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Using of Creative Accounting in Selected Company
Hýblová, Petra ; Fedorová, Anna (referee) ; Zemánková, Lenka (advisor)
This thesis deals with the creative accounting in the selected business corporation. First, the theoretical background is defined, followed by an analysis of the selected accounting cases for the year 2016, where creative accounting methods were used. All the creative accounting cases are then redesigned so that they do not include these practices. New earnings are therefore calculated as well as the new value added tax rate that the company should have properly deducted.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of the Company
Voigt, Jakub ; Palcrová, Daniela (referee) ; Hornungová, Jana (advisor)
This thesis deals with the financial analysis of VINCENTKA a.s. company. First of all, the theoretical background is explained, followed by the practical part, which contains the characteristics of the analyzed company and calculating. The results are summarized in the general assessment. On the basis of these values there were suggested improvements.
The Financial Evaluation of the Firm
Ředinová, Tereza ; Melicharová, Martina (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
Bachelor thesis: "The financial evaluation of the firm" is divided into two parts. In first part is theoretically defined financial analyse, its users, soucers and selected creditworthy and bankruptcy models. The second part id dirested on the practical aspect. At first there is a summary cooperation, subjects of enterprise, customers an subscribers. The main section is the application of methods and the thesis concludes with includes suggestions to improve the financial situation.
Evaluation of the Financial Health of the Selected Company and Suggestions for Improvement
Baluchová, Jana ; Sághy Estélyi, Kristína (referee) ; Zemánková, Lenka (advisor)
The goal of the bachelor's thesis concentrates on financial analysis of ELMATSERVIS s.r.o. company. The first part Theoretical grounds describes basic terms, formulas and procedures relating financial health of the company. The next part of the thesis compiles financial analysis for years 2006-2010. In conclusion there are suggestions for resolving outputs of the thesis.
Suggestion of optimalization tax liability for income-tax corporation in 2008
Hodinková, Monika ; Vojtová, Jana (referee) ; Polák, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is useful for better imaginations about incidences of the tax reform, valued from January 1st, 2008 and its main aim is to find optimal rate of wages and profit for agent in limited company called GSR s.r.o. with minimal amount of levy for government (or other state organizations) of the wages for the agent and achieved profit by company GSR s.r.o.
The difference between preliminary and final price of construction contract
Zatloukal, Ondřej ; Aubusová,, Alena (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
This thesis is focused on comparing prices for a preliminary reconstruction of the building and the final price after its finished. Theoretical part deals with the procurement, pricing and budget construction. In the practical part I describe ways to create a price of the selected object reconstruction, the change in the course of implementation and the results upon completion.
The Business Plan of the Municipality in the Housing Sector
Jelínková, Kristýna ; Chovan, Juraj (referee) ; Korytárová, Jana (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the reconstruction of the high-rise block of flats in the city district Brno-South. The thesis concentrates on the evaluation of the economical effectivity of this project using two ways of financing. It focuses primarily on planning of the individual finance flows of the project, which will arise in connection with the operation of the high-rise block of flats. The part of the thesis is also the calculation of the basic economic indicators in two ways of financing, by which is it possible to objectively assess the investment and evaluate the favourableness of the financing by own sources and financing by bank loan. In conclusion, the comparison of these two ways of financing will be performed.
Economic and Financial Evaluation of the Development Project
Švára, Karel ; Holá, Michaela (referee) ; Hromádka, Vít (advisor)
The work deals with the evaluation of economic effectiveness and financial feasibility of the real development project. The theoretical part is devoted to the characteristic of term of investment, describes its types and strategies, types of investment project and thein financing options. Then there are defined phases of an investment process and there are described the methods of an economic and financial evaluation of investment projects. In the practical part there is made the characteristic of project and its evaluation. It is structured into two parts. In the first part there is reviewed the real situation of financing and in the second part there is evaluated a variant with a measure for financing of the project. The project is evaluated at the end.
Valid Cost Reduction in Tender Offers Price
Vrbková, Jiřina ; Chovanec, Dušan (referee) ; Chovancová, Jitka (advisor)
Master’s thesis “Valid cost reduction in tender offers price” is divided into a theoretical part and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the issue of public tenders, process theories of tenders and company’s ownership structure. The practical part explores the cost reduction in the already specified offer to a public tender. The aim of this work is a compilation of the checklist steps for the process of preparation contract in the offer stage, which could lead to a reduction in the cost price and increase the probability of success in the public tender.
Entrepreneurial Intention of Business Development
Pšurný, Adam ; Remeš,, Daniel (referee) ; Žižlavský, Ondřej (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the business plan the future development of MESIT Fimes a.s. Thesis is divided into two main parts, the theoretical basis and practical part. The theoretical part is to serve as a source indicator for the creation of practical, which aims to analyze in detail the actual current condition for the creation of the greatest and most effective future development.

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