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Analysis of Current State of Language Abilities
Chvalinová, Jana ; Renata, Adamíková (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
This diploma thesis defines the required language level for alumni of the Faculty of Business and Management, Brno University of Technology from perspective of labour market and job opportunities. The thesis analyzes variable foreign languages and their required level for graduates in professional life. Even more the thesis analyzes opportunities for personal development in the field of learning languages. It specifies the languages from a professional point of view and thanks to the theoretical and analytical knowledge provides suggestions and solutions for further personal development of future graduates.
Women in Leading Positions and Possibilities of Work-life Balance
Kejvalová, Zuzana ; Ing.Iveta Filáková (referee) ; Rašticová, Martina (advisor)
This thesis is dealing with the issue of women in leading positions and possibilities of work – life balance in a selected organization. It is focused on the situation of women in the company and the influence of parenthood on career. Through the use of selected methods the attitudes of employees to managers with children and approaches of managers and manageresses to the issue of harmonization of work and family are analyzed.
Selected Construction Activities
Sklenář, Marek ; Superatová, Alena (referee) ; Hanák, Jakub (advisor)
The issue of responsibility will always be actual in all human activities. In the construction industry and real estate engineering, the impact of human activities always have a tangible link, it seems to be the assessment of duties and responsibility of each participant seemingly simple. The opposite is true, however, as construction and real estate business has passed in the last few decades significant development so that some activities in these fields have become for the general public is almost unreadable. And not only the lay the general public, but also experts and professionals in the field are often lost in the complicated process of construction, of the various stages and its connections with individual activities which have result in the effective complex. Construction Law, building regulations and authorization law can not be regarded as something of directive and bureaucracy of the state and its institutions, but it needs to see them particularly in terms of protection when it was, is and will be primarily in the interests of professionals to clearly defined rules and limits of their activities. It is therefore in the interest of authorized persons to best oriented in the regulations so that they help to improve the performance of their profession. For each authorized person working in the construction industry is important to know the extent of its competences, duties and responsibilities. Without knowledge of these principles can not be selected activities done and can not fulfill their purpose and definition - which is certainly a quality building work which meets all requirements with respect to all subjects of its surroundings. The knowledge gained from this work should serve to simplify the view of the complicated system building regulations for obtaining a healthy perspective and eliminating concerns of this difficult structure. Diploma work does not attempt to change regulations, but rather to understand their meaning and purpose, and point out their necessity. It can be said that knowledge of the legal context is a necessary condition for the performance of selected activities in construction. In any architect, designer and site management must have been a piece of "lawyer", when these people will be able to clearly understand the regulations not only in their profession, but also in connection with the other professions. Based on the findings contained in this thesis it is possible to establish for example open discussion, whether or not to introduce more fields in the building educational system, such as the real estate engineering at USI in Brno, whether and how to create the most appropriate implementation of the construction legal system in the curricula of technical faculties, how to create conditions for systematic knowledge of construction law of authorized persons throughout their careers.
Reflection of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Life Stories of Psychologists
Horčáková, Jarmila ; Wohlmuth Markupová, Jana (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Jiří (referee)
The thesis presents the profession of psychoanalytic psychotherapy as reflected by representatives of the field. Through biographical narratives, I have attempted, together with the narrators, to identify moments and events in thein lives that may have had a decisive influence on thein choice of profession and also to describe thein professional development. At the same time, I tried to presented thein occupation in more details including the fact how it affects thein personal lives. From a methodological point of view, the thesis is primarily based on the biographical narratives of five narrators, most of whom have more than ten years of experience in psychoanalytic psychotherapy.
The prestige of the general nurse profession from the perspective of nursing students
Verlíková, Věra ; Jirkovský, Daniel (advisor) ; Dorková, Zlatica (referee)
This work is intended to provide an overview of basic information about the general nurse profession and the students' view of the prestige of this profession. Objectives: The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to bring up-to-date information about how students perceive the prestige of the general nursing profession in the Czech Republic (hereafter referred to as the Czech Republic). The opinion of the students will be determined using a questionnaire survey, and the data obtained will then be compared with the data from the research conducted by the Center for Public Opinion Research (hereinafter referred to as CVVM), in the research project - Our Society. Methods: 398 students were approached using an electronic questionnaire survey. Out of all the respondents, one hundred two students answered, of which fifty-four were students of the second year of the master's (hereinafter referred to as MgrSP) study program of General Medicine, twenty-eight students of the bachelor's (hereinafter referred to as BcSP) study program of General Nursing and twenty students of BcSP Pediatric Nursing. The questionnaire consisted of forty-five semi-closed, closed, and open questions. Non-parametric correlation tests were used for statistical data processing. Results: It was found that the majority of respondents have a...
The view of the role of social workers operating in the field of services for people with disabilities through thematic collages
The bachelor's thesis deals with the role of social workers working in the field of social services for people with disabilities. The theoretical part discusses social work, the role and personality of a social worker, as well as the topics of motivation and emotions, both in general and in the context of the profession. Together with the topics of prevention and mental hygiene, the risks and pitfalls associated with the profession of a social worker are also mentioned. To put the topic of the thesis into context, the theoretical part also briefly deals with the issue of people with disabilities and working with them. Finally, the art therapy technique of collage is also introduced. The practical part analyzes the conscious and unconscious motives and emotions of participating social workers working with people with disabilities, through thematic collages and semi-structured interviews. Based on the symbolic interpretation of the collages, it was possible to find contents that differed to varying degrees from the messages in the interviews.
How social work has affected the lives of social workers.
Procházková, Anna ; Nová, Monika (advisor) ; Čedík, Miloslav (referee)
79 Abstract This diploma thesis explores the effects of social work on a social worker. The goal of this thesis is to describe the effects regarding the worker's life and experience in depth. The theoretical part of this paper is compiled of four parts. The introductory part explicates the definition of social work and the characteristics of a social worker. The following chapter deals with the role as well as the responsibilities of a social worker in their professional life; in addition, some potential risks a social worker may experience in their line of work are presented. Next, the private life of a social worker is explored in connection with their profession. Finally, work-life balance and psychohygiene are delved into as preventative measures, which should be implemented at, as well as outside of work. The practical part of this paper is qualitative research, specifically, a semi-structured interview; in other words, an interview composed of open-ended questions was conducted with several social workers from a reception centre. The resulted data was analysed through coding techniques and delineated according to the theory explored in the first part of this paper. The results show that social workers have experienced and continue to experience changes in their lives which would not have possibly...
The needs of the field of social work from the point of view of social workers
The thesis examines the needs of the field of social work as perceived by social workers elected on the basis of diverse conceptions of social work. The theoretical part defines the concept of social work, problems of postmodern social work, requirements for social worker qualification, social work education, explains the concepts of profession, professionalization, professionography. It describes the personality of the social worker, his competences; supervision and reflexivity in social work. Characteristics of developmental needs and their distribution, different conceptions of social work and the Code of Ethics in the context of these conceptions are presented. The research part focuses on the interpretation of the data obtained according to Pesso Boyden's concept of developmental needs. Thus, the essence of the thesis is the needs of the field of social work as formulated by social workers.
The Status of a Nurse in the Past, Present and Future
Studying the status of a nurse throughout the history is connected to a historical knowledge, which can be characterized as a realization of connections between the past, present and future. Knowledge of history helps to better understand social development and it´s influence on the profession of a nurse. It also enables us to properly understand the tendencies and problems affecting nursing care. Studying the history is therefore a fundamental requirement to have an overview of the field and to gain a complex knowledge. The expert´s opinions on the level of knowledge differs up to a certain point. On the one hand there is a view among the experts, that medical personnel know the history of their profession, on the other hand many experts let it be known, that nurses often underestimate the importance of knowing their profession´s history. They do not realize, that studying history is the very thing to help them understand the essence of their profession and their role in nursing care. The aim of the presumptive thesis is to analyze the status of a nurse in the past and present. Then, based on this analysis, create a vision of the status of a nurse in the future. The intention is also to concretize the image of the future of the nursing care. This thesis has a theoretical character and is approached as an analytical study. Methods of description and text hermeneutics are used to analyze the documents. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part deals with historical development of the status of a nurse. It contains contemplation on the topicality of studying the history of nursing and evaluation of the history´s influence on the development of nursing care. The second part is devoted to the current status of a nurse. It contains evaluation of nursing as a profession, the role of a nurse and their competences. It also brings attention to the current education and the view of society on nurses. The third part deals with the expected status of nurses in the future. It formulates a vision of the future and looks into future technologies. It also describes the principles of transhumanism as a social and philosophical movement. It predicts personal requirements and education of nurses in the future. The merit of this thesis is above all creating a vision of the future from the viewpoint of anticipated social changes and their impact on the future development of nursing care and the status of a nurse. The results of this thesis can be used in education and professional training of nurses, in creating an objective picture for the public and to better the status of nurses in society. For the sake of clarity, the results are contained in the conclusion of the thesis in a form of individual topics. The resulting initiatives can be used to update methodology guides, curriculums and directives for organizing and managing health care facilities as well as to make conceptions and plans to advance nursing care in the future.
The vision of midwifery students about midwife profession
This bachelor's thesis is focused on the idea of midwifery students about the profession of midwife. The bachelor thesis is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part provides information on the history and development of the midwife profession. The attention is paid to the teaching of midwifery and obstetrics, the current system of education of midwives and the current profession and competencies of midwives.The practical part of the bachelor's thesis was carried out using a qualitative research survey in the form of semi-structured individual interviews. The research group consisted of 9 midwifery students from České Budějovice, Pilsen and Jihlava. After informants approvals, the interviews were recorded on a dictaphone with their consent, literally transcribed and analyzed. To evaluate the data, three categories and six subcategories were determined.Based on the above goal of this thesis, we set one research question. This research question examined the views of midwifery students on the profession of midwife.The research survey on the ideas of midwifery students showed that all the interviewed students did not know what competencies the midwife had before entering the midwifery study program. The research investigation showed that only one informant does not want to practice the profession of midwife. This informant stated that the profession of midwife is very stressful for her. The research also found that only one informant wants to work as a community midwife. Other informants agreed that they do not want to practice the profession of community midwife due to the great responsibility for pregnant women, the fetus, postpartum women or newborns. Only three informants did not mention anything that would not suit them in the profession of midwife. The disadvantages concered to less work with children further excessive stress and twelve-hour shifts in a hospital and irregular work in the maternity ward. Most of the informants agreed that they are not members and do not want to be part of the organization for midwives in the future. During the elaboration of the bachelor's thesis, we obtained the opinions, attitudes and ideas of students regarding the profession of midwife. The findings can be used by applicants for the midwifery study program to obtain information about the profession of midwife. This work could also be used by university teachers who teach midwives to be informed about the attitudes or ideas of midwives.

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