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The efficiency of the Packaging Act in the Czech Republic
Khudhurová, Rita ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (advisor) ; Kusák, Martin (referee)
The submitted thesis deals with the Packaging Act representing the basic legislature, which was necessary to implement into the Czech legislature based on the European EU law. This Packaging Act no. 477/2001 is the first legal Act of its type in the Czech Republic. Apart from this Act, the thesis also deals with relevant relations, which are based on the general waste management as given in the Act no.185/2001, Coll. on Waste. Management of packaging and packaging waste, similarly to general waste, is governed by the hierarchy of waste management based on the Waste Act. This acute topic, i.e. waste, has been solved with for a long time. Today the society prefers waste prevention, followed by its re-use and use of waste. Only the last option is to remove waste by putting it to dump yards. The European directive no. 94/62/ES on Packaging and Packaging Waste in the wording of the guideline no. 2004/12/ES determines the limits and deadlines until when these limits must be achieved in individual European states. These limits relate to the minimum and maximum quantity of used packaging waste. The Packaging Act imposes to persons, who launch packaging or packed product to market, also other duties, such as reduction of packaging's weight and volume upon preservation of their functional features,...

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