, and wine bar, which uses existing wine cellar underneath the castle walls. In the back yard, there are located covered parking spaces for residents and commerce employees, which are accessible by passage. Mixed-use building is divided by architecture masses to multi-storey street section, which consist of two houses with different height, which are based on historic plots, and one-storey yard section. Street section is conceived as contemporary adaptation of traditional historic character of the city. Both houses of the street section have pitched roofs, made from ceramic roof tiles, with roof windows, which respects roof character of the Mikulov city. Facades are made of two coloured renders, which are divided by houses of the street section. Detailing of facades is made from coloured contrast lines, which are referring to traditional historical details. Yard section has flat green roofs, which helps to relieve mass from build-up area. Facades are made of brick strip tiling, which helps to fuse building with castle walls. The most prominent space is space of a wine bar, which is made on square floor plan, and it has big Czech vaulting with significant centre skylight. Whole design of mixed-use building connects city life in Mikulov city.
Annen Gate
Šlosar, Viktor ; Eichlerová, Eva (referee) ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is about the design study of a multifunctional town house. The goal is to complete the corner of Pekařská and Anenská streets in the center of Brno. Predominantly the apartment building is complemented by administrative and commercial function together with the design of underground garages. The set of buildings also creates a new public space.
Apartment building in the gap site
Doupovec, Vojtěch ; Pulec, Vladimír (referee) ; Perla, Jan (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on design of a monolithic reinforced concrete structure of an apartment building situated in a gap site. The foundation is designed on a foundation slab supported by piles, which together with the walls in the basement are made as a waterproofness concrete structure. It is a two-way wall construction system, made in a combination of masonry and reinforced concrete. The structure was assessed for the ultimate limit state and the serviceability limit state. Due to the requirement for waterproofness, the reinforcement was designed for non-force effects at an early stage. The work includes drawings of shapes and reinforcement.
The GAP in Brno
Cvrčková, Aneta ; Horký, Jan (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the architectural design of a building in a gap in the historic center of Brno. The selected land is located in Františkánská Street. The space is formed by a corner connecting the space called Římské náměstí with the street towards Masarykova street. The new building is complemented by a city block. Its height respects the scale of the surrounding buildings. The building contains thirteen new housing units and areas of civic amenities. The sun exposure had an important influence on the design, which is the basis for the size of the transparent areas and the overall layout of the interior layout. The mass follows the historical buildings and at the same time is designed to correspond to the development tendencies of today's architecture.
The GAP in Brno
Remutová, Petra ; Hrivňák, Vlado (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the completion of a gap in the center of Brno on the Cabbage Market. The main task was to find a suitable program for the building. Another important factor that influenced the design was the size of the gap and its possibilities of use. Due to the small dimensions of the gap, the building is situated in height. At the same time, emphasis is placed on preserving the character of the Zelný trh, so that the height of the building corresponds to the surrounding buildings and at the same time so as not to disturb the view from the town hall tower. The building also offers a viewing area. The concept of the building is based on the idea of a shared house. There are both shared workspaces and shared housing. Thanks to this concept, the house is fully used and at the same time it removes the barriers of individual anonymity and creates social ties between the users of the building. The construction of the house is designed to allow internal variability of space and possible adaptation of the house to the future to different user requirements. On the ground floor, a street parterre is preserved, which completes and characterizes the Zelný trh.
The GAP in Brno
Mičková, Pavla ; Poláš, Michal (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the principles of development and design of the new municipal housing in selected gap on Špitálka street in Brno. The aim of the design is to find strategy of development of this unused plot. The text part is devoted to acquaintance with the given locality from teh point of view of urban planning, architectural, cinstructional and dispositional solution. Finaly, the design solution itself is contained in the appendices of the bachelor´s thesis. The design closes the incomplete city block and completes the appearance od the street. The concept effectively uses the space of the large courtyard connected to the gap. This building is based on the future potential of this industrial location and her transformation into an attractive district.
The GAP in Brno
Choutka, Jiří ; Selnarová, Elisabeth (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
In my work I deal with the design of an apartment building in a gap in the center of Brno at Kopečná and Husova streets. The gap is located on a relatively deep place, which is bounded on the northeast, from Husova Street, by a steep and high slope (the body of the road between the Main Railway Station and Šilingr Square). The gap is located in a busy place and is exposed to noise from Husova Street. There are important historical and architecturally valuable buildings in the area. The functional content of the building is housing. In the design, I try to respond appropriately to the surrounding situation and adapt the building functionally and operationally. The effort was to meet all the requirements of the housing operation and insert new value into the existing city structure.
The GAP in Brno
Šuláková, Helena ; Hudeček, Vladimír (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
My bachelor thesis is about designing an appropriate building into a gap on the street in Brno - Zábrdovice. The gap lies in an area known as a „Bronx in Brno“. House with small flats should take part in the revitalization of the area, it will fit in the gap and behave like a catalyst. The house where you can be alone or together. Firstly it respects a privat of its residence. Equally, it gives an opportunity to be part of the community of the same-mindset individuals. People who enjoy conversation with each other, they can accept local conditions and want to live with the principles of sustainable development. The house is open also for other people in the city.
The GAP in Brno
Šujanová, Radka ; Němec, Roman (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
The task of the bachelor's thesis was to design a suitable structure for our chosen gap. My design deals with a gap on Sladová Street. Quite an unattractive location is hidden behind Mendel Square, but which is a great shortcut to Špilberk Castle. Nowadays, the gap is ugly, overgrown and fenced with corrugated iron, on which some "artists" decorated with their thought of art. The analyses I performed last semester showed that the plots never had a building on them. In addition, there is an exploration tunnel of the tram line. An insight into the zoning plan revealed that the tram line below Špilberk is still being considered, so I had to adapt the proposal to this fact. So, my design is a multifunctional house, which is mostly residential. I incorporated the tunnel into the house by basically making it an attraction for the public as part of a large cafe with an underground bar and club. The benefit of the design for the site should be to make the street more attractive, to fill an unsightly gap and to create new living spaces near the centre.

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