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Contemporary Professional Crisis of Czech Journalists and Is Causes
Čermáková, Anežka ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Numerato, Dino (referee)
This master's thesis is about the professional crisis of Czech journalists and the causes of the crisis. The thesis is based on the theory of Pierre Bourdieu, who defined the journalistic field, which is influenced by other fields especially the economic one and political one. The thesis is also based on journalism as a profession from an idealistic point of view. The goal of the thesis was to find out how is real journalism different from the idealistic point of view. The part of the work is also qualitative research based on interviews with eight journalists. This research showed many causes and consequences of the crises. The results are that the requirements of the profession are the same, but the conditions are different. The causes are for example financial stringency, unclear rules, quick news, social media, and ownership of the media. And the consequences are that the content of media is oriented on the reader, mistrust in media, media are based on opinion, young journalists are leaving, getting rid of responsibility, shorter news, mistakes, too much information and lower quality of news. These consequences lead to the crisis of journalism.
Children's understanding of social stratification regarding occupation
Czafíková, Kateřina ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Tichá, Milena (referee)
The thesis is focused on research for children's understanding of social stratification on primary school. The main topic are children's representations of the structure of society regarding occupations. The aim is the diagnoses of children's understanding reflecting the structure of society. It tries to reveal if children on primary school percieve invisible network of statuses and roles that result from the structure of our society and carry social rules and agreements. The theoretical part defines socialogical terms, deals with topics concerning the structure of society and describes past and current theories of social stratification. It also presents home and foreign research of children's understanding. Considering a little amount of research on this topic, the thesis draws inspiration from another theses focused on the same topic, yet aimed at children on secondary school. The practical part describes the qualitative research of the thesis. The major issue is How and on which basis a child thinks about the structure of society regarding occupations?. Qualitative research using the method of the depth semi-structured interview studies criteria taken into consideration by children thinking about this topic. The results are analysed by the method of process coding and presented by...
Teacher professions from the point of view of pupils, parents and of teacher selected primary school
Melenová, Lada ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
This diploma thesis brings information about the perception of the teaching profession by secondary school students, their parents, and teachers of a selected primary school. The aim of the work is to find out with the help of questionnaires, how pupils and their parents subjectively see and perceive teachers and how the teachers who teach pupils themselves see their profession as a teacher. In the theoretical part, I deal with the historical development of education and the teaching profession in our territory. I also deal with the characteristics of the teaching profession by clarifying the very concept, personality traits, and typology of the teacher's personality. This section also includes chapters on the competence of the teacher, his authority and motivation to choose the teaching profession. In the last part, I deal with the current form of the teaching profession in primary school, the requirements for the profession, and including selected problems of our education. In the practical part, I used a questionnaire survey to evaluate the data obtained by individual respondents among students, parents, and teachers and then I analyzed the data of individual groups of respondents and drew a conclusion. Keywords profession, teacher, elementary school, parents, education, teacher's personality,...
Vliv změny minimální mzdy na trh práce
Růžičková, Kamila
Růžičková, K. The effect of the change in the minimum wage on the labour market. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2019. The bachelor thesis deals with the effect of the minimum wage on the labour market. In a literary research are describes the studies to date looking at the im-pact of the minimum wage, next the legislative adjustment of the minimum wage and the development of the minimum wage in the Czech Republic. The empirical part is focused at analysing selected professions with the lowest wages in the re-porting period of 2014-2018 and in the conclusion deal with the effect of the change in the minimum wage on selected professions is addressed. The source data was collected from databases Average earnings informations system, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and European statistical system.
Pracovní motivace k vybraným lesnickým profesím
Žeravík, Vojtěch
Working motivation is an unthinkable part of every working process, from the point of employee’s and so of leader. Purpose of this Bachelor´s thesis was to process literary research about working motivation in two forestry proffesions, where was an emphasis on motivation structures, motivation to work and motivation related to the performance of work. In data analyzation interests of workers were examined and compared. Theses interests of workers was found out on the base of questionnaire, which the workers answered. Results of this thesis, which are shown in graphical and statistical form, are mainly about operations, that are popular in these proffesions or operetaions, that made workers to work in forest environment.
Sport in Czechoslovakian specialized magazines in the First Republic - developement of sport journalism between years 1918 and 1938
Hoffmann, Martin ; Lukšů, David (advisor) ; Trunečka, Ondřej (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with development of sports journalism during the First Czechoslovak Republic, which applies to the period from October 1918 unBl Munich agreement in September 1938. Research is focused parBcularly on specialized sports magazines and it is based on analysis of the six most significant ones - Slavista, Sportovni revue, Sportovni vestnik, Sport, Star and Rekord. The aim of this thesis is to describe the progress of sport journalism between world wars in the broader context and get to know whether or not had sport journalism developed into a full-Bme occupaBon. In addiBon this text portrays the most influenBal sport journalists of that period - Karel Petru, Josef Fanta, Miloslav Josef Horacek and Ondrej Sekora and also brings a chapter about sports photography, which was inseparable part of popular sport magazines. This thesis is a first scholarly text to bring a wider perspecBve on specialized sports magazines in Czechoslovak Republic between years 1918 and 1938 and follows the cooperaBon and rivality among journalists and their influence on sport in Czechoslovakia in general. One chapter was devoted to sports photography, because it played important role in successful sports magazines.
Development of the labor and education market according to contemporary social and futurological sciences
Holek Převorovská, Michaela ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Dvořák, Tomáš (referee)
: The thesis focuses on the topic of the future of education and labor markets, which follows through the perspective of two scientific perspectives - social sciences and futurological sciences. The aim is to describe the view of these two disciplines on the future development of these two specific markets and to map the expected scenarios of the future development. The view of both disciplines is presented through qualitatively elaborated professional periodicals. The main topic addressed by the authors of both scientific disciplines was the impact of technological progress on the future of the labor markets and changes in the disappearance and creation of jobs. Another important element is connectivity and sharing. They enable modern digital platforms, information, procedures, education, overcome time and space constraints, and can be used by anyone with access to the necessary technology. Keywords: education, labour market, professes, skills, images of the future, modernization, development
The Profession of Social Worker
Hrbková, Denisa ; Krahulcová, Beáta (advisor) ; Mlejnková, Kristýna (referee)
The profession of a social worker has a significant role in the society context. The task of the social worker is to help people to solve their problems, cope with difficult everyday life situations, provide courage for active solutions and reinforce the responsibility for one's own life. This thesis presents the social worker's profession and it is divided into six main chapters. In theoretical segment social work is defined in the first chapter. The second chapter contains information on history of the social work and analyses the current state of it. The third chapter is devoted to the ethics of social work, ethical dilemmas, ethical code and professional values. The fourth chapter defines the social worker's profession, mentions the required personal qualities and competences as well as its roles. Furthermore, it describes the characteristics of the profession itself and professional identity, studies the prestige of the profession and education of social workers. The practical part starts with the fifth chapter and it maps the opinions of social workers about their profession. The research strategy, the selection of the respondents and course of the survey and the data evaluation methods are described there. The final chapter interprets the collected data and provides their graphical depictions.
The influence of the profession on the lifestyle of midwives
This Bachelor Thesis looks into the topic of "The Influence of profession on lifestyle of midwives." It consists of a theoretical and a research part. In the introduction of the theoretical part, the profession of a midwife is outlined, along with health, its determinants and necessities. Some of the aforementioned necessities are dealt with in detail further. The research part consists of three main goals. The first goal of the Thesis was to find out, whether the profession has an influence on lifestyle of midwives. The second goal was aimed to determine, whether midwives keep the rules of a healthy lifestyle. The last goal of the research was to find out, whether the needs of midwives are somehow affected. To follow the aforementioned goals, three research question were formulated. The first question asks, which influence has the profession on midwives' lifestyle. The second question is aimed on the lifestyle the midwives keep, and the third question inquires, which of the midwives' needs are not fulfilled. For the research part, the qualitative inquiry has been chosen, where the data collection was realized using individual, in-depth, partially structured interviews, which were performed in the course of March 2019. For the interviews, 25 question were prepared in advance. The interviews were, with permission of the midwives, recorded on a dictation machine. First part of the interview were four identifying questions. Further, the midwives were expressing their subjective opinions on the topics of lifestyle, their profession and needs. The interviews were converted word-for-word into writing. For data processing, the text coloring method was used, i.e. paper and pencil. After sorting through and color-coding of acquired responses, three main categories and their subcategories were created. The first category named Lifestyle was split into five subcategories that deal with the meaning of the word lifestyle, food, free time, sleep and lifestyle of midwives. In the second category, the midwife's profession was defined, and following subcategories were created: Midwife in practice, Pros and cons of the midwife's profession and Carrier change. The last category deals with the needs of midwives and consists of subcategories of Need as a concept and Unfulfilled needs. The aim of the thesis is to determine, whether the midwives' profession somehow influences the lifestyle of midwives, what kind of health routine the midwives keep, and which needs are not fulfilled as a consequence of them performing their profession. The research investigation shows that the lifestyle of midwives is influenced by the three-shift work plan, but they don't perceive it as limiting in any way, because they have adapted to this kind of work plan. As they took this factor into account when choosing their career, they didn't consider it a serious issue. Further it was discovered that the lifestyle of midwives is influenced by their age and marriage status. The research investigation showed that midwives acquire lifestyle information predominantly from the internet. It further showed that despite the three-shift work plan, the midwives are trying to keep the healthy lifestyle, however their food habits are influenced by their age. In this career, the problem is not the composition of their diet, but the regularity of their nourishment. Here, the results correspond with next aim, which concerned the unfulfilled needs of midwives. The need of sleep is also not always fulfilled due to the night shifts. In their free time, the midwives predominantly relax or pursue their various hobbies. The research also shows that the midwives would decide to change their career only due to serious problems in the family or an attractive job offer.

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